TiPb Faithful: How's 2.0.1 Treating You?

So it's been a day since 2.0.1 was made available and we at TiPb would like to know how it's been running on your iPhone. Did this bug-fixer of an update actually fix any bugs? Or are we all getting suckered into believing that the update has made things snappier? Pains in the update process? Backups faster? Apps Crashing? Or are things just less sucky? Maybe you completely avoided the update..anything and everything, we want to know!

Personally, things have "felt" a little bit smoother. Contacts load noticeably quicker but my SMS is still a good couple of seconds too long. No crashes to report yet but I did have one ginormously big hiccup after updating: the mail app crashed on launch. I had to completely restore and set up my iPhone as a new iPhone which was more than mildly annoying, to put it lightly. So other than that, YAY 2.0.1. Woot.

So TiPb faithful, how is 2.0.1 treating you?

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TiPb Faithful: How's 2.0.1 Treating You?


the iPod started up on me 3 times today (without me touching the iPod app).
I'm still having problems with sound (sometime can't hear the typing & the click goes away when unlocking or locking).
No crashes yet. and things do feel quicker as well!

no problems on my iphone 3g. no crashes or anything so far. things (except for sms, as noted) do feel a bit faster but i'm not sure if they really are or if it's just the power of suggestion from all the blog reports.

No problems here, so far, but I haven't been playing with it extensively. Typing seems to be faster in the applications. Before, it would lag something terrible for me.

The iPhone 2.0.1 Update is not more than expansion of the iPhone restrictions; A counterpart for the ones want to Jailbreak or/and Unlock

After the initial comparison, I haven't really noticed anything, which for a bug fix is a good thing.
It took away the contacts lag and the SMS lag. Seem to have the slightest bit better reception on EDGE. I've yet to have a crash, which could just be random luck, as I didn't have them all that often before.

I have noticed really not change for the better. I have had google map problems and 2 crashes since installing 2.0.1

I love 2.0.1. I'm still sim-unlocked after an UPDATE to 2.0.1, and because the software does not crash as much and is smoother, it is a pleasure to use the iPhone -again-.

It's good - I was having serious stability problems before, especially with Safari. Seems much better now. I'm still having the weird disappearing sounds problem that dbush talks about above - the unlock sound and the new mail sound sometimes play... and sometimes don't. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

So far i've had one hard hang that needed a reset.
I still have the problem of the app store not always telling me when there's an update. Installing and updating apps seems faster though. Sometimes it would take simple apps 20+ minutes to install/update while taking my phone hostage by making laggy and crash prone.
In overall speed, it seems to have improved. Its not as stable as 1.1.4 yet, but its at least getting closer.

I still have terrible lags in contacts app. I am jealous of those whose is working well now.
After my phone started after the update, it couldn't find my carrier. A couple reboots later and that started working fine.
My apps stopped crashing about 5 days when I switched to installing them via ITunes instead of over the air. Or maybe all the updates to the apps have fixed the crashes. So I can't give 2.0.1 credit for that.
The one improvement in 2.0.1 I see is that Wi-Fi seems much faster. And it now continues to work without having to frequently restart my router.
So I call it a net win.

I never had the problems with contacts or SMS or typing lagging before the update (god knows I had other problems) but now, as I am typing this, major lag. Serious major lag. Pooh. Haven't noticed any benefits yet.

OK. Rookie here. I have the new 3G and can't find where on iTunes to download 2.0.1. Where do I download it???

I havent noticed a real big differnce. I can scroll thru my contacts a little bit faster. I still have to double tap on some applications for them to open. I think the updated was more to hurt the ones who have unlocked their phone rather than us who have done what Apple wanted and switched to At&t and played by their rules.

One problem for those of you first-gen iPhone owners that are upgrading to a 3G in the near future.
I updated my 1st-gen last night to 2.0.1 and picked up my white 3G (looks great in white, btw) this afternoon after work. Out of the box, the 3G is running 2.0.
When I plugged the 3G into iTunes, it could not restore to the last backup of my 1st-gen because they were running two different software versions. I've spent the last 3 hours downloading, updating, restoring and watching iTunes continually freeze up ever since.
At least I've got my apps and music on my newly-christened iPod touch.
Moral of the story? Don't update to 2.0.1 if you're getting a 3G soon - MAJOR headache.

some apps, contacts, maps, mail, photo, cal seem to be uploading a bit faster. The phone itself hasn't crashed or locked yet - it seems the 2.0 update on my 1st gen phone was making it crash about 2x a week. The camera bug is still there (take a pic, a white box where the pic should be is in the pics place in the photo album.) You'd figure that 499 for a phone - the camera would work.

Been using 2.01 for a day. Seems faster and more stable (god, I hope I didn't put the whammy on that by saying it was stable).
Backups seem speedy now. < 10 mins.
No App crashes. No 3rd party app lockout (for awhile I couldn't use ANY 3rd party App. Would just close after startup. Even reboot didn't work. Check out other blogs for that issue).
I did see 1 anomaly at the Apple Store at Roosevelt Field. I was checking out some headphones when the sound stopped working on my IPhone 3G. I am talking, IPod, Podcasts, AOL Radio, etc. I tried the headphones on a store IPod and it worked fine. Rebooted my IPhone 3G and all was well again. Mmmmm

Initially I wasn't getting any SMS or Contacts lag but after about a day of use it's back again.

I never had any issues with 2.0 so I am not sure if 2.0.1fixed any bugs for me or is any snappier. 2.0 seemed to be fine for me and 2.0.1 seems to work equally as well.

fine until i restart my phone it does not hang at apple logo any more but after i restart all my apps crash and wont work. i ried every thing even got my iphone replaced. still my apps crash on 2.0.1 someone please help

It's working fine for me. It does seem a bit snappier. I have about 1,000 contacts so it naturally still lags a bit, but much less than before. I have gotten the no-sound bug with 2.0 and 2.0.1, so I don't see a change there. I have to shut down and restart the phone to get audio working again.

The "sound bug" as far as I can tell isthe phone not recognizing that I've inserted/pulled out the headphones jack. In other words, sometimes I'll pull my headphones out and the phone doesn't realize it and continues to route all sounds to the headphones, bypassing the external speaker (and phone speaker). All I've ever done to fix this is to plug the headphones back in and pull them back out and everything makes noise again.
As far as 2.0.1 is concerned, it does seem a bit "snappier" here and there, but nothing major IMHO. Anyone else get this huge lag in the backspace button and by the time it's caught up it backspaced 3 times as many times as I pressed the freakin thing? And what's up with the landscape keyboard not returning to alpha when the space bar is pressed? I hardly ever use landscape so maybe it's always done this.

Also...contacts browsing is back to normal speed. It still crashed after updating/installing apps (not sure which, I did both before trying anything). At this point I just treat it like a pc: install apps, reboot, use apps.

Since installing 2.01 none of my previously installed apps will open. I click them, they start into their first screen and return to the home screen. I guess that "bug fix" is that if they don't allow anything to run, it can't crash. :( . I ran a restore last night that didn't fix the problem.

As I said now after another day I see no advantage in the update. One additionAl thing I noticed is my signal strength fluctuates a lot more than I remember.
For those having sound issues - I had the same issue with my 1st phone. Returned it and they said the water sensor was pink. The phone was never in or near water!!? Luckily they beleived me and replaced it.

I'd agree that things do feel smoother and quicker but not massively so. No crashes to report here either and all apps appear to be working fine

iTunes/app store says my password is wrong, and i know it is not. The update makes it so i cannot access either on my phone! I am not happy about that

Contacts lag on load is reduced and lag when switching groups is greatly reduced. Other than that, not much difference (don't use SMS enough to notice lags). At least the update was (relatively) quick and painless since it didn't require a restore from backup and reload of 14 GB of music and video. (Took forever to do the 2 installs of the pre-release and then final release of 2.0 software on my original iPhone on launch day.)

If I restored my (2 days old) iPhone 3G, would I change the screen tone from warm to cool? I like the cool screen tone much better.

Since the update i still notice the lag when opening up the sms. It seems a little faster but it still doesn't make it right, in an the era of urgency we live in, something like that is a big nuisance! The contacts again are also faster but not on point, and my apps haven't crashed on me yet (hopefully they don't). The update is an improvement but simple functions that run flawlessly on other inferior phones shouldn't merit an update. It should be seamless from the get go. It's a great phone though, luckily i'm a forgiving person.. =)

I have updated my 16GB black 3G last night, everything is fine as claimed by others. One thing that I notice though, when I compared mine 16GB black 3G 2.01 with my wife 16GB white 3G 2.0, my wife screen seems a lot brighter and have cooler color than mine under the same setting. I don't know if the 2.01 is actually developed from the 2.0 that was shipped with the iphone (as early adopter complaint) or is it my screen. Before update, it has the same level of brightness. I don't know if anyone has the same issue or not.

i didnt finish the updating process because i found out that i can use it and unlock it anymore in the future if i update to 2.0.1 version( i currently used 1.1.3 ) .i unplug my cable while it restore and now my iphone keep asking me to reconnect to itunes. i cant really restore to my old solfware (1.1.3). now my phone is just useless. so, now i must wait .... there is no other way i can do .

I have had the same positives that most users have had and no issues at all since 2.0.1.

Good morning, I have downloaded the 2.0.1 update from a different computer (Mac) as the internet that I havemy iPhone 3G linked with has very slow net. I was wondering how to install the 2.0.1 onto my iPhone 3G on my PC, as I have ported it across via USB drive...
Could someone please help me?
Thanks in advance,

I have a 3G that I bought in the UK for use with my O2 service provider (still locked, zero problems with 2.0). I installed the 2.0.1 update but it crashed my iPhone and it has now asked to restore 3 times now (which takes over an hour). Not sure if any other UK users have tried yet but I'm still unable to synch iTunes with the 2.0.1 iPhone today. :(

Iv'e noticed that 2.01 is actually still quite unstable on the touch (16gb), I have a problem with app store that if I install apps using the ipod (rather than I tunes) it gets in a state and crashes, I even had to restore twice.
I have also found that sometimes apps don't sync from itunes properly you do them again and they do.
there are still plenty of bugs, but what is the fault of the app writer and what is apples problem is another matter.
I have a sneaking suspicion there is possibly a memory leak in the OS, as some progs like beat maker (a music app) which use a lot of ram crash if you load a sample that is too big, the OS should catch that behavior.
I think apple are very lucky if this wasn't the best product ever invented they would be in deep trouble with disapearing customers especially over the way they seem to treat customers.

contacts still way too slow!!! - hanging for a few painful seconds every time. overall the phone still feels buggy, glitchy, no way was smooth and quick as first generation iphone - major let down for me.
still crashy aswell in safari.
not impressed with 2.01 at all - i would rather use the original iphone on earlier sofware than this.
how can apple release second rate dsoftare like this - its more like microsoft!


I just updated to 2.0.1 from 1.1.4 it's unlocked and everything seems to be fine but the only thing that seems to be the most important. Installing apps! Claimed to have installed them? But their not showing up! None!
I hope to find the answer

'Paul Says:
August 6th, 2008 at 6:18 am
Since installing 2.01 none of my previously installed apps will open. I click them, they start into their first screen and return to the home screen. I guess that “bug fix” is that if they don’t allow anything to run, it can’t crash. . I ran a restore last night that didn’t fix the problem.'
I have the same problem - does anyone know how to fix ??

For the people with Apps that will not run after the update to 2.0.3 - what I did was delete and reinstall via the app store, just one app and then the others worked ....
Very Strange ....

Ok, ever since I upgraded to 2.0.1 I been having problemn with my Motorola Bluetooth 850. I can hear everyone just fine with it, but NO ONE can hear me...unless I'm literally SHOUTING!
I'm going back to 1.1.4.

hi I m using iPhone first generation verson 1.1.4 first few month it worked really well but now I facing a big problem with it my iPhone gets hang and sometime gets restart itself when it's getting hang I restart it by pressing home key and sleep button after restarting 5 to 6 time it start working and few time it gets hang again I repeat this thing 6 or 7 times in a day please let me know what to do to sort out this problem should I restore the factory setting if I restore it will it good idea will my iPhone work on same jailbreak or on same version or it will change please tell me the best solution my emailid is pawarmanjeet@gmail.com thanks

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