App Store ratings M.I.A.?

It appears for some strange reason that the App Store ratings seem to be missing as of this morning. On the featured page all of the ratings are gone and show each app has no ratings. Once you click on the app the rating seems to be back but for some reason on the main page the rating is no where to be found.

Also when I was trying to update a few apps this morning it the download began to hang taking much longer than usual. I also had two Game Center requests which took ages to accept and register on the server. Maybe something strange is going on with Apple servers this morning and hopefully these strange issues go away quickly.

What do you think is causing these anomalies?

[ Thanks to TiPb reader Edwin for sending this in! ]

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App Store ratings M.I.A.?


Go to the Top Grossing apps, it seems to have all the ratings from the US store or something. Maybe they're consolidating ratings from all the international storefronts?

This started happening to me a few days ago. I recently jailbroke my iphone 4 and I thought it was a problem associated with the jb. Big sigh of relief.

I check my app's ratings frequently, and yesterday the ratings were wonky. Sometimes no ratings would show up, sometimes only the full history ratings without it broken down for the latest update's ratings, and sometimes it worked correctly. My guess is that Apple must have introduced new code somewhere that created the bug.

@JJ I hate when that happens. After a JB I noticed bugs before and thought the JB broke something only to find out it was Apples fault haha. I've never broken anything with a JB.

The App Store ratings are useless anyway. It's mostly illiterate 12 year olds who one star an app because it needs some nebulous "update" or something.

Firesign - so true. It's also a lot of competitors trying to trash the competition's ratings. I see a flurry of negative ratings every time a new app is released that competes with mine. And the way Apple asks users who delete an app if they want to rate it is like a movie reviewer only asking people who leave a movie early how they liked it. Apple doesn't let app developers put in-app ratings (always have to reroute to the App store) but somehow they're able to let users who are deleting an app to rate the app without rerouting to their store.
It's stacked and not in the favor of the developers who really try to respond to user's issues with an app.

The ratings system is super flawed there are apps that say the average is 3 stars but when u read reviews theres on 1 star if that but it still says 3 stars i believe so people will keep buyin crap apps i know everyone has seen this

Clearly it's because of the year change the system bugged out just like the Alarms on the iOS devices. :P
I was under the impression that the only reviews that show up are the ones that have something written. If you don't write a review but still give a rating then it doesn't list you. So that means that while all the reviewers could have only given 1 star, other people that only rated the app gave it more than 3 stars and didn't write a review.

I just noticed this today. This bug doesn't bother me as much as the one that doesnt allow me to five feedback from my iPhone. I get a message that states rate this purple app or something along those lines. WTF

I'm wondering if this is part of a larger changeover to the new data center in North Carolina? If so, it might be some data migration issues, particularly related to database linkages. Just a thought.