Facebook for iPhone 3.2.2 -- Login fixed?

Facebook 3.2.2 for iPhone

Facebook promised a fix for ailing iPhone users and here it (apparently is) -- Facebook for iPhone 3.2.2.

They claim it fixes the login issue, which seems to have been primarily caused by conflicts with some Jailbreak apps.

We'll let you be the judges of that, however. Working now?

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Facebook for iPhone 3.2.2 -- Login fixed?


Mine is working just fine. I'm having a problem with 3D Sun from the app store not working after JailBreak. I'm not sure which of my JB apps is causing the issue. I don't have Bite installed but I do have iRealSMS.

It's been working fine for me since 3.2 came out. I am, however, having trouble syncing my friends with my contacts.

Mine is now working..yay! Bitesms also came out with a fix today too but I tried fb's update first just to see if it would work & it did.

Mine is working fine once more with the new update. YAY!!! Thank you FB Dev's.!! Couldn't live without BiteSMS...it rocks!!

I just picked up a 32g iphone 4 fri and i keep getting an error when trying to sync my contacts with FB .. I dunno if its the phone or the app

I installed mine and its all buggy now!!! Wont show comments, and it'll kick me out and go to my homepage!!! Blah!!!

The bug occurred when logging out and back into someone elses account. When they tapped on their friends, the last users friends appeared rather than the current users. Now I have the issue of notifications not loading correctly and an app crash occurs.

Well just before the update I couldn't log into FB on the app, I didn't try through safari.
Now after updating I can't log in/refresh on the app, and I get the following error when going to FB thru safari.
This page contains the following errors:
error on line 55 at column 16: StartTag: invalid element name
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

i think it's really cool that FB recognized a problem with a jailbroken app and chose to patch the inconsistency VERY promptly. the recently passed legislation was obviously at work here as i do not see this happening 1 or 2 years ago. even the BITE SMS devs were saying that a fix from FB was going to be a longshot last week. jailbreaking has come quite a long way...

Never had a log in problem. My problem is that I have to log in then log out then log in to be able to see my profile, my pages, friend requests, or to see who is online. Already uninstalled and reinstalled. Did notice something odd. Happened kind of quick so not sure but it looked like a notification bar appeared at the bottom of my live feed with an update. This would be a nice feature without having to go to the menu page.

Tried the new update, everything works but viewing notifications. Reported bug through app store and re-downgraded to 3.1.4. Someday they'll get it right.

Still not working. iPhone 4 jailbroke with bite SMS. Same login issues, error screens, and crashes

Mine works now :). Had some issues with an error earlier when trying to load friends profiles but it seems to have solved itself now.

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