Talon Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4 (artistic version) - review

The Talon Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4, this version with beautiful artistic print finish, is an extremely affordable way to both protect and personalize your iPhone 4. Ally already looked at the solid color versions, and these are the same except for the artistic prints:

  • Contempo Tree, with colorful leaves on a white background
  • Midnight Tree, with bright red on pitch black, and
  • Starry Night, with impressionist swirls on a purple sky.

Compared to more expensive cases the Talon doesn't have the same level of fit and finish. The edges are somewhat rough. The plastic also isn't particularly durable. If you put it on and leave it on, you wont have any issues. If you want to take it off and put it on repeatedly, you might crack it. (Though for $15 you could buy several).

Since the case goes all the way around to the front, you can put your iPhone 4 face down without worrying about scratching your precious screen. It also goes all the way around the dock port so you might have trouble with thicker 3rd party cables like car adapters.

Overall, just like Ally said, the Talon Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4 is a great way to add fun and color to your device for under $15. It's available now from the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store.

TiPb iPhone 3.5-star rated


  • Extremely affordable
  • Beautiful designs
  • Good protection


  • Poor finish on edges
  • Materials aren't durable
  • Difficult to remove

talon_artsy_shell_case_ 008

This case is all about looks and in that category it delivers in spades. However it lacks in the durability department. Then again, don't they say it is better to look good than feel good?

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Talon Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4 (artistic version) - review


I like these cases, how the front snaps on to the back. Might have to get one sometime, I've wanted one ever since I was confused by how you got the case off my friend's Droid Incredible. He then showed me and I was like woah! that's pretty awesome. I immediately wondered if there were any for the iPhone. Nice.

The tree case could allow me to pretend I have a white iPhone 4 ;) I had a Starry Night sticker/skin-really like that look, too.

Great video Georgia, as always! I just thought of a way to test iPhone / iPad screen protectors. Sprinkle a little bird seed on the screen and put it in your bird's cage. See if the screen protector can withstand birdie's pecks. (Well OK, maybe that's not such a tough test...)

Georgia...smile for once in these videos...you look like you're mad all the time!

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