British school launches iPhone into space, takes stunning footage


Recording a fashion show with an iPhone seems easy compared to what a team of students from a school in Britain have done. With just a helium balloon, a GPS and a flight computer, they have managed to record incredible footage of the Earth. The project, which took over two years to fundraise and plan, resulted in over two-and-a-half hours of footage.

Students from Giles Academy outfitted an iPhone with a custom-built craft that included a helium balloon, GPS navigation unit and a flight computer to track the altitude. The phone reached 18 miles above the surface of the Earth and was able to capture more than two-and-a-half hours worth of footage before the balloon burst, after which the craft made its descent safely back to the surface with a parachute.

With the help of the GPS unit, the students were able to retrieve the iPhone and access the footage, which you can view at the source link below.

Source: Yahoo News

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Reader comments

British school launches iPhone into space, takes stunning footage


Cool. It "boldly went where no phone has gone before."
It's nice to know that the iPhone can withstand the cold and vacuum of space and still function up there.

"boldly went where no phone has gone before."

I don't often see this phrase without the split infinitive. Good job you.