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Best apps for writing on the iPhone and iPad (but mostly the iPad)

You can keep your creativity flowing whether you're at home or on the road when you have the right writing and editing tools in your arsenal.

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Court documents reveal LAPD was able to unlock iPhone 5s while FBI was fighting Apple

According to documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times, the LAPD was able to bypass the lock screen of an iPhone 5s during the same period that the FBI was in a legal battle with Apple.

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Apple Music: Our 7 biggest wants and wishes for version 2.0

Apple Music is almost one year old: Time to look at what's great — and what needs fixing.

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How to enable or disable iCloud Music Library

If you want to be able to share your Mac’s tracks with all your other devices and download songs from the Apple Music catalog, you need to enable iCloud Music Library.

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Best apps for making Mother's Day awesome!

Get ready for Mother's Day with a little help from your iPhone or iPad!

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After iPhone

There won't be another iPhone-class product, not for Apple, not for anyone, not for a long time. So what's next?

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Here's how the Rock Clock will get you up in the morning

The Rock wants you to get out of bed and achieve your goals, so he created a motivational alarm app called "The Rock Clock" to help you along. Here's our video look.

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Everything you need to know about 4G LTE in Canada

If your carrier has done its job, you shouldn't need to know all about the amazing wireless magic happening behind the scenes. Here's how to get the best out of your 4G LTE plan in Canada.

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How to use Siri Eyes Free in your Toyota automobile

Your Toyota may not have CarPlay, but you can still use Siri Eyes Free on any 2016 model, or "Hey Siri" in older-model cars. Here's how.

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XVIDA wants to make it easier to wirelessly charge your iPhone at home and in the car

The lack of wireless charging in the iPhone is something that bothers a lot of people, and we've already seen a number of different options hit the market. XVIDA is currently seeking funds through Kickstarter to bring a new wireless charging solution to life for both Android and iPhone users.

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