Blackra1n RC2 iPhone Jailbreak Tool Released and Unlock Update


iPhone hacker, geohot, has released blackra1n RC2 for your enjoyment. It corrects a few small bugs from the first release and can be downloaded here.

  • Fixed 3G issues
  • Tethered jailbreak for 3.1 OOTB ipt 8GB and new 3GSes
  • Fixed icy issues
  • Both Windows and Mac
  • If you used RC1 with success, no need to rerun

So nothing earth shattering but it is worth a mention and on the unlock side, geohot is not working on that but the Dev Teams MuscleNerd is. So rest be assured a iPhone 3GS unlock is being worked on, we just have to be patient.


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Reader comments

Blackra1n RC2 iPhone Jailbreak Tool Released and Unlock Update


any idea on the specific date this went out? reason i ask is because i just re-JB with blackra1n yesterday, and all seems well. is there a way i can check to see if my blackra1n is the RC2 version? it's working great for me, either way.

I want to say it was yesterday. Even so, if everything is working fine for you there is no reason to re-jailbreak with this release.

Ok. I was able to jailbreak a friends 3g that was running 3.1.2 updatedwith official apple update. Is there an unlock for it yet?

Ok, so I have a jb phone on 3.0.1...if I want to jb I first update to 3.1.2 (is that what we are on?)? Then I can run blakra1n rc2? I'd this correct?
I wasn't updating because I was happy with everything, but I stopped receiving my voicemail.

A little confusion with his wording. One site i saw said it fixed some 3G network issues. Others say he means iphone 3G issues.

I just jailbroke and I'm new to this. Cydia is installed and so is backgrounder, what apps out there make jailbreaking worth it? What other features if any make it worth it?

@ Philip
go to settings>General>Network>Cellular Network data.
Make sure VISUAL VOICEMAIL APN is acds.voicemail
let me know if u need more assistance before u upgrade.

@RonJ1986 thanks, but I don't have the option for Cellular network under my network settings? Regardless, I disabled the themes that I was running and voila, I have my voicemail again.
So now, do I update to 3.1.2 and the blackra1n rc2?

I have 3.1.2 and jailbroke with no issues. Clicked one button, 20 seconds layer it was done. Easy.

I ve a JB 3.1.2 phone with me now. Anybody has got anyway to unlock it? I m on BB 5.11.07 and boot loader 6.04.

Title of this story: ... and Unlock Update. Content of the story: The Devteam is working on it.
Nice way to give people reading the title false hope. Obviously the Devteam is working on it. How is that an update?

Top reasons to jailbreak:
irealsms (quickreply SMS msgs)
3G Unrestrictor (voice over 3g)
HapticPro (tactile feedback for each keystroke)
Backgrounder (for use with Pandora)
MXTube (save YouTube videos)

Just re-jailbroke. Definitely worth it. Waited for blackra1n before I went to 3.1.2. It's too bad apple won't make some of these features native. Might be a big deciding factor when it's time get a new phone.

@iamse7ven agreed..
Your about to be unsubscribed with the stupid decision to chomp the RSS feed. Stupid move, you will loose many readers for that

I did the blackrain RC1 on a month old 3gs, works great. Except i get an error in cydia cause I installed both cydia, rock and icy through the blackrain app that appeared on my phone after jailbreaking...this RC2 version should fix this - but will it swipe/delete all my installed apps and configurations if I use the blackrain on top of an already jailbroken phone?
Also, will it automatically give me the 3.1.2 or will it still have the 3.1 as it has currently? (i had to jailbreak cause my iphone died when updating to 3.1.2. via iTunes

I'd say 90% of the people posting in this talkback should take a reading comprehension class.

You can unlock and jailbreak a 3GS running 3.1 firmware but the baseband cannot be updated to the newest version which is 5.11.07
Alas, this is the version on my 3GS, so I can only jailbreak at the momemnt because I'm on T-Mobile. So all I have is a glorified iPod Touch.

BTW, all Apple stores have the new baseband version of 5.11.07 on their replacement aka "refurb" 3GS models. So if you are thinking of replacing your iPhone to get another shiny clean start (we all do it...) or for any other reason, think twice before you do a restore. You could be possibly bricking your device from an unlock until a version of 3.1.2 is available via Blackra1n.

I have a 3g jb with blackrain and my battery is almost non existant. I have sb settings to turn wifi and ssh off but still get about 3 hours. It's a joke. Any help or advice? Thanks in advance.

HI everyone i downloaded blackra1n it worked fine untilll i tryed coming off my wifi and onto cellular network and 3G. Its nonexsistant. What happened. Any tipis on what to do. Thx

Hi, I've just installed blackr1n and found out that my visual voicemail isn't working.
What can I do to fix this?

Hey everyone, I did the blackra1n Jailbreak on my iphone 3gs which had the 3.1.2 version. This iphone is only 1 week old. It can jailbreak fine and install Cydia etc but everytime I reboot the phone it goes into safe mode (usb & itunes logo) In order to turn it on as a jailbroken phone I have to run the Blackra1n everytime. Obviously 1 option is to never turn the phone off but is there another work around?

Guys... I Lost my ability to send MMS after i JB with blackrain. i reset the the setting in Setting -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network. all setting are correct to my TELCO... but i just could not get the MMS to pop up in message.

I have problem with my iphone 2g firmware 3.1.2, so i used to unlock Blackra1n and it is unlocked but no signal reception, pls help me with this issue....
Version :- 3.1.2 (7D11)
Model :- MA712LL
Modem Firmware :- 04.05.04_G
It shows " no service"
Pls help me with this problem

Alvin: any thing regarding the mms issue with blackrain??? I jailbreaked the iPhone 3 weeks ago but I lost my ability to send mms messages!! Everything else is working fine

blackra1n didn't work all i get is a black screen i have to turn it off and it doesn't work what am i doing wrong i am running 3gs 3.1.2