How to enable iOS 4.1 HDR photography on iPhone 3G and 3GS [Jailbreak]

HDR photography for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G wasn't something Apple provided under iOS 4.1, but that doesn't mean 3GS and 3G users have to be left out of the fun (if you're jailbroken that is).  Redmond Pie has a great guide up showing how to enable the HDR camera option provided you've jailbroken them under iOS 4.1 and aren't adverse to SSHing and editing some files.  The process really isn't that difficult, but as always, if you're not comfortable altering files on your iPhone, we don't recommend it.  So hit up the source link for a detailed walk-through.  And if you're not sure if it's worth it yet, read our take on HDR photography on the iPhone 4 or our full iOS 4.1 guide.

[via RedmondPie, Thanks to Geo Coldz for sending this in!]

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Reader comments

How to enable iOS 4.1 HDR photography on iPhone 3G and 3GS [Jailbreak]


The article title is very misleading, it clearly states within this post though " Redmond Pie has a great guide up showing how to enable the HDR camera option in OLDER FIRMWARE VERSIONS via SSHing and editing some files." this is NOT for 4.1 iOS.

I am not quite sure how you guys think the title is misleading, it isn't. It says jailbreak required, which should basically mean "yes an older firmware" - a jailbreak is not out yet. as vusum stated, i put IN the article it applies to older firmware versions.

I tried it on my iPhone 3GS, FW 4.1 JB, but it doesn’t work.
I edited the N88AP.plist, respring, reboot, but no HDR button.

@kriangg: I assume you mean FW 3.1. If indeed you have jailbroken 4.1 on your 3GS, mind sharing the process with the rest of the world? We eagerly await.

@Allyson: It is misleading because iOS 4.1 is known to only allow HDR for iPhone 4, the way the title is worded makes it sound like iOS 4.1 jailbreak will allow 3GS and 3G HDR photos. It should be worded like "How to enable iOS 4.1-like HDR photography on iOS 4 3GS/3G devices"

An unofficial 4.1 JB for the 3GS with old bootrom has been out for a while. Search for it.

@Sebastien: It's only easier if you've jailbroken 4.1 :p
Re: titles -- It's never easy, we try to strike a middle ground between concise and clear and depending what people's preconception is, they'll either get it or fall too far on one side or another.
We're not perfect. Blogs aren't perfect. We love our readers.
-- Sent from my press conference.

We try and make sure legitimate links don't get deleted but it happens from time to time. When I clicked on the link, my computer blocked it and brought up the typical harmful content box. I deleted as I figured it was spam. I'm also on my work computer, which sometimes blocks things it shouldn't. Didn't mean to delete a legitimate link.

EVERYONE it flat out says "enable 4.1 HDR photography..." HDR photography is only on 4.1 so how else would the title of this article be named? haha so much ungratefuls. Thanks for sharing this Allyson :)

The more I read this blog the worst it gets... the editors are all a bunch of fanboys and now they use misleading titles to lure more users into reading the article hoping to find more info on a jailbreak for 4.1

Alright, suggest a better title thats not ridiculously long and I'll change it? Happy??
Also care to explain how a title wording makes me a "fangirl"? Im extremely interested in hearing that reasoning. In my experience people only seem to throw that term around when they have no valid argument

The title isn't misleading but the content of the post is. Within the post it says
"Redmond Pie has a great guide up showing how to enable the HDR camera option in older firmware versions via SSHing and editing some files."
But the Redmond Pie article linked to in this post states that this only works on jailbroken 3G and 3GS with 4.1, not older versions. If you try it with a none 4.1 iPhone, the info that you enter into the plist file just gets removed.

@Steve thank u for explaining that in a civilized manner I can't edit from my phone but I'll shoot rene and email or update it when I get home. I misread the Redmond pie blog. Sorry about that.

@Allyson, no problem. I thought I was doing something wrong as it kept failing, until I reread the Redmond Pie article, I also missed the part about it being 4.1 only the first time I read it.

Now that 4.1 JB is out is there a discovered way to enable the HDR on the 3GS new bootrom? I tried the plist modification and it didn't do a thing.