CEOh-Snap: Steve Jobs Says Adobe Lazy, Flash Buggy, Google Wants to Kill iPhone, Not "Not Evil", Next iPhone A+ Update?


According to an anonymous source in attendance at Apple's recent, internal iPad town hall meeting at the Cupertino campus, Steve Jobs answered some employee questions by saying "Adobe is lazy" and that Google's "don't be evil" motto was "BS". Wired reports:

On Google: We did not enter the search business, Jobs said. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them, he says. Someone else asks something on a different topic, but there’s no getting Jobs off this rant. I want to go back to that other question first and say one more thing, he says. This don’t be evil mantra: “It’s bullshit.” Audience roars.

About Adobe: They are lazy, Jobs says. They have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it. They don’t do anything with the approaches that Apple is taking, like Carbon. Apple does not support Flash because it is so buggy, he says. Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash. No one will be using Flash, he says. The world is moving to HTML5.

Wired points out that, by getting around the App Store pocket veto and delivering Google Voice for iPhone via an HTML5 web app, Jobs should be careful what he wishes for. Google maps data and YouTube were shown off during the iPad launch, as was PDF support, though no Flash (despite some ad-related confusion).

More than a battle of words, however, this is a battle for control of the consumer internet experience -- and the tremendous revenue that comes with it.

MacRumors brings a few more details on that:

  • Apple's next iPhone is an "A+" update, and Android won't be able to keep up with Apple's aggressive pace.
  • iPad, iPhone, and Mac are the most important products Jobs has been a part of.
  • Lala was a talent acquisition to bring their people into iTunes.
  • 2010 Macs will take Apple to the "next level"
  • Blu-Ray is still a bag of hurt, so Apple is still waiting on it.

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CEOh-Snap: Steve Jobs Says Adobe Lazy, Flash Buggy, Google Wants to Kill iPhone, Not "Not Evil", Next iPhone A+ Update?


Jobs' statements against Adobe Flash have Zero credibility. He acts like the iPhone/iPad/Safari NEVER CRASH or the Apps in the App Store NEVER CRASH! What a load of BS!!!! No Flash = No Fun ! Plus no multitasking?? These are BASIC features in todays computing!

I hope mozilla finally agrees on implementing h.264 codec for HTML 5 video tag, that will be another nail in flash coffin.

• 2010 Macs will take Apple to the “next level

Really? Will they be the best Macs ever... again?
Seriously, why do people always say these things? Of course new products are the next level. :roll:

I agree with Apple and I want flash to stay off my iPhone. That said, a beautiful big-screened media device like the iPad begs for flash and silverlight support. I want to see Hulu and Netflix on those devices!

I've modest hopes for the next iPhone; slim it down in size by at least 30%, increase battery life by the same number, update the camera to atleast 5mp and increaa storage to 64gb..,.that'd be enough for me to buy.

I think 4.0 will silence alot of iPhone and iPad critics, sure it's not going to add a webcam to the iPad, or a camera flash to the 3GS, but alot of people who slated the iPad on the 27th "because it doesn't multi-task" didn't take into account that a feature like that could appear anytime. Software can chage without the device having to...

not that I disagree with jobs about flash. it causes my computer to hang quite a bit. but let's get real here. there should be an option to use it on the ipad/iphone. similar to click2flash or something. that way ads and junk aren't loaded, but if there's a flash video that one wants to watch they can.

I'm reluctant to believe these are comments, as they aren't really quotes. However, if these comments ARE true, I really WANT to see what iPhone OS 4 is all about. Better bring it, and bring it BIG, Apple!

If flash is buggy enough to not use is the reason for it not being on an iPhone, Steve has screwy standards. Apple killed ATT, now didn't it?

These are the rantings of a seriously paranoid man, bent on vengence against Google for stepping on HIS turf, seeking retribrution against Amazon for undercutting his iTunes business.
He seems to have lost the wisdom to keep his mouth shut and his temper in check. He's begining to make Ballmer look good.
He is not going gracefully into his geezerhood.

Google bought Android in 2.005 and Apple entered phone market in 2.007 and they competed with Google in ads with the acquisition of Quattro Wireless

HTML5 is the next major revision of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the core markup language of the World Wide Web. .
HTML5 aims to reduce the need for proprietary plug-in-based rich Internet application (RIA) technologies such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun JavaFX.
You can read more by googling HTML5.

I was going to say the same thing. Google had these mobile OS aspirations in 2005. iPhone wasn't released until 2007.
So wouldn't it have been Apple stepping on Google's toes since they knew Google was going to head that way?
And as far as everything else...bleh. Saying Android won't be able to keep up with Apple's "aggressive pace" is ignorant at best.
Android is on 2.0 and already on par with iPhone 3.0 feature wise. Usability is all they need to improve upon.
iPhone is going into 4.0 and still lacks many a things that Android 2.0 and webOS 1.x has. Android will come with a 2.5...then 3.0 and blow 4.0 out the water as usual. This is technology. This is how it will be.

Steve Jobs has always been like this. He has always been a vindictive CEO who has always done business on his terms. Why do you think so many people that have followed his career laugh when people talk about VzW getting an iPhone?

Iphone will be better than ever? Really? Will it still be on AT&T? The phone might be awesome but if you can't use it because the system won't support it, what use is it?

Maybe Apple will jump on Microsoft bandwagon! Silverlight instead of Flash support, Bing search and Bing maps!

Give Steve a break. If not for him you would not be here posting. 4.0 or not, iPhone still rules as far as I'm concerned. End of story.

Keeping in mind Apple can't just run the OSX (x86) version of the plugin on the iPad (ARM), Do Adobe even have a suitable product on the market right now that would be compatible with the iPad? I'm under the impression 10.1 is in beta, and mainly concentrating on x86 netbooks anyway?

haha, google's success and its rapidly increasing fanbase is getting to him. iphone 4.0 or 4G better be really good or its over...

Apple’s next iPhone is an “A+” update, and Android won’t be able to keep up with Apple’s aggressive pace.
Already getting excited, disagree or not, you know this update Apple has to step upto the plate and they always have.

After the "success" introduction of the iPad, I don't even know if I can trust Apple on this iPhone G4 update.
I still don't understand why the iPad was one amazing product to steve? The iPhone, yes ofcourse. It amazed everybody. But the iPad, it wasn't that big shocker.
Also, to those who claim that Google bought Android, and were first to enter the phone market, almost false. Apple had plans to go into the phone market even before 2005. Remember their contract with AT&T in 2005?

God Jobs is so full of himself that he is literally causing me to turn my back on Apple. I'm seriously so disgusted with his constant "better than thou" attitude that I'm trying to think of ways how to not to use Apple products. If it wasn't bad enough, we already have one Micro$oft and Jobs is well on the way to making Apple the same type of "you need Apple more than Apple needs you" company.

Wow Steve...just wow. Really Adobe Lazy? I forget Steve is at the center of the reality distortion field and thus even meanings of words has changed. In our reality lazy means not working and that soooo isn't the case as they are working hard to bring flash to mobile devices. Lazy is Apple and their lack of work on bringing flash to the iPad.

LupeValenz, why should Apple have to do that? Its upto Adobe, and as of today - they don't have anything that would work properly on this type of device ; only beta's and "lite" versions.

Flash is causing crashes? My mac at work can crash just fine on it's own, thank you very much. How come Flash doesn't crash my PC at home and never has? I mean, if Apple is THAT great, they should be able to handle Flash the way a PC can, right? Guess they can't, so they're going to point fingers at others instead. Lame. That's fine, though. Flash will be up and running on every other handheld device this year, and iPhone and iPad users can admire the blue lego block :)

I got a simple question for everyone who is backing Apple and Steve Jobs 100% on this matter.
Are you guys saying Apple doesn't care about the user experience for Imacs??

Flash never crash my PC ... Maybe the Mac is the problem. At worst, Flash might crash the browser .. but NEVER EVER the PC ..

Well although calling Adobe lazy may be true to some extent Adobe is making great progress with Flash 10.1. I have the pre-release and it runs significantly better on my Mac than earlier versions.
My issues with Job's statement are three-fold:
1) Jobs saying this kind of reminds me of when Bill Clinton said "I can spend your money better than you can." So jobs is saying he can make the decision for Apple customers that we are better without Flash and he can determine what is best for us? Give me a break and let me decide. Apparently Google, RIM, Microsoft and others think the new Flash 10.1 hits the mark.
2) So Jobs is penalizing Adobe for maybe getting a bit lazy? Has Jobs ever procrastinated on something he should have done but put off a bit because of costs and resources or whatever. Does it matter? No. What matters is NOT where you are but where you are headed and Adobe is heading in the right direction with Flash 10.1. Jobs should help support the effort because it is good for the Internet, consumers of media, Adobe and Apple. What if Apple decided to close off its programs to Mac? That would be bad for everyone. That is what Apple is doing to Flash. This even though Adobe is going in the right direction with Flash 10.1 and appears to may even be there.
3) I am confident that Jobs is just trying to re-direct attention off his real reason for not offering Flash on the iPhone/iPad and that is to protect the revenue stream from the app store. He tried this "closed" type of system in the past and got crushed by Microsoft. Then Gates saved his ass, as well as Adobe, now he is turning his back on Adobe.
Rest assure if Jobs keeps things in such a closed system Apple's dominance in the hand-held market will get crushed, and that will affect the rest of their business. Live by the sword, die by the sword!
Closed systems never stand the test of time. Apple can't really be that cocky to think they can control markets which are uncontrollable. Can they?
Can you sail "Jailbreak" :) Just my two cents.

Also, whoever says HTML5 will replace Flash, Silverlight, etc... may be correct to some extent but the the heck wants to wait until 2022, which is when Ian Hickson, the editor of HTML5 spec, says it will be ready...
Also think about where Flash will be in 2022. Good grief why would anyone want to restrict the use of any technology that content consumers use and enjoy? This is what Jobs is doing by restricting Flash on the iPhone and iPad. That seems pretty ignorant to me.

Flash is buggy as heck. But also unparalleled in its power. I have been programming in Flash for 13 years. I know it like the back of my hand. It is amazing because I can dream literally anything, and then give it life.
But it is also infuriatingly buggy. At times I want to pick up my computer and throw it at the wall. Stupidly simply tasks that should work, and that don't. It is not at all uncommon for me to have to create hacks to work around functionality that inexplicably refuses to do what it is supposed to.
But I am not complainging. When I have a project where I could pick Java, javascript, flash, or any number of other solutions, I always go for Flash.
As far as the statement that "no one will be using flash", this is just utter nonsense. Too silly to even consider at length. Steve Jobs is asserting that everyone is going to migrate away from a technology that virtually every web programmer in the world is utilizing because a small, and increasingly less relevant computer manufacturer refuses to support it! How important does Mr. Jobs think he is?
As far as the Andrioid being an iPhone killer, there is no doubt that it is at the least an iPhone crippler. I have an iPhone because it was the best thing at the time. I have to say though that the Droid is looking pretty darn nifty. When my contract runs out, I may upgrade to a new iPhone, but I may not. Android has gotten very powerful.
It is odd that Steve Jobs would rant like that. Everyone's natural reaction is to immediately come to the defense of those he rants against. It is Carnegie 101.

About the google point, maybe Apple should take the competitions achievements, and better their product. Competition spurs innovation.

No, it will not have the same capabilities of a lpotap from the UI, to the keyboard. It will be about as fast as an iTouch would be on your network. It isn't a lpotap, it's supposed to supplement your primary computer.It you want something that organizes info for you (e-mail, contacts, calendar) and you need to browse the web an iPad is for you. If you even need to ask what it lacks, most likely it will not do what you want. It is just a netbook, produced by Apple, but with less features and no keyboard.