AT&T Offers New $100 Unlimited Voice/Data (Not SMS) Plan for iPhone


In a move designed to match Verizon's recent price drop, AT&T has announced a new $100 unlimited voice/data plan for iPhone users, though it doesn't cover SMS which is still an extra $20 for unlimited. Here's the relevant passage from the presser:

  • All smartphone customers, including iPhone customers, may now buy unlimited voice and data for $99.99. For smartphone customers with Family Talk plans (prices assume 2 smartphones), unlimited voice and data is now available for $179.99. Texting plans remain unchanged at $20 for unlimited plans for individuals, $30 for Family Talk Plans.

Anyone tempted to grab the new plan?

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Reader comments

AT&T Offers New $100 Unlimited Voice/Data (Not SMS) Plan for iPhone


Does that beat T-Mobile prices as well? Last I checked, they still had a better offering.

Nevermind, I just checked. T-Mobile still has Unlimited talk, text, & web for $79.99...with no contract.

I got 2 iPhones on my plan with 1400 min- with roll over and that A-list feature thing, I don't need unlimited.

No way. Our bill for 2 iPhones now with 700 shared minutes and unlimited SMS and data is $140. We're also sitting on 4,000 rollover minutes.
We essentially have an unlimited plan now, for $70 less per month.

I have 1400 with Unlim message for iPhone and BB Bold and pay about $190...did I mention I have 4000 rollover! They can keep this Unlimited plan

Considering SMS costs basically nothing to provide and that smartphone users are using more and more data and text and less voice this plan really isn't that great. Sorry ATT, you FAIL on this one.

I don't see this being a big hit. I pay $190 for three smartphones, unlim text, and 700 mins. That's with my discount. ROllovers or not, I feel people are fine with their current plans. And everyone out there attempting to compare this to T-Mobile and Sprint, it's called competition. Where I live Sprint and T-Mobile have the best deals but their coverage is HORRIBLE. I'd rather fork out a few extra dollars knowing i will get service.

ATT have lost they mind. I have two iPhones and I paid 160.00 tax. 700 anytime min. Data plans $60. and 30.00 for texts 60.00 for the frist iPhone and 9.99 for the 2nd iPhone. The new plan is 179.00 for data and min 30.00 for texts. That would be 210.00 taxs. ATT TAKE YOUR NEW PLAN AND PUT IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE.

I just called AT&T to switch to this plan and they say it does not exist. $99 plan does not include data ... what's up with that?

How about a 250 minute plan? I have 4,000 rollover minutes I'll never use!
I'll even pay the same rate as the 450 mins if they throw in some damn SMS!

They dropped the ball with this one. The rollover minutes are better than this idea. I'll pay less right now and still have unlimited text. AT&T needs a better deal than this!!!

So ATT gives more for the $99 and people complain? Some of you can NEVER be satisfied.
If you dont need unlimited then you dont, great neither do I. But dont insult it when it may help some reduce their bills because of their phone usage.

Why is at$t so against letting their customers send text messages?? Seriously.. They take
like no netwrk capacity and cost approximately 1/10th of nothing to the company.


But dont insult it when it may help some reduce their bills because of their phone usage.

At whose expense? The reason they're able to do this is because they charge (rip off) people like you and I for minutes we'll never use. Why should we pay for something that is given to someone else? There are millions of other people's wasted rollover minutes making this possible... and they know it.
Yet, there are STILL no plans for customers with low usage... because they need our money for this sort of nonsense.
THAT is an insult.

New plan does exist -- it won't be available to customers until Monday, Jan 18, so if you call and ask for it today, you will not be able to get it.

until its $149/mo or less for 2 iphones with unlimited text/talk/data, i'm not interested.

The plan won't take effect until Monday the 18th. So calm down because the plan does exist. And this plan mostly targets new costumers who want the iPhone not old existing customers.

I pay $170/month after taxes for unlimited text and 550 mins as a family plan for 2 iPhones 3GS's w/ both's unlimited data plan. Have about 2,000 rollover minutes now after 6 months of service, I think I'll just stick to what I have now. It's a better bargain than that.
I remember when I was in an individual iPhone plan. I have unlimited text and data w/ the minimal 450 minutes w/ roll over and was paying $115 after taxes and that's still a better offer than what this new one is. In a way, rollover is essentially "unlimited" if you know how it works.

I don't think this is a good plan at all. I'm happy with my plan I only pay 64 a month for my iPhone unlimited text and Internet talk is unlimited since I use goole voice :D so to me this plan is WACK!!!

I have the AT&T family plan with 2 iPhones 1400 minutes Unlimited text with rollover and A-list. My bill after taxes is $157 with a 22% discount. I can't complain too much.

FAIL!!!!! I pay $160-$170/ month for 2 iphones on a 1400 minute family plan with SMS/MMS. That price is after discounts though. They really need to include SMS and Nav in that price for it to be competitive.

I use my iPhone for voice calling so infrequently that calling AT&T to get unlimited minutes for the same cost is too much trouble.

I use my iphone for business and personal use, it's the only phone I have for each. My AT&T number for friends & family @ 1000 mins/month and Google Voice for business @ 25-3500 mins/month on an unlimited everything plan. Average bill is $150 total after business discounts and taxes & fees. I'll gladly switch and save $30 a month! Now if they would just include texting......

Wow guys, there are actually people who could benefit from the plan. Why are you b*tching and complaining if you're not interested?
I'm on an $89 family plan which I think is either 1200/1400 minutes and have unlimited text, 3 iPhones and one other phone. So that's $89(talk) $30(unlimited text) $30X2(3G data) $20(2G data) 9.99X3(additional lines) and then all the ridiculous taxes! My bill borders $300 every month, I would LOVE to have this plan but from what I've read from their press release you can only have it on a family plan with no more than 2 iPhones which I think is ridiculous. If I've misread somebody PLEASE tell me so.

The press release announced the Family Plan price for 2 phones; $99.99 for the first, $79.99 for the second. I have 3 so I called to ask what the price was on the third. It took a while and help from her supervisor but she said their updated CPS database said on January 18 an unlimited iPhone talk-text-web Family Plan will be in effect at $99.99 for the first, $69.99 for the second, and $49.99 for the third. Because it varies from the release I'm somewhat skeptical. She noted my account that I had inquired, and that she'd quoted me those prices, but said doing so would not guarantee their availability on the 18th. One can hope. I'm in either way.

I get 19% (odd number I know) discount with the company I work for. If this can be applied I would be on board, I know it won't be available until Monday 18th but right now I'm also showing that there are no discounts shown for the unlimted talk plan and it still sits at 99.99. I really hope this can be included as a plan that I can take advantage of.

We have the 2 iPhone Family Plan with 1400 minutes + A-List + Rollover, and we have oodles of rollover minutes plus free nights & weekends. We have a $9.99/mo smart limited plan for the 14 year old too.
(We used to have T-Mobile but when I went to change plans to match our usage I was too late and they only had their new plans, with no more myfaves. The cost would have gone way UP for our usage, but with the corporate discount I get with AT&T our bill went DOWN. It's now only about $180 total per month for the three phones.

I, for one, am happy to read the complaints! In doing so I also get to see what other people are paying and how they have their plans set up. I currently pay around $142.00 a month for two iPhones on my 550 min unlimited nights/weekend plan family plan, if my son does not go over on his texts. I also have a 15% coporate discount. I have a 3gs and an iPhone 1st gen. We currently have 2,950 rollover minutes at our disposal! Currently I think our plan is the best deal for us

So question is what EXACTLY does AT&T mean by Unlimited. Is it truly unlimited or is it unlimited as long as you don't use more than they want you to :)~

Well. I pay 88 dollars (after taxes and additional fees) and i kind of literally have everything unlimited on sprint... (thanks to any mobile any time). I wish AT&T made a plan more or less like this. I would definetely jump ship and get an iPhone :D

Just talked to ATT, they finally found it after about 20 min and said it starts Mon...looks like it will be about the same or a little lower so I might as well go for it.