iPhone 2.1 Beta 2: Push API Unleashed + OS X 10.5.5 Beta + Security Update 2008-005

iPhone Firmware 2.1

iPhone SDK and Firmware 2.1 Beta 1, released to a very small group of developers just last week brought us rumors of direction and speed based GPS (turn-by-turn?), Notification Server API's, and the holiest of holy grails, cut, copy, and paste. Now Ars Technica reports Apple has dropped Beta 2, and while the hints hold true on the Notification "Push" technology, what else will our deep diving developers discover in the coming days? (I'm hoping for video recording!)

While Apple went through 8 betas for version 2.0 between March and the July 11 release, two updates for 2.1 in two weeks is a brisk pace, probably necessitated by Apple's pledge to have the Notification Service -- which allows developers to "push" alert badges, sounds, and popups -- out to users as a way to prompt applications that aren't running, simulating multi-tasking but without the negative impact of task management or resource obliteration that have plagued WinMob and Palm (though BlackBerry's NOC outages and Apple's own MobileMeltdown are harbinger that no scheme goes unpunished).

Also over night, Apple seeded the first beta for Mac OS X 10.5.5 to developers, which may portent further 2.1 related news, and for security conscious Mac users (and that should be all Mac users), Apple released Security Update 2008-005, which among other things patches the nasty DNS vulnerability that's been all over the news recently, and the more Mac-specific ARDAgent issue. Rev up Software Update now.

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iPhone 2.1 Beta 2: Push API Unleashed + OS X 10.5.5 Beta + Security Update 2008-005

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So we're looking, what, a month down the line for the next update? Maybe 2-3 weeks at a minimum? I'm hoping for the simple fix of moving from landscape to protrait in Safari...
Also, am I the only one who would like to compose email and txt messages with the portrait keyboard??
Love TiPB... keep up the great work!