AT&T Q2 2011 results: 3.6 million iPhones activated

AT&T Q2 2011 results: 3.6 million iPhones activated

AT&T announced their Q2 2011 financial results today and they include 3.6 million iPhone activations, with 24% of subscribers being new to AT&T.

AT&T continues to deliver robust smartphone sales. (Smartphones are voice and data devices with an advanced operating system to better manage data and Internet access.) In the second quarter, 5.6 million smartphones were sold, a second-quarter record and the third-highest quarter ever. Smartphone sales also increased more than 43 percent year over year. Sales of non-iPhone smartphones more than doubled year over year. Nearly 70 percent of postpaid device sales were smartphones. During the quarter, 3.6 million iPhones were activated.

Android likely accounts for a huge majority of those "other smartphones".

Apple yesterday announced 20 million iPhones sold in Q3 2011 (Apple and AT&T have different financial year-ends, so Q3 for Apple is Q2 for AT&T). It will be interesting to see how many iPhones Verizon moved when they release their results.


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AT&T Q2 2011 results: 3.6 million iPhones activated


Not gonna happen. Apple sees itself as the premium tech company and many have bought into that which is their choice. Does that make it true? Nope. In my opinion the Mac is still far behind a PC. Viruses or no I can simply do more with PC. Apple TV? No thx I'll stick with Directv. Ipods were nice but with cloud services no longer necessary. As for iPhone... Had a 3G that was gimped thx to AT&T and their miserable network. Now I'm on Verizon and happy with my Android phone. Upgrade is next May so we'll see but the 'Apple Mystique' doesn't affect me at all. It's that same 'Mystique' that Apple promotes that will keep iPhone off of Sprint.

As usual, positive Apple news is greeted by a bunch of snark from the Fandroids. Read it and weep, suckers. I'll take one solid iPhone sale over any amount of Android "activations". Haha.

Iphone sold : 3.6 billion.
New Antennas installed : 5
The feeling when you drop al the time : priceless...

Yes and no. Sprint's network I would argue just isn't all that great. It's comparatively small and has no signs of major growth and expansion ahead of it. Apple has a very data centric experience with the iPhone just like Android. Sprint can't measure up to AT&T and Verizon so what would be Apples advantage? I don't think more headlines about fussy iPhone users who can't surf the web are high on Apple's want list like what happened with AT&T. They are competing within the other 2 carriers to lure you away from Android. The may even get me back come next May so who knows.
I do wish Sprint were better believe me. I'd have a better choice where I live than just Verizon, extremely limited AT&T and US Cellular. But it is what it is.

I find it funny that you keep on saying that the iPhone can't do what other phones can without giving an example. The iPhone 4 is still superior to most phones available today. From the reliability, to the battery life, to the memory management, app availability, ect. Sure other phones have better "specs", but they also have poorly written os code that requires all that processing power, while the iPhone's "obsolete" processor still flies threw tasks without a hiccup. I'll tell you what's obsolete, an operating system that can't run all apps across it's line up. Are you still waiting for the Netflix app or are you one of the FEW lucky ones who's current android phone supports it? Every single iPhone gets to run every app. So enjoy your glitchy, lost in the crowd android and keep making excuses as to why you didn't get the iPhone you wanted. You're surfing an iPhone website for a reason douche.

What I think Verizon is very superior in all phones Android or Iphone because it has the best coverage and network, Can you Hear me, Now!

Actually, considering that Android handsets are offered by every single carrier in the US, while the iPhone is only on two, I'm surprised that Android is not more dominant. Where people have a choice - on AT&T and Verizon - they chose they iPhone,
And we will see what those market share figures look like when the iPhone 5 launches this quarter.

something you missed is that at&t uverse premise technicians were just given Iphones and Ipads for field use.

Something not mentioned is that at&t uverse premise technicians were just given Iphones and Ipads for field use.