Next chance at Verizon iPhone: Thursday, Feb 9/10 launch day

Next chance at Verizon iPhone: Thursday, Feb 9/10 launch day

If you didn't manage to snag a Verizon iPhone during the pre-orders -- which have since sold-out and resulted in the most successful sales in Verizon history -- your next chance is Thursday February 10 when the Verizon iPhone launch goes public. Unlike pre-orders, the Verizon iPhone will then be available to everyone and in addition to online, it will be available at Apple Retail, Verizon Wireless, and Best Buy stores.

Once again we recommend shopping early:

  • Feb 9, 3:01 AM EST online
  • Feb 10, many stores opening at 7am local time.

Online you get a head start but may face server issues and will definitely have to wait for delivery, which could take a couple days. Line up and you get the full iPhone launch day experience and immediate access to your new iPhone, but may risk them selling out before you get yours.

Which way are you leaning? Or are you one of the luck ones sitting outside waiting for FedEx already?

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Reader comments

Next chance at Verizon iPhone: Thursday, Feb 9/10 launch day


"Feb 9, 3:01 AM EST online"
Did you mean "Feb 10, 3:01 AM EST online?" Or are online sales going to be 24 hours before the retail sales? Once the clock hits midnight, the day advances ....

I reviced my shipping confirmation this morning! I have commenced obsessive package tracking.

The next online pre-orders are taking place Wednesday the 9th, retail stores will have them the 10th.
I did order mine yesterday at about 2:56 AM. Did recieve a tracking number but I doubt it will be delivered today as there has been no movement. Probably a hold on it possibly.

Stupid website(s)... I totally didnt get mine on the 3rd... UGH! I'm SURE the "iPhone experience" is ABSOLUTELY overrated.
But I will be out there at 6am waiting in line for mine. I think waiting since Nov 2008 is long enough.

I now really regret buying from apples site instead of Verizons site. My order hasn't been shipped, didn't even give me a shipping type option only found out about it after I ordered. Couldn't change it

I stand corrected. It shipped today and it says it will deliver..on the 8th! (From China?) Odd. Interesting from Free Shipping

When you think about how much was spent on ad time for the multiple droid phones versus ads for the debut of iPhone on Verizon, the response has to be disheartening for Motorola and other handset makers.

That seems like ages away, but then again, it's been years since AT&T got a lock on the contract with Apple. Impressive that they sold out so quickly.

Just checked my status and it has shipped via ups. Ups is showing it in Ontario which is close to me with a scheduled delivery date of Monday! If verizon is letting us physically have our iphones before the 10th also that is awesome!

says shipped "initiated" on fed ex website but no process since 9am this morning. deliver date set for monday at 3am but a weather warning also on site.