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Apple announces 1 billion iPhones sold

Apple has announced that it has sold one billion iPhones.

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Fixing iPhone battery life for the age of Snapchat and Pokemon Go

As more people use more demanding apps longer, Apple needs to evolve iPhone battery life to meet that demand.

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Apple may use 'iPhone 6SE' name for this year's phone

Apple may be holding of on the 'iPhone 7' moniker for this year's iPhone, electing instead for 'iPhone 6SE.'

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What's on your iPhone 7 wish list?

If Apple asked you what you wanted for iPhone 7, what would you tell them?

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You can save $300 on a refurbished iPhone 6s Plus right now!

Right now eBay is offering a refurbished and unlocked iPhone 6s Plus for just $549. The listing is for a 64GB phone in your choice of color, so don't wait too long before placing your order.

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Best telephoto lenses for your iPhone

Breaking down which telephoto lenses work best with your iPhone!

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Latest 'Shot on iPhone' videos feature slo-mo and time lapse footage, and a cute squirrel

In its latest "Shot on iPhone" series of videos, Apple is showcasing the slow motion and time lapse capabilities of the iPhone. Oh, and there's a squirrel storing a nut.

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Comic: Rumor Respite

Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: Rumor Respite

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U.S. Army's special forces reportedly switching from Android to iPhone 6s

According to a report on DoDBuzz, the U.S. Army's Special Operations Command is switching from using Android phones to the iPhone 6s in the field. Soldiers are currently equipped with the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAC), which will soon be replaced by the iPhone Tactical Assault Kit.

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Best sliders for silky smooth iPhone photography

Getting a steady shot with your iPhone is a lot easier with a slider in your toolkit. Here are our favorites!

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