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Apple Q2: iPhone decline should be competitors' concern

The iPhone declined 20% year over year, but it still sold over 50 million units. That should concern more than just Apple.

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This is Tim: Apple's CEO on the company's 2016 Q2 earnings

In which Cook goes through numbers from Apple's second quarter, the first year-over-year decline the company has seen in over a decade.

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See Apple's Q2 earnings in chart and graph form

Want to know what's up with Apple's financials in chart and graph form? Six Colors has you covered.

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iPhone Upgrade Program is now available online at the Apple Store

Previously limited to retail outlets, Apple has expanded its iPhone Upgrade Program to include its online store. The two-year interest-free instalment plan ensures that you have the latest iPhone every year, and includes AppleCare+ coverage.

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How to use your iPhone on an AT&T prepaid plan

In a world filled with expensive wireless plans and unforgiving multi-year phone contracts, prepaid phone plans are becoming more popular.

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Apple's new iPhone 6s ads put the focus on Touch ID and 4K video

Apple has released a couple of new ads for the iPhone 6s showcasing Touch ID and 4K video.

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Are used iPhones unlocked?

If you're buying a secondhand iPhone from a person instead of a carrier, that doesn't mean it's automatically unlocked. When shopping for a used iPhone there are a few things to keep in mind and knowing your unlocking options is one of them.

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The iPad Pro Experiment: In which we meet the iPad Pro

Shortly after buying an iPad Pro last November, I abandoned my Macs for an iOS-only test drive. If you're thinking about buying an iPad Pro and want to know how to truly get the most out of it, I've collected all my iPad Pro Experiment articles in one handy place!

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Best budgeting apps for iPhone

You can learn to stick to a budget, and even save for something special — if you have the right iPhone app!

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How to unlock your iPhone on AT&T

Don't feel trapped by AT&T — unlock your iPhone and enjoy your freedom!

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