AT&T Preparing Network for "Unannounced" Devices -- iTablet, 4th Gen iPhone?


Boy Genius' sources have been hearing that AT&T has been meeting with their regional executives to discuss network changes that will soon be taking place in order to handle the load of "unannounced" devices that will use "heavy data".

iTablet and/or 4th generation iPhone perhaps?

"Heavy data" use has led AT&T to talk about tiered data pricing plans in the past. When these "unannounced" devices appear on their network, would you be surprised to see AT&T spring that on us as well?

[via BGR]

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AT&T Preparing Network for "Unannounced" Devices -- iTablet, 4th Gen iPhone?


Just out of contract on a 3g in the UK bypassing 3gs so an early release of Iphone 4 would be fantastic but OS 4 would do in the meantime... Come on Appleshock usall next week

Hopefully AT&T is "preparing for" their cancellation center being overwhelmed when Apple announce the 4G iPhone for CDMA only.

@HungWell: Wishful thinking. Don't think Apple is stupid enough to ditch ATT (that means GSM)and the rest of the world just to make a "4G iPhone for CDMA only." Verizon might be good for those who don't travel overseas--but they proved to me that they are not that good in supporting international business travelers--yet. I just don't think Apple will paint itself in the corner just for Verizon. Guess we'll since next week.

I would not mind a teired data plan. Since joining ATT, I have not used as much 3G data as I thought I would. Some months it would be a great money saver and others maybe not...

It's rather funny to hear that AT&T is preparing for a "data heavy" device when they're already having trouble supporting the iPhone which is already a "data heavy" device. So either AT&T is going to magically unleash more bandwidth or they have been holding out all this time. In either case tiered pricing is not going to be well accepted until they get their act together and have more reasonable pricing which they have so far failed at to.

I have a feeling with the tiered data pricing we will see tethering as part of the deal (probably the biggest thing AT&T has been waiting on). The question is with the iTable/iSlate coming out, is how much we can look forward to for such service? If iTablet is coming out 3g/4g enabled, will there be a separate pricing schedule for iPhone vs. iTablet or will there be one tier, one price per device?

Have we all given up on the idea the tablet-slate-thingy may be wi-fi only? Or tied to content sold via store with the content-download paid to AT&T directly by Apple and baked into the store price?

@ hungwell. If the 4th gen iPhone goes to verizon and not Att im going android. Not because I don't like verizon, but just for apple jerking around loyal costomers that have had Att for 3 years

Let's not forget that AT&T just lowered their prices for unlimited iPhone plans, this is not a standard move before creating a tiered pricing structure... I don't see AT&T going the tiered route, I do see them charging an additional tethering fee for this device or other like it...,

apple will never release a CDMA only device. They might make it capable of running both GSM/CDMA but not exclusively CDMA. There is the rest of the world to think about.

@hungwell: you are seriously funny my friend! There's no way Apple will make an iPhone only for CDMA. Maybe you ment for both GSM and CDMA, but that's not happening this year. Maybe next year, but not now. It's possible, but nearly impossible for them just to waist money on the nations slowest 3G network.(Well I think so.)
Anyways, as for 4G, to all of you, it's actually G4, not 4G. Why? Because the only way Apple will release a 4G phone is if they partner up with Sprint. I feel that will be a much better deal then Verizon, but I don't see a 4G iPhone till next.
P.S. Analysts are stupid, and have no strong research skills and experience!