Site Mocks Apple's Rebate Offer, Makes Lisa Analogy


Humor site BBspot threw down the oven mitt today, mocking Apple's recent decision to credit early iPhone adopters. Editor Brian Briggs made a comical, if poignant, news blurb announcing that Apple is making a similar compensatory deal with previous owners of Apple's long forgotten PC, the Lisa.

Insulting and entertaining at the same time. I love it.


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Site Mocks Apple's Rebate Offer, Makes Lisa Analogy


BBspot is a humor site. From the site's about page:
BBspot was started by Brian Briggs in April of 2000 as a hobby to bring some fun to the web, but grew to the point where Brian "quit his day job" and made the site his full-time occupation in January of 2003.

Yeah, I see that. And I was forced to ammend the title and story. Originally I got this off Google News from another source who misidentified this site as a Blackberry enthusiast website, so I then inherited their error. That teaches me a lesson: never trust a second source.

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