Official Google+ for iPhone hits the App Store [Update]

Official Google+ for iPhone hits the App Store

Google+ for iPhone, the official app of Google's new social network has just hit the App Store.

Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.


  • Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
  • Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
  • Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.

Google+ is only available for users 13 and older.

Overall the app is clean and crisp, fully in keeping with Google's new interest in design. The login experience, however, which throws you back to the terrible Google web page, burned my eyes. Hopefully they can fix that in an update. Soon.

It's very Facebook for iPhone-like, which is good or bad depending on your stance re: consistency vs. innovation, but it works well and moves smoothly for the most part (I wish that hadn't copied some of the more crashes...). The home screen isn't full yet, with Stream (which apparently isn't iOS 5 friendly), Huddle, Photos, Profile (Lion style circled avatar -- who thought that was a good idea?), and Circles.

No iPad support yet, and strangely it doesn't support iPod touch either.

If you've tried it out, let me know what you think. And if you want to get plussy with me, you can circle me up here:

UPDATE: Google+ has already been updated to version 1.0.1. Is that a record? If you got it before, go re-get it. Again. Here's the explanation: [[Google+

[Free - iTunes link]

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Official Google+ for iPhone hits the App Store [Update]


Yeah right dude! I'm moving from Facebook to Google+ just like I dumped my iPhone for Android. Come on Google, you need a game console so that I can dump my xBox!

this is getting ridiculous. first facebook doesn't put out an ipad app, now google too? what is this?

I'm in California, did a search in the App store and didn't find it, but followed the link they provided in the story and it brought it up just fine! Running like a champ on my iPhone.

also noticed that only certain parts of it work in iOS5 Beta3. but cant complain about that as iOS5 is beta and not for general public so just glad to see some of it works! =)

Just a warning for developer types there it's not iOS5 ready. Viewing a profile will crash it for example. But, then again iOS5 isn't exactly public ready yet either!

I was able to install it. Then when I went to sign in, it told me it was by invitation only right now.

I believe it IS shining. Its sleek and clean. Just like Google advertised when they launched it, it is sharing in an internet enabled world.
Circles is probably the slickest concept on friends I've seen in a social network!

Update has appeared already ...
Better support for blocking unwanted messages in Huddle
Better support for attaching photos to a post
Various bug fixes and performance improvements
iOS5 still crashes on profile views though

If you don't have an invite yet, let me know, i can hook you up. No scam i just know the feeling of not getting the invite and waiting patiently!

Initial thoughts.
1) No crash problems here -- I must be one of the lucky few, or I just do not have many people in my Stream view.
2) Overall positive -- similar experience to the webapp, with a few extra features the webapp cannot provide, as well as a couple of puzzling omissions (resharing, single messages) that perhaps I just have not yet found.
3) Both the webapp and the native app need a quicker way to mute posts, or chatty posts dominate the top of your stream. (A couple of chrome extensions handle the job on the desktop.)
4) Having the webapp and the native app reverse the stream swipe order (webapp Nearby->Circles->Incoming, native app Incoming->Circles->Nearby) is a bad case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, and not acceptable if Google wants its new focus on design to be taken seriously.

Seems like an odd move halfway through the beta cycle to release something that doesn't work with the new. Many people use this time to get their app out for testing while they still have time before the new one drops. Can't really complain because it's testing but it is odd because it's the only app I have that doesn't work (iCab didn't with beta1 and beta2 broke Chase, but everything else works with beta3).