Bing coming to iPhone search -- more crazy Microsoft rumors!

Multiple sources are claim Apple is either going to replace Google as default search with Bing in iPhone OS 4, or at least integrate Bing into the search picture.

Look, it's just over a week until WWDC 2010 and the rumors are just going to get crazier, okay? Apple and Google have been on increasingly shaky ground as of late, with some silly comments by Google during their I/O event probably not helping matters. Whether or not this proves to be true, or any of the parties chooses to comment or dispel the rumor like Microsoft did the Visual Studio for iPhone/iPad/Mac rumor from a couple days ago, we'll just have to wait and see.

And hey, Bing powers Yahoo! which is already a search option, so if that becomes Bing in name as well, and even if it's default, it's hard to see Apple eliminating Google as a user-assignable option anyway, so for diehard Googlers it will just be one annoying settings switch away.

Real, fake, really fake, let us know what you think!

[BusinessWeek, techThanks to everyone who sent this in]

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Reader comments

Bing coming to iPhone search -- more crazy Microsoft rumors!


Hope it's true. I prefer pretty much any service over Google, and don't want to be one those that has has to spend ten seconds flipping the switch in"settings".

Why does there have to be one? Most non-mobile browsers let the user download the engine they want. I realize that there's a ton of $$$ at play here but can't they let us decide and let the search engines give us all something for the revenue we generate for them? Is this asking too much?

Don't much care, although the Android/Google crowd is getting annoying and whiney so it might be fun to see Bing introduced... just another reason to get under the haters skin.

Choice should be the ame of the game. AddIng Bing as a choice is the better option; not merely replacing one for the other.

Haha apple is showing their true colors they are afraid of google I say if apple does dat google goes for the knock out n removes YouTube, google maps, n da browser. Bing sucks I will never use it!
Go android, HTC n long live google!

If they do bring Bing, I'm sure they will also implement special bing-only search options in the OS, that will make users want to use Bing more than Google. We'll see.

According to other reports they are just talking about adding Bing as another search option in same the way that you can switch to Yahoo

Apple looks like they are becoming increasingly bitter/jealous towards Google and this will bite them in the end. I say if they pull Google search, Google pulls Maps and turns YouTube's HTML5 beta off and goes back completely to Flash. Google is the #1 name in tech and search and the normal consumer will be unhappy about this, and then Android will expand their lead in marketshare. In a few years the iPhone will be nothing more than a memory in most people's eyes.

Not an issue in my opinion, I prefer Google only because I've used it for so long...a search engine is a search engine.

Maybe Apple can buy Bing from Microsoft. This would accomplish one major goal for each company:

  1. Microsoft can get out of the search business. That way they can do what they do best: concentrate on the Windows business. This complex, competitive software business is just too much for them. And they can claim that they never were beaten by Google in search, since they got rid of it.
  2. Apple can get into the search engine business. Steve will re-make Bing in his own image, it will become a success, and Google will start feeling the pain. Between Bing and iAds, Google will be playing catch-up in two more areas. In addition to trying to copy iPhone and iPad. And search and web ads are Google's bread and butter. It would hit them where it really hurts.

Plus, if Apple buys Bing, they can block the Google app from the App store. I used it briefly but it sucked. Slow, clunky, and redundant.

Google has so many free services and has improving our way of life with innovations that I can hardly think right now that bing is any better. It even doesn't return me the desired search.

I prefer yahoo search to any other ones but u apple iPhone loons need to stop hating on google Aka android. U things sound beyond jadedhaha@bing giving better links
don't make me laugh

Please let them switch so I can Lmao. I'm sure they think this will hurt Google but Android is shipping more units than iPhone and will only grow so who cares. Google making silly comments? No there comments about Apple were right on the mark and this is the proof. Befits Android they would have had one man with one company with one device with draconian control over their mobile search and ads. They have successfully stopped that. It's kinda crazy that Apple would go ahead and justify their claims. Make no mistake Apple needs Google. Apple has hinged their future on html5 and Google is the only company pushing its adoption through providing browsers codes and tools. Just wait till GWT has more html5 elements. You aren't going to get people to switch simply by demanding that they do without providing a path for them to do so.

I'm an iPhone user that likes Android and wouldn't mind switching for the greater control and customization... however a phone is also hardware... HTC is not impressing me with all the Droid Incredible problems, though. And... the alternatives don't make me want to switch.

The info in the second round of rumors seems perfectly appropriate; Apple should extract every last cent from Google, or Microsoft, or Yahoo, or the corpse of AltaVista, for "default" placement, but leave a preference switch for those of us who care enough to use it.

I've always used Yahoo! both on iPhone and desktop. Google search is only good as a flashlight app on the iPhone.

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