iPhone 2G vs. Blackberry Bold(ish) Browser "Battle"

The iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Bold will certainly be pitted against each other in the days to come, so when we saw a so-called Browser battle between the two, we promptly grabbed our popcorn and got ready to watch the rumble...

...Only to find out it was an original iPhone 2G vs. what looks like a pre-release, buggy-ROM'd, poorly connected Bold. Talk about going from showdown to letdown!

Fellas, it shouldn't take Joe Silva to tell you what makes for good fights: top competitors in top shape. Take one or both, tranq them up, tie their arm (processors) behind their backs, and kidnap their girlfriends and you don't have a real fight (though you could have yet another Nicolas Cage movie...)

The Bold debuts in North America this week on Rogers. Seems that very same provider already has the iPhone 3G. So here's an idea: set them both up, in full release form, on the same network, under the same conditions, and then let's get it on!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone 2G vs. Blackberry Bold(ish) Browser "Battle"


I have been reading about this video and apparently the Bold isn't on WiFi is you pay close enough attention to the video you can see it drops the WiFi in the beginning of the video.

Besides the touch screen, user interface,and the author who wrote this article, the iphone really has nothing going for it.
lets see...according to the author:
-"The BlackBerry curve does have a media player, however with all the iPod features and 4 GB / 8 GB space, it makes the iPhone the best music phone."
...the curve has expandable memory. supports 1,2,4, and even 8gb microSD cards. forgot to mention that?
-"iPhone’s full QWERTY soft keyboard lets you easily send and receive SMS messages in multiple sessions."
...but it doesnt support MMS...even a motorolla razr can send picture messages, and this "revolutionary" iphone cant?
-"iPhone is expected to have better battery life of up to 5 hours for Talk / Video / Browsing as compared to up to 4 hours of battery life in case of the BlackBerry Curve."
...keyword is "expected", btw good luck trying to get the battery out of your iphone. remember thoes day's of sending your ipod to apple to replace the battery? yes!, its comming to an iphone near you!
-iPhone is expected to have a 2 megapixel camera, similar to the BlackBerry Curve but from initial reports it seems like the camera on the iPhone will be far superior to the low quality camera available on the BlackBerry Curve.
...did the author really just write this?, an initial report...from who?
In my conclusion, this article was poorly written. Putting "revolutionary" before every feature of the iphone doesnt cut it.
Was this a consumer report? or a creative writing assignment?

The iPhone is way good for browsing but blackberry is good too but an iPhone comes with at least 5 third party applications but some blackberry only comes with BBM