Bill Nye the iPhone Oleophobic Coating Guy


Gizmodo earns geek cred elite by getting the one and only (unless he's figured out how to clone himself) Bill Nye, the Science Guy, to explain just how the iPhone 3GS' oleophobic coating works -- molecularly -- to reduce smudges and make it super easy to wipe clean.

We don't understand a word of it, of course (something about Drow magic maybe?) but do head on over and give it a read!

[Thanks Georgia for the tip!]

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Bill Nye the iPhone Oleophobic Coating Guy


Well, that explanation was correct, short and to the point. Nice little read there. Bill knows his stuff.

This great new screen doesn't allow the screen protectors to adhere...I tried two so far...they both slid all over and let dirt & dust underneath...anyone else experiencing this...because I think I wasted $16

Hey vox lay off the editors. If u dont like what people have to say on a blog then go get ur own and state your opinion. Nothing nice to say then dont say nothing.

Now if they can use teflon in the design of the next iphone like that seen in the HTC Hero (which also has an oleophobic glass screen) we may see a oil and smudge free iphone.

@vox populi
@Steven “Nothing nice to say then dont say nothing.”
I didn’t say nothing