First Chinese counterfeit of iPhone HD/iPhone 4G -- attack of the next gen iClones!

While most of us thought those first leaked images of the next-gen iPhone were fakes, MacRumors has found themselves the first true Chinese iClone of the soon to be announced next generation iPhone.

This bad boy is officially called "GPS-PHONE" and features a front facing camera, TV antenna, mini USB interface, camera flash, and even supports the installation of Java applications.


More images after the break!

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Reader comments

First Chinese counterfeit of iPhone HD/iPhone 4G -- attack of the next gen iClones!


Man, china is awesome, lots of great engineers there, but no branding at all.. Thousands of years of golden crap and dragons killed their international appeal :)

I wondered where my phone went to. The last thing I remember I was drinking at the bar and.... damn you China!

I'm thinking it might be hard for Apple to sue whoever simply because it's in China and the laws there might be different. I don't think Apple is that worried about that phone anyway. The antennae is a joke and although the design is ofcourse a knockoff does anyone else find it more boxy looking than the Apple version?

How can Apple can sue China? China should sue apple when apple release its phone. Question --> Who is the first to release? Answer --> China, so sue apple! Lol... :p

It's frustrating that China doesn't have to follow copyright and patent laws. This is the same country that indulges in industrial espionage without any recourse whatsoever. I would love for someone to attempt to explain to me why exactly China doesn't have to respect international copyright or patent laws. Then, explain to me why tech firms like Apple turn a blind eye and continue to build their products in Chinese factories.

@Jeff Higgins There are no international copyright laws. Only domestic/regional laws.
There are only laws that are legally binding for teheran domestic country.
Eg. If I have a copyrightt in Australia, but someone in America uses it, the laws are according to US laws and the US law of fare use applies however the Australian law of fair practice doesn't.

On another note ... China wants to limit web sites on Google from showing up in their country. How are they going to limit their citizens from downloading the iPhone's book apps which feature religious and other teachings contrary to their philosophy?

Is it just me or is the phone upside down - the speaker and volume buttons are at the bottom?

This is funny situation, though Apple has manufacturing unit in China, they don't sell apple product, and chinese companies are stabbing their back. This has to happen. It is a same situation like in Nigeria though there is so much oil, it is a poor country, they have no acces, but they hijack ships to make money and kill people.It is politics all the way! Shame on apple.

Can we install apps from itunes on these mobile. Or is there any way to deploy an app from Macintosh to this chines version of iphone build using iphone-sdk.