Round Robin: TiPb vs. BlackBerry Bold Video Preview

[This is an official Smartphone Experts Round Robin post! Every day you reply here, you're automatically entered for a chance to win an iPhone 3G, Case-Mate Naked Case, and Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset! Full contest rules here!]

Cursed I tell ya. Not "Steve Jobs' isn't keynoting Macworld cursed, (though Dieter clearly blames me for that anyway!) Cursed in that not only did UPS hold CrackBerry Kevin's beloved BlackBerry Bold hostage for nearly a week ("it didn't make it on the plane" -- what, it decided to go bar hoping first?!), not only to BIS take days to start working ("oh, you wanted BlackBerry BIS -- no, I wanted iPhone BIS?!), but then I -- a rabid iPhone enthusiast -- had to endure my first completely non-touch screen device! Cursed!

Did I survive? Could I even use the tic-tactile little BlackBerry beastie? Check the video above to find out, then drop a comment here for your chance to win an iPhone 3G, or post on my comment thread over in the forums and you may just win a BlackBerry Bold! Prize details after the jump...

Every day you comment here, you get one entry to win not only a supra-shiny iPhone 3G, but the Case-Mate Naked Case which allows full touch through access to the iPhone's amazing screen. Smartphone Outlet is also kicking in the revolutionary Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset AND a runner-up prize, $50 coupon good at any SPE store, including the new Smartphone Outlet, where you can find refurb Smartphone Accessories at very (very!) low prices.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Round Robin: TiPb vs. BlackBerry Bold Video Preview


Is that a waffle on your ear? Oh wait. It's just a Blackberry. ;)
Seriously, my wife has a Curve (although she secretly covets my iPhone 3G), and although she was considering the Bold, she decided against it because it was just too big.

That's a nice look at the Bold - I'm looking forward to your final review when you look at the media player when compared to the iPhone.

Great review. I wanted to know if you tried out how word processing worked on the bold and if there was any cut and paste.

Good review also wondering how the copy and paste works on the bold because i had a treo and it was simple with the touchscreen and wondered how would that work with non touchscreen berries thanks ahead of time

I have been looking forward to this review. I love(d) my BlackBerry and have been thinking about going back, but the iPhone just does everything I need it to do.

I suppose the big news is Jobs shunning Macworld and Palm's upcoming announcement, but Rene's video is a fun few minutes... ping! Yeah, trying to hold a conversation with a Blackberry owner is an exercise in frustration as they never seem to pay attention to you... ping!

That has got to be the most entertaining review I've read throughout all of the Round Robin Posts so far. Rene cracks me up! Seriously.
While I am a Crackberry addict, I really enjoyed listening to his take and humor on the Bold. So much so, that I may even look at an iphone as a secondary device.
Yeah, he was that good.

Ok. This guy obviously does not know a thing about blackberry. They have spellcheck, and the iphone does not render GIF files, as blackberry does -- at least the Curve I am using does.
I could go on, but i'll save it for my I-phone co-worker. We go at it all day lol.

Rene, nice job of inserting humor in what would otherwise be a review of a truly boring and passe product. Ping...gotta go.

From someone coming from an iPhone and just starting to work with the Bold, I thin kit was a good review. Just remember, pressing P will take you to the previous e-mail/message and N will take you to the next, so you don't always have to go into the menu to access options. :-)

The "fake buttons" you refer to are actually the contact points for the new style dock/cradle they came out with.

Good review. Please cut and clean your nails next time though before doing a video review. hehe j/k :)

All you do to copy and paste is go into the options. I dont know how it is on the Storm yet since I will finally be getting it next week. I still don't get it. I've played with the Iphone way before my first Blackberry and still enjoyed RIM's device better. To me the Iphone is an over glorified psp. That being said, I would rather have an Iphone on all trips and to waste time because of the games/app store. Oh well.

Nice review Rene, a few things off for the comments about the spell check and the "fake" buttons, but I'm sure by now you have realized what I'm referring too, from the comments here and just usage of the device. Can't wait to hear your final take!

Its amazing how many features you were using on Bold that do not exist on an iphone that were just second nature i.e. Menu button. every app you are in on blackberry has a menu that can do so much. This is the one HUGE thing the iphone is missing. it allows you to forward or reply to a msg from msg view without opening. You can select multiple msgs and mark as read. you can SEARCH you inbox. iphone for email is a complete JOKE.

Just some FYI's.
The "fake" buttons on the bottom of the sides of the Bold are power contacts for a Charging Pod:
When you place the Bold into the Pod, the Clock will display, and the Clock application can also enter "Bedside" mode which can optionally turn off the LED notifier, disable the Radio, and dim the screen.
Also, you can use the Space bar to scroll down in the Browser.
Finally, you can usually tap the first letter of a menu item to get to it quickly, so when you're in the Browser, instead of having to scroll forever to find Options, you hit Menu --> O --> [Enter] to get into the Options.
There's a wealth of shortcuts - including the Shortcut Keys (
and lots more!
Give a yell if you need any tips! Nice review BTW.

It seems that even Rene is having a hard time finding too much fault with the Bold. It's just a very good PDA that does everything well. Probably the most well rounded device in the round robin. I look forward to your final take.

Nice review. My wife and daughter have the iPhone. I have a Curve 8310. I have to say that using both platforms, I find the iPhone to be awesome... at games. But in real day to day life, I'll take my Blackberry any day. I'll be upgrading to a Bold.

i really like the look of that? what carriers have it in the us? my iphone just isn't cutting it for email and texting and i like the looks of the blackbery

Very nice review. It'll help to learn some of the shortcuts, but even that's a little hard with one week. It took me a month or two to just use shortcuts.

Ah, my cheap company wants to pay for a phone plan but not for the phone itself. I'm trying to get away from Windows Mobile, this generation just isn't in the same league as these other devices.

My iphone is nice, but this blackberry looks outstanding! I think I will be switching soon.
(I can't do it. I'm really a bb user. I just felt like being a wisea**, hehehe, sorry)
Nice review, though.


If I comment here can I win an iPhone? Or I guess I'm probably excluded since I'm an editor in the Smartphone Round Robin...hehehe :)
Just wanted to say awesome review!!!

Want tha iphone 3g...heard it was a great device and ive been reading reviews on it....blackberry bold and iphone unstoppable team lol

The size of the Bold actually has never seemed "large" to me... but then again, its about the same size as a Treo.

Im sorry, your just a complete moron. First off your gramar was horrible when talking about not typing good. Second off, you don't like to manage memory on your phone? That's maybe that worst apalogetic defense i've heard for the iphone only being able to run 1 program at once, excluding core programs. Jesus man, get off your high horse. The iphone is technology from 3 years ago. Your amazing OS is a bunch of shortcuts on 1 screen, and the browers is based on webkit. YOu can get webkit browsers for any phone. Ill take skyfire over safari any day.

Nice review...
I got a chance of playing around with both iPhone 3G and Blackberry Bold at Rogers, still can't make up my mind with which one I want to go for.... may be both (I buy Blackberry and then I win the iPhone 3G here.... :) )

the back button! wooooooot! lol multiple ways of spelling, bruce lee training method, HAHAHA

Not only is your comment riddled with bad grammar, but you also misspelled the word grammar (not to mention other words). Perhaps you typed it on that piece-of-sh*t phone of yours. :lol:
Looks like we all know who the "complete moron" is. :)

Good review. I had both the iPhone 3G and the Bold.
Still not sure which I prefer though.

Great Review! Had been on the fence with the two devices but your review has convinced me to fall fruit side. I'll take that iPhone, please!

HA! @Joeh4x...
or maybe it was a poor shot at irony?
Anyway, great review! I'm a Bold user in a relationship with an iPhone dweeb. That goes well beyond frenemies..

I am an iPhone user who came from Blackberries. The menu sytem of blackberries is a good thing and a bad thing. It allows you to customize a lot but there are menus everywhere. And if your looking to customize something specific, it can be hard to figure out which menu to use: within the app? Main settings? Advanced settings? Blackberries are centralized around menus and the menus are all over the place. Not user friendly in my opinion. Don't get me wrong though, I love the Bold, that's why it's frenemy #1

If only there was some way to combine the iPhone and Bold into one superphone. Then I'd be happy.

What a weird year for me...started with an "V" (model before the env), went to ATT for the original Iphone, could not receive a call while downloading on EDGE, went back to Verizon for the Voyager, switched to the rev A speed of the Dare, and lastly bought the Storm. The Bold looks nice , but I favor a touch screen.

IPhones are great if you don't manage a business, so are G-1's, but Blackberry's are still king if you are a business person or just really busy...
Note: People dont buy them for games, whatever you type you can make a million errors- just hit menu and spell check. Duhhhhhhh......I find the spell-check in my Curve to be better than Word...

I was a previous owner of the iPhone (sorry guys), and have converted to a BB lover ever since my change. I have a VZW Curve and I don't know how I ever lived without one before (heheh). I do think I've outgrown it as I look at the Bold and the Storm with drool on both sides of my mouth. Not sure what side of the fence I'll fall on but I'm not going back to an iPhone. Again, sorry folks :)

One of the great benefits of a physical keyboard is shortcuts: R for reply, F for forward, etc. Forget the endless menus!

Nobody mention the bold is HUGE with the smallest sreen of all. It's the tallest and widest phone among all the new phones. But also the smallest screen.
(Sq inches:)
- Fuze 8.06
- G1 10.10
- Treo 10.60
- iPhone 11,20
- Bold 11.66
Bold with the smallest screen is even bigger than the HD with a 3.8" screen
It's a huge tablet to hold in your your hand and put in your face.
It's a good phone but there is no point of comparing to the iPhone. Two different animals.