And So it Begins! Next Gen iPhone Case Leaks Start NOW!

With a Schiller-confirmed June product cycle, it's a bit early for iPhone Next-Gen case leaks, innit? Not that time or likelihood will stop the internet. MacRumors says:

This new iPhone case is said to "shed its glossy appearance for a matte black look" and also introduce a new case-back made of metal. [iPodObserver] seems confident in the photo and reminded readers that they were also responsible for publishing an early back-case photo of the iPhone 3G.

Has Apple ever done matt finish anything? And would Apple really milk the 16GB capacity in a next-gen iPhone? Or would they do 16GB and 32GB next time, the way they did 8 and 16, and 4 and 8 for the previous generations? And will this simply be another iPhone 3G, or will include any (or all) of the guts we've been clamoring for in an iPhone HD?

First questions first, though, is this for real?

Internal comparison photos after the break!

iPhone 3G Casing

Leaked/Rumored iPhone Next Gen Casing

Dieter thinks the screws and slot for the rumble/vibrate motors match. What do you think? The next iPhone or simply the next Chinese iClone knockoff?

[via iFixit]

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Reader comments

And So it Begins! Next Gen iPhone Case Leaks Start NOW!


hmm no, I think the new iPhone will look different to the previous two and not so similar

FCC Id returns no results upon search. (I knew it couldn't be THAT easy lol)
Could this just be an aftermarket matte finish back? I would buy one NOW. Would be too hard to photoshop some fake info on the back...

The insides look the same but who knows what will actually happen? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So it looks like there will be a 3rd gen iPhone after all and not just a big software update? I'm going to be buying a new one and hopefully can sell my 3G on the no contract market for as much as it cost for a new one.

I think this is real. Hopefully, the other parts of the hardware get a big upgrade. It should be a good June.

I think this might feel similar to the back of the iMac Aluminum. Maybe it might have more grip to it. Apple always state that the iPhone is a software phone. Their computers and iPod have very simplistic and attractive designs. I see this being the next back and the front looking the same way. On the inside, I hope they do add a better battery and HD, among other hardware upgrades. They'll probably call it the iPhone 3G again but just 2nd Gen. Also, I hope they have 16GB and 32GB and leave the 8 behind. My 16GB iPhone 3G is almost filled !

There are much more chances, that this cover is a so called HIGH COPY from Shenzhen communication market, rather than new product from Apple. Here in Shenzhen there's a big demand in back covers for original iPhone.

Did anyone notice the stylus silo on the bottom of the photo? There's no way Apple will ever put a stylus in an iPhone...

Oh wait, the casing is inverted... My bad, that's not a stylus silo... That photo looked like it was showing the inside of the iPhone, no the inside of the casing...

would all you faggots shut the fuck up about the iphone 4g? just wait till it comes out. oh and any girls that wanna hook up with me for a good night hit me up 1-989-220-9500

4th Generation iPhone will definitely be nothing like what we have seen! Apple Re-Revolutionarize the space again!!

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