Attack of the Super iClone: Nokia and Verizon Team Up for 4G iPhone "Killa"

Our newest sibling site, has linked up an article suggesting Nokia and Verizon's previous iClonic efforts were just generations one, and now they're preparing to transform and merge into... A Nokizon (Verkia?) uber-iPhone killer?

It seems that Verizon may have deep hard feelings against the Apple and iPhone exclusivity deal and appears to be making a deal with Nokia to create a 4G LTE (long term evolution) touchscreen device for the US market.

The backstory here is that Apple reportedly went to Verizon first with the iPhone and was rejected, so despite the recent rumors (and Verizon's rather sad little surveys), there's no reason to think Apple will be helping them out any time soon, hence... Vernokiazon?

No word on specs or release dates or whether it will have phaser functionality and arrive on unicorns or anything yet, but in all seriousness, Nokia puts out amazing specs (see the n97) and Verizon has a great network, so is it possible that whatever they put out could join the Android G1, BlackBerry Storm, WinPho 6.5/7, and the Palm Pre in the long list of "iPhone Killers".

[ via TheStreet, thanks to The Reptile for the tip!]

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Attack of the Super iClone: Nokia and Verizon Team Up for 4G iPhone "Killa"


Hehe.... People consider the storm on the list of iPhone killers?
Anywho the new iPhone if there is one should probably come out before a new nokia does , therefore catching all the buzz , so if apple gets there timing right nothing will "kill" the iPhone.

Yeah, I suspect a new iPhone every year will keep the "killers" at bay if Apple is daring enough. They do have a tendency to get a little timid from time to time with wholesale revamping, but I'm not too worried at this point. If VZW is gonna pout now, they should remember who turned down whom. Dorks.

well, I'm just a gadget lover you know? that's why when i first saw the first magical keynote speech for the iPhone first gen.. i said to myself WOW..
but all of us iPhone owners can all agree.. things have been snailing lately. even the Palm Pre looks amazing compared to what the current iPhone NON Jailbroken OS can do.. so we are left saying to ourselves.. hey.. where's our next update?
Just like how i originally moved to the iPhone in the first place if another phone does in fact come out that's better example (palm pre) I will be switching to it,. Hands down. that's what comes with being a gadget lover..and not a fan boy.
however, being the apple loyal customer that i am , i'm "rooting" for the hometeam here... and I hope that apple comes out with an update soon... or the Palm Pre's are going to take over.

From what I see, if Nokia bolted a phone chip onto the N810 they would have a pretty nifty device.
Don't discount this possibility until you have read the specs on the 810.

Well, if they keep making re claim then eventually it might come true? Screw the marketing. Build it, Verizon, and they will come. But simply labeling something a killer does not make it so.
Likewise, Apple had better wake up and start innovating again. IPhone 3G was mostly a software step. Some hardware improvements (more RAM for running apps, better camera, faster CPU) as well as major PIM and bundled app improvements are needed here. And for goddess' sake pay attention to competitors' efforts (especially converged communication apps).

Ok guys, the iPhone IS the phone right now. Period. Now me personally (and most of you) knownit will be around for a while and dominate for even longer. The reason being is because Apple made it most of the "classic" look and feel of that thing we call "THE phone." with there stylus widgets, enumerating Apps in the best Application store in the mobile space (and quite possibly any computer device to date with the including iTunes store- in which the App store is just a well-implemented mobile version of.) the killer Multi-media space (having THE biggest selling music player built right in and cell tower access to the biggest music and multi-media store in the world to boot.) All of these things including a firm indestructible-feeling body with it's true glass/metal frame, and the minimalistic 1 home button as it's key role in physical navigation, mean users have a FULL touch interface unlike something like RIM's Blackberry Storm or Google's G1 phone whereas simple touch panel controls are replaced by hand-tiring physical controls. Make the iPhone THE phone for quite possibly most of the mobile phone worlds lifetime.
At this point the iPhone is actually a fashion statement, and until someone can pry it from Vanity's hands.. It's bound and determined to stay that way.
How many of think iMacs are some of the most powerful and capable machines? Well that's what's make the iPhone the iPhone - being built ground-up from the most stable operating system ever.

iMacs are not some of the most powerful computers, they are for people who live in loft warehouse appartments who know nothing about to computers to buy and go "I'm on the internet now" because they heard it was the cool thing to do but dont want have an unsightly PC tower sitting on their designer table :P

LWA: True, somewhat. Don't get me wrong, Macs are cool but I said there SOME of the most powerful machines because they ARE built with some of the best hardware. I personally own Alienware. I used to own a Mac but hated the lack of customization. I can just slip the side off my AW and insert a new or used RAM stick. Can't say the same for a Mac, which is furiating! All of the above that I said is still stood strong with but theirs no denying this-One company CANNOT produce all software and hardware. Period.