Samsung announce 10.1-inch 2560 x 1600 resolution display, paving the way for a Retina Display iPad 3?

Samsung has just announced that it will be demonstrating a new display panel for touch screen devices at the SID Display Week 2011 next week in Los Angeles. The display will have a huge resolution of 2560 x 1600 @ 300dpi and will be a 10.1-inch panel.

What is interesting to us is that the display may pave the way for the highly demanded Retina Display in the next version of the iPad. One of the reasons it failed to materialize in the iPad 2 was put down to power consumption. The new Samsung display uses a technology known as PenTile which is said to draw 40% less power consumption. PenTile has been developed by Samsung's partner Nouvoyance.

Because tablets are regularly used for viewing rich-colored images, the 10.1-inch 300 dpi display is ideal for applications that require extraordinary image and text clarity such as browsing the web and viewing high-definition movies, or reading books and spreadsheets. “In order to develop tablets with the form and function that consumers demand, a design engineer ultimately has to determine how to get the highest resolution display possible, while still fitting within the overall power budget for their design,” said Joel Pollack, executive vice president of Nouvoyance, Samsung’s affiliate company that developed the PenTile RGBW technology.

Before we get too excited, Apple and Samsung have a little bit of work to do prior to this display appearing on the next gen iPad. The current iPad 2 has a 9.7-inch screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio at a resolution of 1024 x 768. If this was doubled to make it a Retina Display, it would be slightly less than this Samsung panel at 2048 x 1536. The Samsung panel also has an aspect ratio of 16:10 which Apple do not acknowledge as being the best for a tablet device. There is also the small matter of an ongoing legal case between Apple and Samsung to sort out.

The good news is that Retina Display type panels are starting to appear now and become a real possibility for future devices. How many of our readers would want a Retina Display on their next iPad? Let us know in the comments!



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Reader comments

Samsung announce 10.1-inch 2560 x 1600 resolution display, paving the way for a Retina Display iPad 3?


That is the exact reason why I held out on buying an iPad 2. Each time I looked at my iPhone and then the iPad I felt I would only hate myself if I bought one without retina display.

They better make Penistile much better than it currently is. Pentile matrix is the WORST. I'm pretty sure the new Pentile is better than the old. But if you need any more convincing that Pentile Matrix is awful just take a look at a Droid Incredible. Screen is bloody terrible.

I foresee Samsung hoarding all of these screens for their next tablet after this lawsuit as a bit of "payback."

No way. Samsung is not going to turn down selling 50-100 million units just to make a statement. They are separate issues.

Yes they will. Not to make a statement, but to make money. Instead of counting on scraps from Apple, they will make their own tablets and take whole cake.

No, they won't. Samaung knows that that any introductory tablet that they release isn't going to sell anywhere near as much as the iPad. If anything, they will supply the iPad and also create their own tablet.

Thats based on your opinion. If we go by a case of brand and how well the Galaxy moniker has hit (3 million preorders for Galaxy S 2 I believe), the new and improved Tab could sell quite well. It doesn't have to sell like the iPad to be successful, so stop comparing it to that. Great case in point is HTC. No one phone sells like the iPhone, yet their profit is continually going up to a time of 110+%.
So its very plausible that Samsung could withhold supply from Apple in order to slow production for them and raise it for themselves. Its all business.

I didn't say they won't supply, but instead of the current "give Apple everything" method, they'll give them what they don't need.

I would really lie to see a retina display on the ipad 3. I would also see Samsung putting this panel in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 version 2, god what a horrible name that would be for a consumer product.

Trust and believe, this is a pre-emotive strategy by Samsung to spite Apple (yes, the same Apple that bought over $5B in components last year). But they know that's all coming to an end and aren't satisfied with copying current gen Apple devices anymore, now they are copying future gen, unreleased products before Apple can even announce them (because Apple won't announce them because they are so secretive). So the irony is Apple will appear to have actually copied from Samsung once Sammy's 10.1 inch ultra thin tablet gets this display. The good thing for Apple is 1) it's the software stupid! , 2) Apple's marketing is second to none (well maybe a tie with those Old Spice commercials lol), 3) the iOS and OS X ecosystem (specifically iTunes and the AppStore) has us all extremely satisfied and 5) the Apple Store experience simply can't be touched. So combine all these factors and iPad 3 will be safe, albeit a few bloggers taking the bait and claiming Apple copied it's display from Samsung. But Samsung are some ungrateful b1otches!!! Lol

Calm down with the fanboy diatribe. I don't know if you realize this, but Apple did not "develop" the retina display, simply because Apple is not a screen tech company. Apple did not disclose the maker, but it's probably LG or Toshiba. Btw, Toshiba has been making 300+ dpi screens since 2007.
When Samsung comes out with some new screen tech, they are not trying to "spite Apple", please realize that you might call the iPhone 4 "Samsung iPhone 4" since they make almost all components there, instead they are simply trying to compete with other screen tech companies, namely LG, Toshiba, Panasonic etc. and probably eyeing Apple products.
When Apple comes out with iPad3, they will have just one more option to get their screen from. The world is not out to get Apple.

No one implied Apple developed the 300+ dpi display, but they did create that brand name and they did bring it to market and no one else has matched it's specs (still to this day). And you have been living under a rock of naivety if you believe Samsung is merely keeping up with it's competitors with regards to this display. Do some research on their current legal spat and you'll enlighten yourself to what's going on buddy.

Your whole argument makes no sense. Frank said it right, noone can copy Apple's "screen" because they didn't invent it. Sure the marketing and name can be, but not the screen tech itself. Samsung, LG, Toshiba, etc compete with each other for screen bragging rights and vie for companies money.
So no, if Samsung ours their improved screen in their tablet first, they are not "copying" Apple. Its dummy how these diehard fans can distort time to suggest someone is copying Apple even when they CREATED the tech in question on top of putting it out first. Does it mean the Tab will be better than iPad? Thats up to each individual using it. You'll never like anything not Apple made so your answer is no. Fair enough.
P.S. Samsung, in the long run, is most definitely not seeing Apple as their main competition compared to companies like Sony and Intel. Their bread and butter is semiconductors. Seeing as Apple uses Samsung for that, Apple is not even on Sansungs main radar. Only their mobile division.

Once again, no one said anyone is copying Apple's screen. It's simply not what I stated. Your entire response is based off incorrectly interpreting what I said. And yes, chips are Samsungs bread and butter. But end user mobile products are on fire right now so of course Samsung is attempting to quicky grab some of that market share. And their products are good, but they aren't original. At least their popular Galaxy line. They are copying what Apple is doing. Bottom line. If that doesnt make sense to you then I think there are other, more helpful, elementary-level material you need to be spending your time reading my friend because this is as simple as it gets.

I take that back. Even in the mobile division, Apple isn't as big a threat as people want to believe. Smartphone is a small sector still, Samsung gets booku money off feature phones. So their mobile division as a whole isn't even worried.

With all due respect, but I think you have not been following tech news for long. Apple is being sued by everybody, and its contersuing everybody. Tech has always been like this, the Samsung x Apple feud means as much as HTC x Apple, Microsoft x HTC, LG x Samsung, Intel x NVidia and all other lawsuits we see every day.
Samsung and Apple are much more like parners than competitors, they depend on each other. I don't think I'm the one being naive by believing that their current legal status is just business as usual.

I actually have been but those other lawsuits aren't what this article is about. With this particular one, when it come to icons, marketing materials and even retail packaging there's a striking pattern of similarity and it's up to the courts to decide if Apple's IP has been ripped off (and conversely if Samsungs patents have been infringed on).

I thought the main reasons for the iPad not getting something like this would be more like costs and inability to mass produce with high yields.
I don't see why Pentile would reduce the overall power consumption of the screen as the biggest part of that is the backlight.
I imagine it would be another 2 years before we see this screen in an iPad

The power of the backlight is constant, it only varies by the physical dimensions of the screen, not the resolution or DPI. The reason a higher resolution screen sucks more power is because you have to drive more pixels, both in supplying current to the pixels and in extra processing for the higher DPI image.

iPad screen is great because of how far you hold it from your face, but man. Retina would be like dropping a nuke on the tablet world, because that is truly my only gripe with the iPad 2. And for all the people thats going to wait and wait to buy an iPad, your never going to buy anything, because tech is always evolving. So just jump on board now, and enjoy

The photo and video quality of the iPad2 is great. It would be nice to have the better resolution for the text quality. The iPad2 is more like a desktop monitors text quality whereas the iPhone4 has better text quality.
But I don't think I would upgrade from my iPad2 just for the higher quality of the display. That extra display resolution would require more processor power to operate and I would not want to sacrifice any speed for that option. The iPad2 is great on both speed and screen quality.

The text would look better on the iPad if they just implemented sub-sampling. I don't know if there is a hardware issue with implementing that on current iPads or if Apple simply haven't got around to it yet.

I'm on board. That is why I wouldn't buy an iPad 2. That screen resolution is REALLY lacking anything impressionable. Waiting for retina display is a good decision.

We'll see what comes of this, who's first out of the gate with it and who brings it at the best value. However, until them I'm going for the ASUS Transformers' 1280 x 800 resolution.

Based on all the other message boards this is headed for android devices as it is not using IPS which apple pushes for. As well as other rumors. Interstingly its 10.1 inches the size of there 10.1 android tablet.

Why such a high demand for such a large resolution screen?
My main system has an I7 quad core with a 6970 AMD gfx card. A fairly beefy system, it gets reasonable frame rates on my dell 3007WFP (2560 X 1600) monitor. But imagine mobile hardware trying to push these resolutions for websites or for games.. it would just scream.
I have an Ipad 2 and the resolution seems perfectly fine for such a small device. Websites look crisp games look top notch as long as antialiasing is used i see no need for "retina displays". Since all its going to do is result in higher consumption, lower framerates in games and the potential for more lag.
Id much rather have a similar resolution screen with OLED tech of some description, which would result in much higher motion clarity much nicer colours and perfect black levels. Its like pixel pushing in cameras, once we got to about 5 mega pixels everything beyond that was barely any use.. Better sensors and things under the hood were the important bits.

I mean the screen on my galaxy S2 is the most wonderful screen i have ever seen. OLED // AMOLED technology is wonderful, screw LCDs the sooner they die the better.

It will be great regardless of the device/name given to it but I doubt the iPad will see it. Apple is probably looking to replace Samsung and/or Samsung looking to compete with higher quality products than Apple [which means they cut off their supply to Apple].
It will be interesting how it all plays out.

If they release a Retna iPad this summer I'll buy one. I didn't know I had any reason to buy an iPad until recently ... But I think I'll wait for Retna first.

Double the resolution on the iPad 3 will still be subpar at only 264ppi. As a comparison, iPhone 4 has 320ppi. We need a resolution of at least 300.