Best of iMore: Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s aftermath

Every week at iMore we publish more breaking news, in-depth reviews, helpful how-tos, and editorial views than you can shake an apple at. While we're waiting for the week that will be to begin, here's a look back at the week that was, and at the very best iPhone, iPad, Mac, app, and accessory coverage we brought you! This time, that includes a competitive analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S5, some important security updates, and more rumblings about the iWatch, new Apple TV, and iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy S5


Apps and accessories

Tips and how-to

News & rumors

Your most important story of the week?

That's just some of what we published last week. What do you consider the most important story? Did we list it or did we miss it? Let me know!

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Reader comments

Best of iMore: Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s aftermath


I'm sure Galaxy news is important to users of that product, but I come here, and a couple of other places, to stay in tune with Apple products - In other words, when iMore headlines 'Droid, Samsung, et. al., news, I just move on. But when you talk about the product lines that are relavent to my life, then you're in the top three in my list.


Apple doesn't exist in a vacuum. If Samsung, for example, introduces water-resistence, as an iPhone owner, I want to know all about that because it could be a feature that matters to me, and that I'd like Apple to integrate as well.

I've said this on Android Central a million times when people make the opposite complaint there. New iPhone model news *is* Android news, and flagship Android device news is iPhone news. That's the nature of competition, especially in fast-moving industries like mobile tech.

I would love to see a 5 inch size iPhone & the water resistance feature is very interesting add longer battery life & that pretty much covers my iPhone 6 wish list

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