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AT&T iPhone Outage in California/San Francisco?

We received a note via Twitter that there may be a problem:

wondering if you've heard any reports of an iPhone service outage in SF Bay Area? My iPhone and 7-8 other friends no service.

Some comments have popped up on older posts making us wonder as well. Anyone in San Francisco or California in general experiencing any AT&T outages? If so, please sound of in the comments and let us know where and when, and whether it's back or not in your area.

And, hey, if this is isolated or already over, outage-fans fear not, there's still CTIA in Las Vegas coming up, and we know what massive amounts of iPhones at big trade shows do to AT&T's network...

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iAirmanshirk says:

Hmm im not feeling anything.. im using cricket though

Chad says:

You know... I picked up my iphone yesterday afternoon and noticed it said "no service". I waited to see if it came back up but nothing... I had to turn it off and back on to get service again. I don't know if this had anything to do with an outage, but I have never seen my phone say no service before.

Brian says:

I noticed I had no service last night around 8 pm here in San Diego. After rebooting, I was able to get coverage again.

AT&T Premier says:

Valued Customer,
This e-mail is to inform you of a network problem that MAY affect your Mobile Service.
Trouble Ticket Number: TT10043895
Severity: 3-Low
Description of Issue: Degradation of Voice service.
Location of Issue: San Francisco/Sacramento/Reno and surrounding areas
Start Time: Mar 29 2009 05:16 PM PST
Symptoms you MAY experience: Some Voice customers may be unable to place or receive calls due to a network issue Estimated time of repair: Unknown
Technicians are working towards resolution as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Thank you for your patience as we work towards resolving this issue.

bill says:

Both my wife and i got "no service" starting at about 6pm on sunday, march 29th.
I just rebooted and it came live again.

Ellie says:

no service in san diego all night through this morning

Justin says:

I am in the east bay and have both voice and data service.

Felyne says:

UTC San Diego here - Lost connection at around 10:45 last night, still not able to reconnect (9am Monday Morning).

Jeff says:

San Diego, no service since 6PM yesterday :(

Kasee says:

No service in San Diego for me and 1 friend that I know of. : ( This is my only form of communication, ahhhhh! If anyone knows when this will be fixed please post on here.

Krisztian says:

San Diego, can't make calls since the evening of March 29th (still ongoing as of 9am 3/30), customer service says they have some issues in California, but can't say when it would be resolved. Phone displayed 'sim card registration failed'.

Christina says:

Just spoke with AT&T tech service - cell phone tower down impacting Vegas west to the ocean. All phone service OUT. Data plans seems to be working fine. #1 priority for them obviously but no estimated time of restoration.

Tweger says:

No service in San diego, had to constantly reboot, which sucked cause I had to get my girlfriend from the airport and she wasn't able to get ahold of me.
I didn't know there were so many readers from San diego on here!

jared says:

Holy toledo batman! When the F%#K is the service going to be fixed. There better be some discount for this shit.

Doug Phillipson says:

I have five phones in San Diego with no incoming or outgoing service since ~ 8:00 PM last night. Just spent ~ 1 Hr. with 4 Att reps and none of them could tell me more than I already knew. Very frustrating. Mar. 30, 2009 9:15 AM

Barbara says:

No service on my cell...have a 760 area code. My Mom's works for OUT OF STATE CALLS ONLY...
AT&T gave me no clue as to the problem, resolution, etc. Oh, they did say it was a tower issue...

jared says:

JUST got full bars in San Diego county, by camp pendleton. Hope everyones turns on soon!

Chris says:

My iPhone works but my wife's blackberry is down.

Gary says:

My service was out in San Francisco from about 5:15pm to 7:30pm yesterday (3/29). I was really frustrated because I couldn't make any calls that could fail or get dropped for over two hours!

Aimee says:

no service since 7pm last night. have tried to reboot many times and still have no service.

Aimee says:

in san diego, UTC area

Beth says:

My BF lost service & just got service back now (9:46am). We're just south of Del Mar in San Diego area. Whole situation was frustrating!

Brandon says:

Have not been able to call out since midday yesterday. Just reset my phone and service came back (I'm in San Diego).

Ezra Engle says:

Same story as chad above. No service message and shut down and reboot 2/3 times and then had regular unusable weak signal again (success?) I can't wait until there is a CDMA iPhone.

GaryM says:

It's been out all morning for me in San Diego. But I just powered down my iPhone and now it works.

Raghu says:

No service in San diego all night yesterday till now at 10:30am on 30th march

Susan Levi says:

Phones out for entire family - called AT&T 800 number
which was busy. When service was up again found out
someone had paged me...BEEEEP. Called AT&T this
morning and was told, "Oh, yea. There was a tag."
One more year of this contract! Then all 8 of us are off

Susan Levi says:

BTW - the BEEP was at 4:11 AM!

Scritube says:

we sow it on in San Diego.
nice one

fassy says:

No service in north county San Diego most of last night and this morning, though it would occasionally connect with a weak signal for a couple of minutes.

Steve says:

No problems for me up in Sacramento,, thankfully.

ryrycalguy says:

I'm in Palo Alto. Both voice and data (3G) are full bars for me.

Trace13 says:

I'm in North San Diego County and yesterday around 6:10pm I wanted to make a call and kept getting "blipped". I had full bars, but couldn't make a call out at all. I tried to call again a few times in the early evening. Finally around 8:50pm I received a call from a person who couldn't reach me earlier. Again, all the bars were showing the whole time I could not call out and the phone indicators didn't look changed when my phone rang. What was up?

Eric in SD says:

Did a reboot of the iPhone and got service back. Noon in San Diego near Old Town.

Ivoryplum says:

Located in North San Diego County, couldn't receive calls last night, some texts never went through. Received 2 texts 2 and a half hours later than when they were sent.
I get terrible service in my house as it is, so didn't think anything of it. I do remember it saying no service for a little bit. But that happens a lot at my house.
Maybe one of AT&T's rabit ears fell down...? or the aluminum foil wrapped around them fell off and needs replaced....

Squirrel says:

North County Coastal SD. Was not able to make or receive calls from about 7:30 pm 3/29 until sometime in the mid-morning 3/30. Text messages would go through sporadically. I am on Edge network. Friends on 3G network did not experience the issue at all. Edge network must've crashed.

Puneet says:

Mira Mesa / UTC San diego. I have no service since last night. For me, it did not even come up after power cycling.

Paris says:

March 30, 2009- No Service for me on my iphone ;-( In the Haight in SF.

Ivoryplum says:

Update: I tried restarting my phone (held the top and home button until it turned off) and left it off for 30 minutes or so (I forgot, haha). When I turned it back on, it asked me to connect it to itunes. But in spanish.
I restarted it again, came up with the keycode. Entered it and a pop up said "Your phone is now activated". So random.
I made a call and a text. Worked fine.
Oh, and I have the iPhone 3G.

Dannyb707 says:

Me to it was weird i'm in the north bay like 30 min from San fran n yesterday I was sitn pool side n usualy it works fine there n 4 some reason it said no service n I turnd it of m back on n still no service weird

Eddie says:

I live in palm springs,ca and my service is going in and out so it might just be all of california thats having problems. But if my phone is out i can get service back sometimes from restarting my phone.

fonzman1984 says:

Wow!! you guys qouted my tweet in the main article!!! I feel so go honored! LOL :) yeah all my "ifriends" at work looked at our phones, and all had no service the night of the 29th. Rebooted and everyhing seemed back to normal. Could AT&T be doing some maintenance before release of Slingplayer?

rafik says:

Same here in Fremont Ca, me and my brother having problems.........

daplcLAX says:

Haven't been able to retrieve email since 3:30 pm PST, 30 March. Rebooted enumerous times, but still unable to connect to email service. Located in LA and Pasadena.

Jennifer says:

Have had no service here in NW Oregon all day!! Driving me crazy!!! It seems to be back now, as of 4:30pm, thank goodness.

Trevor says:

I kept getting "Network Error. Please exit the application and try again later. Connection Type: 1 Error: No Internet Connection." It happened in downtown SF where service has never been a problem before. Calls seem to be ok though.

dakini says:

No service currently in Sacramento. My iPhone reports it can't get service, calls fail and data connection error is "can't connect to server." Any other Sacramento news?

im23j says:

i live in the 209 and i have full signal bars but, lose 3G connection and have a SLOW Edge connection! (ugh)

Shel says:

Texas here no service on and off for two days on iPhone.

Dave says:

Just arrived in sf last night...can't make or receive calls but data is fine

Gedd says:

I'm having issues (as are some of my clients) where Exchange ActiveSync isn't working. Error is 'can't connect to server'. Wondering if this is some residual ugliness from the UltraDNS outage on Wed

Gedd says:

Looks like (for my issue anyway) it's an issue with AT&T's DNS - if I plug the IP address of my mail server I get mail (although I get the SSL cert mismatch error). Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

Anita says:

At around 12:30pm in SF, I got "No Service" for around 1/2 an hour. No phone service. I was right across from an AT&T building too. I know that has no impact, but ironic. They need more towers or something! Esp. since they're exclusive w/ iPhone, they can afford better reception!

Dennis Wong says:

It is 5:20pm and I talked to ATT store over in westlake and they told me that since my iphone was jailbreak, it was my phone and that why I couldnt call out or get any call coming in, but I redid my iphone without jailbreaking it and activated it with ATT and it is still the same. They dont even know what they hell is going on in the store with there own network.

AT&Terrible says:

Since 04/02 No Service for me in San Francisco. AT&T told me it was a "problem" w/ the 3 network; no word on when it will be fixed. Disabled my 3G, now working off the unaccepitably slow Edge.
Why the hell can't AT&T get this right? It's not rocket science; more towers, better infrastructure!! They've been at it for a while now & we're paying for it damn it!!

pink2 says:

I am just north of SD and haven't had 3G since 3/24 - I have 3 phones on my account - VERY VERY frustrating!!

Jdub says:

I woke up this morning in Boulder Creek, CA (Santa Cruz Mountains)... and absolutely nothing worked. And I mean nothing: my iPhone, ATT wireless internet, my boyfriend's Verizon mobile phone, even my land line... all dead. ATT is now offering 100,000 for info on the cable-cutting vandal.

Jack Kessler says:

No Service increasingly over the last 3 weeks. Today all day. I have an iPhone classic 4gb using EDGE. I am in San Francisco but same result from Davis, Berkeley, Palo Alto.

Jack Kessler says:

Reset gets 1-bar, which lasts 1-2 seconds then blips to No Service. EDGE never has worked well where we are in the Twin Peaks Tower shadow -- per AT&T's own coverage map online -- but now / the past 3 weeks is the worst it's been. AT&T needs to explain.

CR says:

No service all morning in San Diego today... Just none at all, even in my house where I always get full bars.
3g 16gb

Mike D says:


chad says:

Pasadena outage: my iPhone has been "Searching" for the past 3 hours. This sucks!

john says:

full bars in Orange County, CA but no data service (phone only).

Keith says:

Full bars - no data service - Phone Only...I do show the "E" so I would think I would have data..however no go..anyone else having data issues on Edge..

Keith says:

Just started back up... :)

Anthony says:

No service at all in Palo Alto right now.

Al says:

Any outages last night this morning? 7/24/09

dwj says:

Outages throughout the weekend in SF (me) and Las Vegas (my wife). 3G, 5 bars, and no data. WTF?

PTitty says:

Spotty 3G service in SF all day today. Areas of the city where I usually get 3G are gone now and all I am showing is just edge.

EMW says:

My 3G service is back on in Concord as of 4pm.

Knight says:

3G is down here at SFO and surrounding areas.

Mike says:

3G back up in Foster City, Yeah

Craig says:

I heard from ATT that there is no service for "landline->cell" calls in northern california. They claim cellcell works as well as cell -> landline. I know my iPhone is hosed.

CERRSC says:

ATT still has outages in south bay area as well. I can make calls but no one can call me. You will receive an error message asking you to check the number you were calling. ATT service confirmed the problem after 30min of waiting on the phone.

iFone Exchange says:

Spotty, or No service in Chula Vista area for 2 days failed texts, call failures etc. Called AT&T. They said the had issues with 3 towers in my area. Anyone else?

Mark says:

Started having problems yesterday, in So Orange County CA, today - April 7, intermittent connection for data and email but mostly it is off for now. Customer service said eight hours before tower problem is fixed.

Ernie says:

ATT Network completely down in Los Angeles and many cities accross the switch to a G2 network from G3, click on "Setting", then "Network", then click on "off" on the "Enable 3G"..turn your phone completely off and on so it can will have access to all features on a slower network.

Lpsea says:

Yes, service has been out since 10:15 in the Mission, Potrero. AT&T said there were multiple outages with no estimated repair time.

Rhondaprice101 says:

ive got no service in san fran, probably for the last 6 hours