AT&T Posts Quarterly Earnings, Once Again Needs to Thank iPhone!

While we wait on Apple's quarterly results call scheduled for later today, it's worth noting that the iPhone's only US carrier just posted their own financials and things are still looking good for our favorite little pocket universe denter:

AT&T said 1.6 million Apple iPhone customers had activated services on the AT&T network during the quarter, more than 40 percent of which were new to the telephone operator.

Some analysts worried that the subsidies AT&T was paying for the iPhone were too costly, others that AT&T was too reliant on the iPhone:

They estimated about three-quarters of [AT&T's] net new monthly bill-paying customers were iPhone users.

[via Jeffdc5 on Twitter]

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Jeremy says:

Who says the economy is in crisis...

Jeffdc5 says:

Sweet i get get something on the fron page yay me

Frank says:

I thought I would feel special with an iPhone but there are too many out there >.<

Jeffdc5 says:

trust me you are special you get a phone that works. Other people have phones that need daily battery pulls, cooked roms, outdates operating systems, and some are phones are announce but seem like they will never be released.

Michael Reynaga says:

@Frank, feel special that you have the most bad ass phone in the U.S., I had the same feeling as you originally but then realized how much i love this thing and how it never disappoints when i need something.

cardfan says:

Considering that AT&T is getting at least 70 a month from each and every iphone user... Throw in text and its 80+..
I despise AT&T but that's simply incredible. And heck yeah i'd be negotiating with apple to extend the contract.

longmeat says:

you know verizon is PISSED!

Joseph says:

I know I pay for unlimited web, Text, Talk on the iPhone & when I use 2 be on verizon I just had unlimited text.. So yhe thank's to the iPhone AT&T is balance with there money... Imagine with the 3rd generation iPhone?????
That's only if it's still on there network???

Tweger says:

I thought that at first too, then I though "what other phone would I get?" seriously? A storm? Haha

Blake 2 says:

I want a Storm!! Hahahhaha. Have any of you played with that piece of junk?! It will make athletes feel uncordinated...