AT&T shows off lightning fast LTE network for future 4G iPhone

iPhone 6 to support AT&T LTE technology?

GigaOM was able to play around with the trial LTE network that AT&T has setup at their Foundry space in Plano, TX, which just might be used by iPhone 6 in 2012. They were able to reach blazingly fast speeds, beating out Verizon's LTE performance without a hitch.

the highlight of the lab was that the Foundry is home to a trial Long Term Evolution network. I asked for a demo and got one. The speeds provided on the download side were about 28.87 Mbps, and were about 10.4 Mbps on the upload side.

The technology behind their test LTE network consists of both 700 MHz spectrum as well as the AWS band they already own (and want to get more of by purchasing T-Mobile USA).

Keep in mind that AT&T's LTE network isn't going to see the light of day for some time, but it's also important to note the speeds they saw were reflective of 'real-world' performance. By comparison, Verizon users see on average ~10Mbps down and ~5Mbps up, so that's a pretty significant difference in speed. Whatever they're

Are you excited as we are to see the iPhone taking advantage of these 4G speeds on AT&T's network down the road?


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Reader comments

AT&T shows off lightning fast LTE network for future 4G iPhone


False... VZW in the NY Area on a T-bolt with LTE Running Speed Test Gathered Results of about 46 MBPS Down 15 MBPS UP... The T=Bolt is fast... Too bad the Battery is garbage

It will be interesting if AT&T can convert that into real life. I don't have a problem with their existing network but it sounds as though there are people who do.

lol and not to mention there's barely any phones eating the bandwidth for this test network. VZW has a buttload of phones eating bandwidth.

Not they don't. Do they have 20 million people using it? No. Do they have 10 million using it? No. They have a couple million (phones and data cards), but their LTE network is hardly being used.

lol okay whats your point. I still get on average 25+ down and 5+ up consistently. THAT is pretty close to this Test LTE network that only has a handful of phones utilizing it.

The point is that there aren't buttloads (which your definition may be different than mine) of LTE devices swamping Verizon's LTE. To me, buttloads is a significant share of LTE devices up and running on their network. 2 or 3 phone models plus a handful of LTE aircards doesn't qualify as buttloads. Let me know your LTE speeds when 60% of Verizon customers are exclusively on LTE.

your argument is invalid because there are over half a million LTE devices activated and LTE is a completely SEPARATE network than the rest and is proportionate to the amount of users. So yeah, verizon LTE will always be better.

No it's not invalid. Half a million devices using LTE? That's a buttload? No, that's nothing. Let me know how it works when you have tens of millions on that spectrum.

That's LTE Advanced, an easy to implement upgrade to LTE. LTE Advanced was still going through standards finalization last time I looked.

Faster is good and all, but I'd prefer they spend more effort on improving range and penetration of signal. There are still way too many dead spots. Also, I go through a few spots where the 3G coverage is poor enough that the phone switches to Edge, which wouldn't be too bad except that for some reason the data seems to not work at all on Edge anymore. Note that I'm not talking about rural areas, that's an entirely different situation.

So how long is "down the road" exactly? Six months? A year? Whenever the buyout and gutting of T-Mobile is finalized? I'm currently with AT&T, but there's no compelling reason to stay when all of the LTE phones they offer only run at 3G speeds.

Well, aside from HSPA+ still being a 3G tech; he might also be talking about future phones and areas that traditionally see slower upgrade deployment, particularly from AT&T. The sooner they get the spectrum, the sooner they can start deployment.

Sucks the new iphone won't have LTE support this year. Apple seems to falling two steps behind android. They might start to loose their footing. I'm not leaving yet and I've just recruited one new iPhone user. I should have another by mid summer.

The question I have may not be do you think the service providers will charge us? isn't it true a seperate voice and data plan will not technically be necessary on a true LTE network? Another question...why do we rely so heavily on our wireless networks when we spend so much of our time surrounded by wifi networks?

HAHA very true. When VZW was testing in Boston and Seattle they were reaching speeds of 50-70 mbps with hundreds of phones in each city. They posted 5-12 mbps upload bc that is what it will actually be once LTE has become the primary technology like 3G today. AT&T is just up to some more trickery.

You fools have no idea what your talking about. Ya let's see some screen shots of your supposed speeds your getting on that VZW LTE. Lol. All I hear is Verizon trolls making a bunch of claims with no facts or proof. And then you want to compare that to a TEST site for ATT LTE which isn't even official or complete. Haha.
You want some truth? I know people with Verizon LTE that are still getting speeds slower than ATT 3G. That's whats hilarious lol!!

If you think about it, is LTE going to be like HSPA+ or 3G and always keep going down a notch when you start surfing bog websites.
In my area the network is so sluggish you would think edge is faster than 3G. And then is AT&T going throttle their speeds in some areas. In Kingsville, TX we are barely passing the 1Mbps mark on 3G and get thrown down to Edge when surfing a lot. And in San Antonio, TX, they're stretching around 4 to 5Mbps. Just because they meet the standards for 3G speeds in some areas doesn't mean they should advertise fastest 3G network when, in fact, in some areas it is slower than others. They should put in the fine print "slower speeds in some areas, fastest 3G network NOT guaranteed in all areas" ha!

It sucks that the iPhone 4 isn't on LTE for Verizon and cannot do simultaneous voice and data. Apparently Verizon's CEO said they should be calling their network 6G but yet they can't even do Voice+Data. I'm not daunting on Verizon, they prolly do have a VERY MUCH reliable network than AT&T, but they shouldn't be saying "we should be calling our network 6G if they can't even do what AT&T's 3G can.

You're taking that out of context. The CEO was referring to how AT&T and T-Mobile are simply re-branding their 3G network as "4G". VZW's network CAN do voice and data on LTE AND CDMA (if the device has the proper radio).

The point of their statement was to poke at AT&T and T-Mobile. Both of them are simply rebranding an update to their 3G network as "4G" while both Verizon and Sprint are implementing new networks that actually can reach the theoretical speeds required to be a real 4G network after completing their own network upgrades, which I think were still going through standards finalization last I knew.

You obviously don't understand verizon too well. I have no idea how many times I've been on a call and looked something up in the browser.

"but it’s also important to note the speeds they saw were reflective of ‘real-world’ performance."
No it's not. You are really saying that a small test network with a limited amount of people is considered "real world performance"? More like, fluff to hate on VZW for no reason. It is a known fact that VZW's LTE network gets those speeds you claim on AT&T and that's with millions of people utilizing it (between phones, netbooks, laptops, etc).

I doubt this is just for the iphone 5. Android devices are already on LTE for verizon. By the time apple has an LTE phone for AT&T they will already be months behind the curve.

Ted says:
April 29, 2011 at 7:02 am
I think its hilarious watching isheep defend this. I will just leave it at that.
Ted says:
May 18, 2011 at 7:26 am
LOL and you think apple cares. They have yet to respond.
ever get bored of being a troll ? you have nothing interesting to say in any of your posts, what dull, sad pathetic existence you lead. If you got invited to parties you'd be in the corner looking at the plant, playing on your android device ... great life buddy, you must be so proud.

You do rank in the dumbest people on the planet. Fist I own an ipad. I like the android phones. I have every right to voice my opinion. You obviously are the person playing with his phone holding it wrong pacing back and forth trying to get a signal.
Grow up and get an education.

No kidding you like android phones.. to the point where you can only troll iphone websites .. get a life .. go hang out with people who don't think you're a idiot .. if you can find any ...
sure you have the right to voice your opinion, but being a idiot isn't voicing it .., it's just being idiot. why not try and add something to the discussion rather than the ever predictable bull that you write EVERY time you post. The only comments you get to your comments is people telling you to leave. Are you that stupid you don't understand everyone thinks you're a waste of time ??? Is this the only place you can get people to respond to you ?

Wow and your rants about others and bashing others shows the lack of intelligence. By the way I read all kinds of posts. As I said earlier I own an ipad so I come in here. I am still shocked though that your so crazy you are going into such a rant. The fact you feel you know my general posting is even more strange do you live your life here on this site? You obviously have no life outside of tipb. I only stop in on occasion and read whats going on. You obvioulsy need some real help of the professional kind.

i certainly don't live on the site, but i remember your posts because as you ever do is write troll posts.You're a nobody in real life, people don't take you seriously and your opinion doesn't matter; which is why you have to get into arguments on blogs with inane comments because nobody else can be bothered to give you the time of day normally. You follow blogs that you don't agree with, so you can moan and complain about the articles and make predictable anti iphone comments because you can't think of anything original to say. You do this because you don't get any attention normally and think this counts as communicating with people. You should try and find site you enjoy or make some friends so you don't feel so inadequate. It's going to be hard for someone like you, that is so needy for attention that you have to make comments like yours. The next time you tell people to get an education, maybe you should stop using words like 'isheep' because it shows your lack of it straight off the bat.

LOL zero credibility, you really live up to your name. Seems all you know how to do is rip on somebody. hahahaha what a failure. anyways BACK TO THE TOPIC OF THE POST!

dont get me wrong, i'd love crazy fast download speeds on my iphone but coverage reliability is my top priority.

now if they could only do something about those dropped calls lol.
Speeds like that don't last and aren't widespread. I recently jumped ship from ATT to VZW. my Droid Charge is averaging 11-15 down on Pittsburgh LTE, with peaks as high as 31. Once ATT gets it rolled out, those speeds will drop.

I thought you guys used The Flash to talk about speed boosts back in 2010? If this network is as fast as claimed, I think the new Flash image should be of him getting younger or forming his own black hole or something from the gross amount of absolute speed. :)

What the hell are you people using your phone for? I find current speeds on Verizon are great for browsing and downloading apps.

I use mine for everything. Music streams, music downloads, web browsing, video streams/downloads, you name it. Speed is great. Who wants to wait for a heavy webpage to load?

i know we are talking about speeds but i dont care for speed if im not on unlimited data. why care if you get faster data but paying for more. just a question?

Wow zero credibility just stfu this. I'm scrollig down reading the comments and it's just you trying to bash some guy. It's funny how easily frustrated you get. Watching you try to be some keyboard warrior is like watching two six year olds bicker. Grow up and talk about the damn post.
I agree with Ren both carriers shouldn't of even thought about trying to improve network speeds before they improved there coverage area just for 3G. I still go through spots were there's weak signal. I believe they should of spent money on more towers than improving speed. What's speed without being able to access it?