CDMA/Verizon chip-maker looking for iPhone expert?


Qualcomm, which makes both the CDMA chipsets used by Verizon and Sprint, and a new hybrid GSM/CDMA chip that could be used on all 4 US networks, is looking for a little iPhone-related help:

"The iPhone has no secret for you?" the job listing posted earlier this month reads. "Well, that's what you think... join us and develop the most challenging product of your life!"

The listing has since been pulled but in today's Google-cached world, there's no taking it back. Rumors of a Verizon iPhone have been getting stronger lately as well.

So is this just another random factoid that ultimately means nothing, or yet another sign we may soon see an iPhone on Verizon? (Or at least on some CDMA-related network, somewhere?)


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Rene Ritchie

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CDMA/Verizon chip-maker looking for iPhone expert?


Nothing means anything until Steve announces it on stage. Until that point, everything is a crapshoot. All the placed orders, hired people, leaked photos, or even leaked devices in the world won't stop Steve from pulling the plug at any point. That's why Apple doesn't announce things that are "coming soon". Just look at what happened with the white iPhone. No one, especially not Apple, likes contintally missing dates they've set for things.

I'm so sick of AT&T I switched my number to Verizon and got a palm pre with mobile hotspot and I still use my iPhone for everything, except I have wifi on a real carrier. I can now use my iPhone in my office and inside buildings. Whooo hoooo!!!! iPhone is still my do all device.

Congrats Ronnie. Perhaps you would like to contribute something relevant to this article next time instead of blabbing about how much you love your pre.
As far as my contribution... The more I keep seeing this stuff the more I think a CDMA iPhone is getting ready to go. But I really wouldn't expect it until the next major hardware revision- reason being there's been way too much bad press about the ip4s antenna. Everyone that owns one already knows it's not a huge issue but it was everyone that didn't own it that made the big stink about it.

I'm already convinced that a Verizon iPhone is happening. I know this is an ongoing debate, but seriously this is no longer debatable. (Verizon's CEO joined the CES 2011 Keynote)

If you could read "VICTOR" I said nothing about liking the pre, what I said was I like Verizon for their consistent network. Which relates to the "Verizon" article, also I LOVE the iphone and I'm not a big fan of the pre at all, except for the mobile hotspot, the iphone as stated in my above post is my "do it all" device which relates to the "iphone" part of the article!!!!!

I don't think a Verizon iPhone would require an announcement and large event like many seem to be suggesting. Apple uses big events to announce new products, not new carriers or retailers. While a Verizon iPhone would be a HUGE deal, and technically woul be a new product, as far as consumers would see, it would simply be opening the iPhone to other providers. Jobs very well could be letting seidenberg handle this one.

"Can't we all just get along?"
Speculating about a CDMA iPhone is fun to do but just that.
If it happens are you really ready to change carriers? As much bashing as AT&T gets I have yet to see any difference from my Treo on Verizon experience regarding phone call coverage. I didn't have data until I got my iPhone 3G twenty months ago. What about the relative timing for implementing a 4G network? That would help me decide when and where to get my service big time!

If you could read “VICTOR” I said nothing about liking the pre, what I said was I like Verizon for their consistent network. Which relates to the “Verizon” article, also I LOVE the iphone and I’m not a big fan of the pre at all, except for the mobile hotspot, the iphone as stated in my above post is my “do it all” device which relates to the “iphone” part of the article!!!!!

A lot depends on carriers, and service. Price, and plans. In my area both AT&T, and Verizon have good service. Plans vary. It would be nice to have iPhone on different carriers so you at least had a choice. Data plans will compete to win the customer over. If it happens, my guess would be Jan 2011 or later. By that time you might as well wait for the next iPhone release in July. The question, will a verizon phone be a new model, or just a revamped iOS4 made to work on the verizon network? If it us a new model, will Apple release another new one in July as usual? Things to ponder.

i love how you guys are so up verizon's ass. every cdma story is verizon as though there is zero chance it would go to sprint. you know just like it wasn't gonna go to at&t before. Honestly if this goes to sprint and 4G i'm gonna laugh my ass off. It's not like saving like $30 per month over verizon and At&T would NOT sway a ton of people.

Save $30 if you don't live in southern California..... VZW has a $99 unlimited everything plan here.... It's a test market... I hope it does well and it is a sing of things to come for all carriers!!!!

I don't get the CDMA arguments. We had a national CDMA network in Australia, and they closed it down about 5 years ago because it was a far weaker signal (compared to the newer WCDMA/3G) and the ENTIRE world was soon to be dumping it (as Verizon are also)

I hope it does go to verizon. That way the people who love verizon for whatever reason can go. But there alot like myself that have zero problems with AT&T and will stay. I pay $89 a month for everything and have awesome service with AT&T and always have. When it does go to verizon it's going to be a mess. It's going to be AT&T 2008 all over again.

Not a single one of you seem to be cognizant that this move gives Apple the ability to market to the other enormous pool of American cellular addicts. You are all kinda wrapped up in your chosen network of worship. In the unlikely event that the CDMA iPhone is Sprint bound I probably would purchase one for each female in my house. Apple devices tend to require less of my time because there is usually a large "press here for a neato experience" button. Females tend to forgive toys for not being tools. Sometimes Apple devices are even useful. They aren't useful enough to warrant the hassle of switching networks if the one that you are on works for you.

I can name almost 200 people who have sprint and live in my town where sprint is the only available carrier who would switch to an iPhone in a heartbeat! Which ever carrier lands the iPhone next is gonna be making quite a bit of money. I hope it's Sprint!

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