AT&T-Specific Overage and Voice-Mail iPhone Updates on the Horizon?

Apple and AT&T could be planning updates for US iPhone owners in the future, including push-notificiation powered overage alerts, to let users know when they're close to depleting their anytime minutes, and voicemail settings to disable custom and AT&T preset greetings for both your iPhone and for calling other AT&T customers.

AppleInsider, quoting "those claiming knowledge of the matter" (TCKOTM), says:

The proposals are said to be a collaborative effort between AT&T and Apple based off customer feedback. In addition to boosting customer satisfaction with both the iPhone and AT&T's wireless network, the additions could also serve as a steppingstone for additional carrier-specific features, those claiming knowledge of the situation say.

So, beleaguered AT&T iPhone users, after you get your MMS and tethering, are these something you'd be interested in?

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Reader comments

AT&T-Specific Overage and Voice-Mail iPhone Updates on the Horizon?


I never get close to actually using up my minutes and I'm unlimited on everything else so it wouldn't help me per se but a lot of people would like that. I'd like a push notification when an update comes out for an app that I have. That would be great.

that's silly AT&T already has an app that allows you to check your used minutes and data and so forth.
And ther already is push notiocation for app updates it's on the main page under the app store app.
This thread doesn't make any sense. They ought to just fine tune the features we have now. Like push email, mms, etc....

What we really want is cheaper prices. I switched from my $50 unlimited voice plan at tmobile to get the iphone and after seeing my 2 iphone bills, i want to go back.

After finding youmail I doubt I'll ever be using my default vmail again but good to know they're working on improving it.

What a waste!! Why not focus on real enhancements. They act like those things are going to keep people on AT&T

You obviously don't understand. They send you an alert when you're close to going over your minutes or texts. Pretty useful for some.
Of course, anything AT&T does is wrong in some eyes...

Meh. I just want file storage on my phone. I don't want to jailbreak so I'm hoping this becomes a feature soon. Oh, and I don't mean those work around file storage apps, I mean I want to plug my phone into any computer and have it see it as external storage space.

I have over 3000 rollover minutes and unlimited everything else so I will never have use for overage push and the voicemail thing sounds lame tbh.

Ok, so nobody is ever in danger of going over their minutes or texts.
It's really lame that some people post comments like this.
"it doesn't apply to me so it's stupid and AT&T sucks"
You simply cannot deny alot of people would benefit from overage warnings on their phone. In fact, I'm a little surprised AT&T would do such a thing considering they probably make quite a bit of money on overages.

Joe McG, you're absolutely right. I'm constantly amazed at how often people here (well, everywhere) are so unashamedly self-centered. My sister-in-law (not on AT&T, as it happens) constantly goes over her cell minutes, and can't afford the overage charges. This (were she on AT&T) would be a godsend for her. I like to have my own selfish interests served as much as anybody, believe me, but I really can't see how anybody can reasonably object to this sensible idea.

Over on AppleInsider, one poster speculates:

"They're going to translate the voice mail to text! This is what Google Voice does.... Think about it. Visual Voicemail is only "visual" insofar as the name of the person calling. The voice mail itself is not visible - until they convert it to text... which would be awesome. Why else would it be at&t only? That means it's not MMS. Possibly also, call screening. Since the voice mail is being down loaded to the handset, why can't we listen to it and answer the call if we want? These features would be why GV was turned down. It would also explain Apple's "duplicates features".

Now wouldn't THAT be sweet?

File storage or a My Documents folder is a must-have. None of the file storage or file transfer apps have consistently received good reviews. I refuse to take the time to set it up only to be frustrated by a bad app.
Once Apple gives us file storage the Bluetooth function must also be upgraded from totally crippled to fully functional. Then we aren't tied to our computers for document downloads.
I've had AT&T for 6 years, thru the change to Cingular and back. I still have a box full of old Motorola Razr's and Nokia 3595's etc... Every single one of those phones is capable of MMS and email. With the right $30 software (Motorola Phone Tools) tethering was also available. Even the handsfree menu offered full control of Bluetooth functions.
I've really considered jailbreaking to add SBS Settings and all the many other great things the iPhone is capable of. I haven't done it because my phone is my income stream. If my phone is down for half a day I'm in serious trouble.
Will I change to another phone? Or another carrier? Not a chance my friend. The iPhone is the single greatest piece of technology in my life. It makes both my personal and business life easier. It's so easy that my 7 yr old son has taken over my original iPhone (2G?). He uses it as an iPod for games and music. He also has his own email set up so he can contact me and my wife and other family members. And believe it or not, my 3 yr old daughter plays with it so much that I'd like to get her one as well to be learning with. Both kids can pick up my 3G and unlock it, select the phone icon, select favorites, select whoever they want to call and hit send.
So yes, I'm annoyed by the MMS and tethering issues. But I am really grateful for my iPhone. I won't give it up for anyone or anything else.

I think one of the most important update/upgrade the Apple should provide for its Iphone 3G-S is to do something to increase the battery life. The measly battery life ( when compared to other smart phones) is not an issue with any specific version of Iphone. All three versions are plagued by this. One can indeed recharge the battery about so many times but that is not really solving the issue. If somehow the battery life could be increased then there would be no need to be recharge so many times. Apple should indeed have used the newer Li-Pol ( Lithium Polymer) instead of the Li-Ion batteries for the 3G-S at least considering this came out only recently. But, perhaps like everything else in this country, Apple, like everyone, is simply penny-wise but pound foolish.

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