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How to pair your Apple Watch with a new iPhone

How do you switch your Apple Watch to a new iPhone? It's easy!

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How the new Messages effects work on older iPhones, iPads, and Macs

You can slam messages or send handwritten messages to fellow iOS 10 or macOS Sierra pals, but what will that look like for friends with older machines?

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Comic: Myke Was Right

Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: Myke Was Right.

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Shooting, editing, and importing RAW on iPhone: The ultimate guide

Take your iPhone photography skills to the next level by shooting RAW.

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iPhone 7 Review: The Age of Fusion

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus fuse data, processors, even lenses, to bring us the best performance, battery life, and cameras ever — minus one headphone jack.

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How to set up your new iPhone or iPad

Whether it's your first iPhone or iPad, or you're upgrading to the latest model, here's how to set up and get started!

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How to accessorize your Jet Black iPhone 7

Keep the sleek, modern look of your new Jet Black iPhone 7 consistent with new tech and accessories!

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iPhone 7 display approaches limits of LCD technology: DisplayMate

Every year, the new iPhone's display is compared to its predecessor's and usually comes out ahead. This year is no exception, with DisplayMate concluding that even without a resolution bump there are substantial improvements in the iPhone 7's display, from brightness to color accuracy.

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How to shoot RAW photos on your iPhone or iPad

With iOS 10, you can now shoot in the RAW file format and get even more out of your images.

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How to import and edit RAW photos on your iPhone or iPad

Shoot with your DSLR, then import and edit images on your iPhone or iPad. Here's how!

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