AT&T -- Again! -- Offers Free WiFi to iPhone Users

Sorry we're a almost as late at AT&T with this one, folks. (We were busy engineering a TiPbDOS attack over on Stickam, it seems!) But like AT&T, we'll keep on keeping on... In their case, however, it's (finally!) making good on the 3G launch-day promise of free WiFi for iPhone users at AT&T hotspots.

According to SMS and email notifications going out, here are the deets:

AT&T knows Wi-Fi is hot, and FREE Wi-Fi is even hotter. Which is why FREE AT&T Wi-Fi access is now available for Apple iPhone at thousands of hotspots nationwide, including Starbucks*. Users can relax and access music, email and web browsing services with their favorite blend in hand from the comfort of their nearest location. For information visit

So, if you find yourself at a Starbucks with your Gibson-esque Quinte-Vinte-Latte, let us know how good the side order of WiFi goes with that!

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Reader comments

AT&T -- Again! -- Offers Free WiFi to iPhone Users


i notice that ihop restaurants list a surcharge on at&t's locator site because their wifi is with waypoint. i assume this also applies to using an iphone there on the wifi, so be careful.

None of my Starbucks in Salt Lake let me use their wifi for my iPhone. I tap on the AT&T Wifi that's listed and a pop up appears on my iPhone that says something like "forbidden."

apparently the way its supposed to work is that it will prompt you for your phone #. you'll then get a (free) txt containing a secure link to use to get on the wifi. the connection is good for 24hrs, so when you come back on another day you'll have to do it again. i'm guessing this is at&t's way to defeat browser spoofing.

I just hope they actually keep it up and running this time. I'm pretty sure you guys remember what happened last time they announced free Wi-Fi for iPhone users.

can anyone tell me what the benefit of this is? The iPhone already has a Internet network with it that it can connect to, what's the point of free wifi for the ipone? I can see the excitement for an iPod touch sure....

I got a text message and an email today announcing the free wifi for Iphone useres at Starbucks. The message said that users could access the signal, and an SMS message would be sent with a link for free access for 24 hours. Has anyone tried this yet? And have you tried manually typing that link address into a laptop to see if it could be used that way?

I am on free AT&T wifi right now and it was very, very easy to get on. It asked for my phone number and then sent a text with a secure link. It took about 3 seconds.