Poll: Will you be buying an unlocked US iPhone 4?

Now that Apple is finally selling the unlocked iPhone 4 in the US, will you be buying one? If so, is it the lack of a contract, the easy SIM-swapping when traveling, or some other reason that makes it compelling? (Like scalping them overseas, maybe? You can tell me!) Or with iPhone 5 just around the corner, is there no way you're dropping $650-$750 on a 12 month old iPhone 4 at this point? Are you undecided, or decidedly no?

Both Rene and I bought unlocked iPhone 4s when they were first released in Canada, and while it was nice not to have to sign or renew a contract, the lack of subsidy made it really expensive. If I had to do it over again, I might just take the subsidy and save myself some cash.

Vote in the poll up top and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Poll: Will you be buying an unlocked US iPhone 4?


Yeah, you pay 650 and sell it before the next one comes out, we could easily get 450 on ebay for it, i end up paying 200 a year for the new phone, no contracts and ETF...

Ok. I got an unlocked 3GS from OZ and use it in the P.I. Prepaid is very affoardable here. We have 6 different networks to choose from and SUN CELLULR offers the lowest prices. How much faster will the iphone 5th Gen be? I'd get one if I had to replace this one most rikitik

The only reasons to have an unlocked phone in the USA:
1. Different carrier OTHER THAN ATT!
- It's a mute point now that ATT bought out TMo >:(
2. Don't want ATT's crappy service or lousy technology!
3. Be able to travel international and swap SIMs to save on phone calls!
- mute point when Apple created the micro-sim card for the iPhone 4 and probably will use same micro-sim cards for future iPhone versions! This is makes it VERY difficult in switching SIM card to micro-sim card since not many carriers outside USA actually use micro-sim cards!

I don't see the point other than for people who travel out of the country a lot. If I bought it off contract, I'd be using it on AT&T anyway. And.. the subsidized price plus the early termination fee is still less than the unlocked price.
Are their any regional GSM carriers?

Why get it for $649 anyway when you can purchase an iPhone from AT&T for $599 (correct me if I'm wrong) in case you lose yours or drop in water or something like that.
Another thing is the micro SIM. All the pre-paid SIM cards you see in stores and those from carriers that do not carry the iPhone don't have micro SIM's, do they? This sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

I bought an unsubsidized, contract-free, AT&T-locked iPhone from Apple last year. Isn't it safe to assume that Apple or AT&T would/should unlock my phone now that factory unlock iPhones are available?

ATT REFUSES to provide the unlock code to iPhone even AFTER people fulfill their 2 year commitment!
That's why ATT is HATED in the USA!

I paid £599 for my unlocked iPhone 4 from apple store in uk last year.
Ive had to change cell networks three times now.
Orange, O2 and now I'm on prepaid with 3Three they are the only network over here with true Unlimted Internet, 3000 text and 300 min for £15 a month.
I use about 7-8 gb a month.
I will never buy a phone on contract.
I like to move cell networks if there's a better deal to be had

If your going to get one you should have got it last year as new phone is coming soon don't wast your money on a 4 now it's a bit late in the year
Sent from iPhone 4

What about existing iPhone 4 owners? Can they provide an unlock code for them??? Thats what I want!

Hi , as a developer, I offer you the ability to have full access to every 5.0 betas in exclusivity, which was announced a few days ago.
The beta is only available for developers for now, this is where I CAN help you. If you are interested please send me an email living me your UDID so that I can register it on my iOS developer account so that it can have the iOS5 install on it.
The price for this is 4.00€ to have access to every 5.0 bêtas .
Thank you to all of you and have a Nice day !

I would be more interested in getting my current iPhone 4 unlocked than shelling out that kind of dough. But, for someone who regularly travels to other countries, it might be worth the investment.

After my technically unlocked iPad couldn't use a UK sim, I'm not buying anything unlocked until someone can prove sim switches work without having to reinstall all your apps.

What good is it in buying an Unlocked iPhone 4 when:
1. The data network is meant only for ATT as TMo's 3G is on a different frequently and will NOT work!
2. It's FREAKING expensive when compared to other Unlocked phones (which, BTW, is how phones are GENERALLY SOLD in Europe and in Asia... UNLOCKED)!
3. iPhone 5 is due out in a couple of months so why buy full price now? Wait until v5 is out and buy v4 when the price drops!!
D@MN ATT for NOT giving users the Unlock code even after people fulfill their 2 year agreement!!