LifeProof case for the iPhone 4S review [giveaway]

LifeProof iPhone Case

While at the most recent Show Stoppers event, I had the opportunity to check out the LifeProof case for iPhone 4S (and iPhone 4). Protection is always key for any of our beloved electronics, and whether you are a mountain biker, a swim lover, or a karate king trying to keep your iPhone protected while doing your favorite event is a struggle -- until you meet LifeProof. The folks at LifeProof have spent a lot of time (over two years) designing this case, and a whole lot of money (over two million dollars) into making sure that their product was the best to hit the market.

Whether in rain, snow, ice, dirt, sand, or any other horrid condition you can think of with your device the folks at LifeProof know that their case can protect your device without you needing to take any additional precautions. So, does the case really hold up to its name? Let's take a look at some video action and check out some more images of the case on the device.

Pretty impressive stuff, huh? Not just everyday would you trust a case enough to just toss it in a tank of water, or drop it from six feet onto the ground without cringing in fear of what damage was just done to the device. We know, you understand that it can keep the device protected, but you want to know how much bulk it adds to your device, and if it is comfortable in the hand, right? Well, short answer, yes -- and let's take a look at why.

LifeProof Case not on iPhone

Personally I always fear the super protective cases because I know you need to add bulk to protect, and often times companies love to go overboard with the bulk, and it makes holding the device feel unnatural, and it no longer comfortably fits in your hand and pocket, but this case is different, very different. Adding only 1/16 of an inch, or 1.5mm, and adding less than an ounce of weight, to say the case is surprisingly small would be an understatement.

Side buttons of LifeProof Case for iPhone

Featuring a two piece snap together design the case fits very snug over the device, making getting the case on and off a bit of a struggle, but that is their intentions for the waterproof seal that the case offers.  The top piece includes an attached scratch resistant and waterproof screen protector that still allows for complete operation of the touch screen, and with the waterproof seal around the edge of the case you don't have to worry about any dirt or dust getting under there.

Top of LifeProof Case for iPhone

The headphone jack is sealed by a screw in cap that can be removed and they include a headphone extension that screws in for those of us who wish to use their headphones will keeping the device protected. The charging port is covered by a flip down piece that seals very tightly. The cut out will allow chargers to be plugged in to the device without the removal of the case, and LifeProof also offers a dock extender that plugs into the charging port and allows the device to be docked with the case on.

Screw in Headphone Jack

Overall the case does an extremely good job at protecting the device while adding minimal bulk to the slim profile of your iPhone 4S (or iPhone 4). The look of the case is quite plain, but they do offer a few different color selections such as black, white, pink, and purple, and the color covers the complete device, including the front so you can make it appear as though you have a totally different color iPhone than you really do!

Charging Port of iPhone in LifeProof Case


We are giving away our review unit; it was used slightly (don't worry it isn't the one in the test video!) and it is in near perfect condition. Simply leave a comment letting us know what kind of abuse you put your iPhone through that requires LifeProof to protect it.

More: LifeProof

Jared DiPane

Jared is based in the US and writes for, Android Central, and TiPb. When not being a geek on his phone he loves to fish -- especially deep-sea fishing,

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Sseguin81 says:

My little girl loves my gadgets. I want to ensure she gets familiar and learns how they work. Id love for my iPhone to have LifeProof protection while she carries it around.

Maryanne says:

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Mandie English says:

I do love this case! I talk on the phone during showers all the time. I have dropped it a few times and all is well. However, after dropping it on concrete it broke a piece off the charger opening. My advice would be to some how make that stronger... I don't know just a thought. Keep up the good work!

Nathanroys says:

The abuse my phone goes through? One word, the mother.

X5denali says:

My phone is usually carried in my hands to show it off and is odropped when they are full. My 1 year old likes to play with it and put in his mouth and don't let my dog (Boxer) get ahold of it. I need something sturdy and durable.

Kevin says:

I'm a police motorcycle officer and My iPhone definitely goes through a lot! This case would be awesome for me!

rustyjar79 says:

Any reason to get rid of this worn out Otterbox is a good one!

mrrobinson says:

I never abuse my iPhone 4S. Lifeproof = peace of mind. That's what I'm after. :-)

Nathanroys says:

Why would I want Lifeproof Protection? The mother.

Clayman says:

This looks like a fantastic design and worth looking at.

Kreeyus says:

Having three small kids under 6 my iPhone attempts to survive daily life. Having a case like this I could relax much easier when they manage to grab my phone to play that game of angry birds as they wait for our meal. I really like the look of this case versus the alternatives.

Emilee says:

I have this case. It works very well except if you're underwater; you can't click the icons on the screen. Which is the main reason I got this case was to take underwater pictures...oh well, still works good.

Brak says:

You can use the volume up button on the side of the phone to take pictures you don't need to touch the screen :) hope that helps

Lifepr says:

Record and then take snapshots on the iPhone = problem solved

hollidizzle says:

I listen to music in my car a lot with my iPhone on my lap. Too many times I've jumped out of the driver's seat with the phone STILL IN my lap smh lol

Fnord says:

I use my iPhone on stage to control a video screen while my band is playing. Playing in bars is reeeeeally dangerous for a phone, especially one that is part of the show and has to be dropped quickly so I can pick up my drumsticks again... I've had several near-misses with my phone, and have actually shattered my iPad 2 screen once this way.

Matt Pru says:

Need it for snowboarding! Would work great!

Mountaineerfan says:

I am a father of two, and a fifth-grade math and science teacher. Did you read that? 5th grade! I need all the protection I can get! My kids and I love to go geocaching with the phone, and I am very reluctant to let them wander through the woods with my phone. A case like this, I wouldn't have any problem!

iPhoneInsanity says:

I would use it in the snow. Where I live in upstate New York, we have a lot of that and I was never able to use my phone. It also rains a lot and I'm such a heavy texter, I need it in the shower! Maybe I won't video chat in there, but texting would be awesome. I drop my iPhone all the time and this would be perfect, because it doesn't add bulk and it protects the screen too! Most cases, if all, can't do that with such a small design. I'd use this...well, everywhere. This would be something I can't break, since I seem to do that a lot lol. Good luck everyone! :-)

Slawcop95 says:

as a police officer this case would definately protect my beloved Iphone 4s through any condition I might en counter while working. Well almost any condition. I didnt see a bullet proof test.

Mattmorley531 says:

I work at an aquarium and have dropped 3 phones in the water.... I need this case.

bszucs says:

I can give you three reasons I NEED Lifeproof Protection....ages 9, 5, & 3. Enuf said!

Tommy Kid says:

A day after I got the 4S I dropped it on my fireplace. To my horror, it took a small chunk out of the bottom plastic part. Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

abadgti says:

I'm a FedEx express delivery driver and I'm using my phone non stop trying to stay in contact with dispatch and using maps to find a location. I'm also outside during inclement weather and the Lifeproof case would give me the peace of mind that my iPhone 4S is protected.

Mattmorley531 says:

I work at an aquarium and have dropped 3 phones in the water.... I need this case.

Tavid Djokroaminoto says:
  • throw the iphone to your friend 15 feet below and he happened to missed the catch and the phone hits the concrete floor.
  • making calls underwater , listening to music underwater
  • use the iphone while cooking in oily environments
  • fit inside tight jeans when your legs perspire too much that it wet your pants and your phone
Wlctttrue says:

I work in a wear house with moving equipment. I am always bumping into something. Or something is always banging into the phone on my hip holster.

Matmorley531 says:

I work at an aquarium and have dropped 3 phones in the water.... I need this case.

Matmorley531 says:

I work at an aquarium and have dropped 3 phones in the water.... I need this case.

Matmorley531 says:

I work at an aquarium and have dropped 3 phones in the water.... I need this case.

Kerry Kets says:

I am a LT. in a Fire department. I would love to test out the 5th proof of FIRE PROOF if i got this case.

Kerry Kets says:

I am a LT. in a Fire department. I would love to test out the 5th proof of FIRE PROOF if i got this case.

Kerry Kets says:

I am a LT. in a Fire department. I would love to test out the 5th proof of FIRE PROOF if i got this case.

Peter85 says:

An 18 month old baby. Who has gone through my collections of toys and gadgets. Would looove one please.

Racagassi says:

I am super clumsy. A friend handed me his iPhone 4 and it immediately slipped out of my hand onto the sidewalk, causing the screen to scatter. I need Lifeproof to help me from destroying another iPhone.

Magnus says:

I work at UPS! Nuff said!

Scott Bier says:

My daughter is on her 3rd iPhone, and I really don't want to buy her a 4th (just yet).

Craig says:

One iPhone though a washing machine cycle and one in a cat water dish I'd love to win one of these for my wife!

Sunnyr22 says:

I work at my school part time as lifeguard and also love swimming. Obviously I will not take my phone swimming with me but it will be good to know that it is protected from splashes. Also I had an iPhone 4 before 4s and cracked the screen when it fell out of my gym shorts while getting out of the car.Lifeguard looks solid. I really hope I win this. Never won anything.

Eli S. says:

I go rock climbing camping and love to swim but when I go to these trips I need to take those low end Nokia phones and not able to take pictures while on the trip because I care about my phone too much. I've been looking for cases like this but now that I got the 4s.... Cases are too much.

Jimmyabad0 says:

I'm a Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service so my iPhone 4S is subjected to all kinds of inclement weather. I also use it as a GPS if I ever need to find a location. The Life Proof case would be great to keep my protected while I'm at work.

Bobbt says:

A 7 month old ... Need I say more?

Khris Singletary says:

I just got my Iphone4S yesterday and I almost dropped as soon as I walked out the Best Buy store I always seem to drop my phones the very first day I get I need a case badly

I_phonez says:

I have wanted this case since it came out. I want protection but don't wantto sacrifice bulk for it. I am a dad of two under the age of 3 and a youth pastor...needless to say my phone needs some protection. I would be ever so grateful for your case. :)
By the way... You guys ROCK!!! thanks for the giveaways!

Steve says:

Well I suppose it's needless to say but I REALLY need AppleCare+

cyberdon83 says:

I just started my new job with General Motors, and within the first week my 3GS died from having the dust in the factory find its way into the dock connector and shorting out the battery. I went and picked up the iPhone 4S and every case so far tried is a balancing act of protection and thickness. On the far end of protection they are too thick to be practical, and on the other end they are thin enough to be practical, but don't offer the protection from the dust that I'm trying to find. A lifeproof case would be awesome, protecting the phone from metallic dust, splashes of grime and the occasional drop.

Joe A says:

Clumsy so I drop my iPhone a lot. I could really use this as I find the ottorbox too bulky.

brarsandeep#WN says:

This is my first iPhone and first high end phone. I absolutely love it, but get very nervous when I hand it over to my 11 and 4 year old when they want to play games or watch videos on it...especially when my son takes it from me and sprints across the yard to show his buddies, who happen to be fishing in the pond behind out house! I think my heart skipped a beat that day!

Bobbybilly77 says:

I'm a pretty big nerd and just this school year alone, I've been slammed inside a locker, pushed into the pool (twice) and dragged down the hall by my feet. The last time, my iPhone fell out of my pocket and it was kicked across the hall and down the first flight of stairs. I could use the iPhone protection. Do they make one people sized?

mama7 says:

I will pray that stops. I am so sorry.

Structural says:

Using my iPhone 4S in the rain to do site surveys.

Jared Ray Chapman says:

I recently gave my upgrade to my wife so she could get an iPhone 4S. She needed it because of the abuse our FOUR boys under SEVEN give her phone. Our 20 month old is constantly finding phones and tossing them in the toilet. The other boys are always clamoring over it with grubby little hands, shaking and dropping it, while playing games.

Sp1d3rz says:

I use my phone to work out with. with this case it looks like i can take it in the pool when im swimming laps.

Nick says:

I would love one of these. I am a cable guy and my phone goes where I go. Under houses, in attics, on 30 foot ladders and anywhere else that can be dangerous for the phone. I definitely could use the extra protection and this case looks like it will fit the bill

Joe says:

I'm a realtor and I use my iPhone4S to open my lock boxes while showing homes and I'm dropping it a lot because of all the papers I have to along with trying to open the lock box.

Paparatie says:

Great protection, NOS I can give one to my wife!

Carlos A says:

I have had 2 iphone 4 broken. The first i leave it in my pocket and forget to get it out and i washed my cloth by the time i realize that it was in the pocket the phone was dead. The other iphone i was running with the phone on hand, i drop the iphone and both back/front screen crashed because of the cheap cover that i used. Now i got my 4s in excellent condition.

Mark Tortora says:

i ride the nyc subway 6 times a day. lifeproof me

Steve O says:

I have two young boys. My iPhone is constantly in danger of them putting it in a toilet, a sink, being thrown across the room, etc

SupaPatriot says:

I've spent a pretty penny on my precious iPhone purchase. I would love to preserve it with a quality case like the LifeProof case. My life is busy and at some times dangerious it would be great to have this case and be rest assured my iPhone with Siri is safe and sound.

Carlos A says:

I have had 2 iphone 4 broken. The first i leave it in my pocket and forget to get it out and i washed my cloth by the time i realize that it was in the pocket the phone was dead. The other iphone i was running with the phone on hand, i drop the iphone and both back/front screen crashed because of the cheap cover that i used. Now i got my 4s in excellent condition.

Mfox76 says:

Looks awesome! Would be great protection against a third and future drunk dropping your iPhone into a toilet while pulling it out of your pocket to check something while peeing! That is if your that sort of drunken alchy to do something line that twice over the last three years!:-)

Marconix1 says:

I play in an 80's tribute band and it would help keep it safe on stage.

mak93 says:

I'm a student researcher in a metallurgy lab so anything that I take with me ends up with loads of metal particulates in it. I pre-ordered a 4s and have already had to replace the first one because the metal caused a short in the charging port and bricked it. I definitely need a leak-proof case if I want to be able to have my phone anywhere near me in the future.

Lktalbot says:

As a ski guide at in the Wasatch mountains, a great case would be very

yeyo36 says:

Lets just say my iphone literally is by my side all day...its like a third so it has to take some abuse...poor iphone 4!!! Shes really good to me!!!! ;)

Carlos_arg5 says:

I have had 2 iphone 4 broken. The first i leave it in my pocket and forget to get it out and i washed my cloth by the time i realize that it was in the pocket the phone was dead. The other iphone i was running with the phone on hand, i drop the iphone and both back/front screen crashed because of the cheap cover that i used. Now i got my 4s in excellent condition.

Briceburtonimag says:

Tired of the otter box case and the cases that are more about being a fashion assesory. I simply just need solid protection from the everyday use in environments that I find my self in, such as the cliffs that I rock climb on or in my kayak that I paddle in.

Beauxp says:

Definitely on my Christmas list!

Alli Flowers says:

Looks like the old style Otterboxes, before they got generic.

yeyo36 says:

My phone literally is by my side!!! Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!' i need help!!

yeyo36 says:

My phone literally is by my side!!! Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!' i need help!!

jmleib says:

I never used a case on my 3GS because of bulk, but I think I'd use this one on my 4S.

msiengineer says:

I'm a grave digger and I work in all kinds of weather. Jumping out of a tractor constantly, carrying caskets, and going inside mausoleums with tons of dust . I need this.

Tallon says:

Being in the military your phone is always being put in abusive situations that this case might just help reduce... I have been through 2 iphone 4's already cause I put them in my jumper pocket and one was caked with swamp water and the other was full of mud and some other un-identified material...

Rondistar says:

I'm an extreemest who's phone goes everywhere with me. From snowboarding to rafting and I'll tell you, you look pretty funny pulling out a ziplock with your phone in it in those situations. This case would be put to the test with me!

Joshdjoyce says:

Looks better then the OtterBox. I hate fussing with that rubber outer skin..

msiengineer says:

I'm a grave digger and I work in all kinds of weather. Jumping out of a tractor constantly, carrying caskets, and going inside mausoleums with tons of dust . I need this.

Chris Martinson says:

I tend to break everything electronic I touch.

Marc Hurwitz says:

I would love to have the protection of an otterbox without the bulk. Would make this Marine Corps life a little easier...

Marc Hurwitz says:

I would love to have the protection of an otterbox without the bulk. Would make this Marine Corps life a little easier...

Mark Tesch says:

I take a lot of video and need something to take underwater videos as well since I started snorkeling:) this would be awesome for my 4S!

Pablo says:

Currently have the 3GS and the otter box has been rock solid. About to get the 4S and the otterbox for the 4 is not as good. I drop my phone multiple time a day and the kids play with my phone and I don't want to worry about the safety of my phone.

SupaPatriot says:

My life is active and my iPhone is subject to a lot of abuse I would love to have a case as durable as the LifeProof case. The most alluring feature is its ability to protect yet remain slim.

Kevin Millbank says:

i broke 5 iPhones in 2 year. enough said

Kevin Millbank says:

i broke 5 iPhones in 2 year. enough said

Jrbenedetti says:

I want to take this case fishing

John Bennett87 says:

I put my iPhone through the pain and suffering of being a firefighter/paramedic. Rain storms, snow storms, wind, smoke, blood etc. Several drops on the floor, water from various activities and whatever else I get myself in to. Not an easy day for a phone..

Willsrx1 says:

Rescue swimmer with the coast guard, with this case I could have my iPhone 4s with me on my personal training swims.

Acorazza says:

When I run my iPhone flies out of my pocket. Now I use an old iPod instead but it would be nice to have my phone with me. Lifeproof me

gabe_tash says:

I just ate it on a skateboard with my iphone in my hand, luckily I took the damage

gabe_tash says:

I just ate it on a skateboard with my iphone in my hand, luckily I took the damage

gabe_tash says:

I just ate it on a skateboard with my iphone in my hand, luckily I took the damage

Jake2leslie says:

I seem to have a problem putting my phone in the washing machine :(

Jake2leslie says:

I seem to have a problem putting my phone in the washing machine :(

Jake2leslie says:

I seem to have a problem putting my phone in the washing machine :(

Mfox76 says:

Believe it or not, I've lost two iPhones in three years to the toilet:-( late night, some drinking and and multitasking, not a good or iPhone friendly activity for me:-(


Well, well, well, the ever illusive life proof case:) I've tried diligently to get one since they had the one for the iPhone 4! I pre ordered it, was in line, and they sent me a code/ confirmation that my case was finally ready after like 2 months or more, then I lost my code :(, I emailed them on how to retrieve it, they gave me another code, and it didn't work!! They never got back to me after that:( so I was dis pleased but still wanted one, but I was waiting for the i5 phone to come out, which would have been a different look altogether, so I waited. Now I have the iPhone 4s, and wish I HAD ONE!! Ps, I'm a waiter at Red Robin! YUMMMM! And my phone goes threw some abuse to say the least! ;))) thank you!

Faith1st says:

Looks like a great case to have when going scuba diving and taking underwater pictures.

Bondman says:

Love the design: protection without the bulk. I have dropped my iPhone 4 countless times including a quick dip in a filled bathtub! If it was a cat, it has used most of its nine lives. I would love this case for peace of mind.
Thanks for the giveaway, TiPb!

west3man says:

My girl's got more butter fingers than a 7-Eleven.
With no Apple store in-town, we would have to ship her phone a couple hundred miles away for Apple Care Plus repair, the next time she drops it in her orange juice puts it in her purse with the blender, lawnmower, and three WWE wrestlers she must keep in there.
I love her. Please help me keep her happy and connected.

Bacco says:

Hummm, without making myself sound silly...I really need a case like that in the video.

MarineCorpsVet says:

I am in the Marine Corps and I use my phone in the worst conditions possible. I have basically tried every case imaginable for my iPhones and have been looking for something revolutionary to FINALLY hit the market. I keep asking myself when will a case as revolutionary as the iPhone be released for the iPhone! I think I have finally found that case in the Lifeproof brand of cases. This case looks absolutely amazing, I am so tired of the old, bulky and unaesthetic cases that have been on the market for iPhones. I would love to try out this case and see how it hold up against the hot, dry, extreme dessert conditions that I am in every day being stationed in the Mohave desert of 29 Palms, CA.

dayzeedawg says:

As a Surveyor this case would protect my phone while working in swamps, and around creeks.

ojum pmantwenty3 says:

A slim case that protects it from almost anything? Please please please this is life saver for me! I've dropped my 3GS so many times it looks like its been through hell and back. And I've already dropped my 4s four times and not to mention my little siblings love to play it with!

Max Proler says:

As a suicide bomber, I put my iPhone through rigorous daily activities that involve not only shock and dust, but high & low temperatures...
Okay just kidding, but I am part of the anti-terrorist unit in Serbia and operate mostly as a tactical police unit or SAJ CT member- Антитеррористической
I'd love the review unit! I'll likely end up buying one anyway, but as a tipb fan, it'd be cool having your tried and tested one!
Thanks for considering!

Michael Carter says:

This is exactly what I need. I have already gone through 4 iPhone 4's and I am on my 2nd iphone 4S...I dropped my first 4S three days after I got it and shattered the screen. Please pick me!!!

Coleharbur says:

I dropped my 3GS while I was leaning over a ledge to take a picture in downtown KC :(

Paul says:

Live at the beach dropped 3 phones in Atlantic. A tuna called me last week

Hedwig Guerra says:

Whenever I go to a body of water I keep my iPhone in a ziplock bag. This is definitely a worthy upgrade!

CarolynR61 says:

I can always use a change to the case I'm using now - would love a really protective one.

tommyb_23 says:

Im a paramedic and duty always calls. Running EMS in all weather night and day to busting mine to save yours, it would be nice to know that my phone was secure at all times.

Cloudcastles says:

The next time I travel in a boat or go canoeing I will have one thing less to worry about. Even at home I've spilled liquids onto my iPhone before.

Boostz06 says:

I love to swim and listen to music outside in the pool I use my Iphone to control my AVR.

Moses says:

I'm probably the most clumsy person I know so I tend to drop my phone anywhere from 1-2 times a month. I've worked on being more careful and it's helped but I could really use a case like this.

Dustoff-00 says:

Should would be nice to get another case for second iPhone

JPP says:

I am an ICU nurse. This Would make wiping the blood and guts off easily. I really need a case like this!

Samueltlogan says:

My girlfriend just dropped my iPhone 4s...again. I blew my budget on the phone! I will have to break up with her if I dont win this case.

ChrisxJacobsen says:

This seems like the perfect case for my bike commute to work everyday. I hate keeping it in my bag for when I need to answer it or even as simple at changing tracks or albums.
As well as hiking and camping. Living in Seattle can be a pretty wet daily excursion and having s truly waterproof case would be great!!!

Steve Wright says:

I work outside on road construction sites. These can be pretty dusty and/or muddy places. Not good for my beloved iPhone 4s. I'd love to have this case. Please pick me!

stuartog11 says:

As a Firefighter, It seems that I am always dropping my phone getting out of the truck or I have my phone in my pants and it gets wet when my gear is on, Otter Box is good but I need more

Sean says:

I work as a mobile truck tire service man and I constantly drop my phone in puddles and on concrete while working. This case would be a lifesaver.

Lamsog says:

My girlfriend just dropped my 4s... Again. I blew my budget on the phone! I will have to break up with her if I don't win this case

Emil says:

I love kite surfing and I always want to shoot videos of the other people kiting, but I don't trust all these other cases. This one would be perfect for me! PS: I also need it the time I'm not kiting, last January I dropped my iPhone 4, you know what happend!

Mac says:

I woke up this morning and my new 4s was laying on the floor... Thanks for this review... I need one of these

Crystal says:

My friends think its funny to throw/push/shove/pull me into the pool at parties. I'm always target number 1. They also never give me a chance to remove my phone from my pocket. I've lost a 3GS and 4. I would really like to keep my 4S safe. :'(

Sidspappy says:

I take mine everywhere, including the pool. Lifeproof would be a lifesaver!

gimenezjm says:

I definitely need this since my phone tends to do acrobatic stunts often! I've been lucky with my old phone but I got a feeling this one won't share the same fate!

Galandel says:

don't have to worry about everyday use. Weather (rain, puddles, etc)

Pat Tonzola says:

Between mountain biking, rock climbing, working on cars and fabricating machinery I bet I could put that case through the paces :) I wear out an Otterbox outer skin in 8 months normally. I would love to try out that case.

Eric says:

This sounds like the perfect case for my life. As a firefighter, I often have to quickly toss my valuble iPhone into the fire engine while donning my protective equipment. I try to put it somewhere safe but sometimes it falls on the floor and heavy (and wet) equipment lands on it. The Lifeproof case sounds like an ideal solution.

Karen says:

I need this because I'm so clumsy. I dropped my last iPhone and eventually shattered the screen. I've dropped an iPod in the toilet before and will probably do it again.

Brain says:

I'm a sewage treatment worker. My phone comes across some pretty nasty stuff and has to be constantly disinfected.

Anton Frost says:

This is a very protective case. I already have the Otterbox defender and am happy with it, but if I didn't have the Otterbox Defender, I'd definitely go for this case. May end up getting one as a back up case.

John Clawson says:

Being in my pocket all day is abuse enough! Then add in it falling out in the gym, being tossed into bags for motorcycle rides, etc-- I could use a good case!

Rita says:

I like to listen to music, play games or text while soaking in a nice hot bath. I have been lucky so far. I would love to have this waterproof case so no more worries

Gilhern says:

This case is awesome. I've wanted this case for the better part of this last year. Ive had some close class with mi iPhone 4 on biking trails and on outdoor photo shoots. This would make the idea of me damaging my Phone less of an issue.

Sy says:

I mountain bike and constantly drop my phone! I also work in the hospital. never know whats going to happen in the ER!

Frankie WP Ramos says:

I'm a clutz! I'm always dropping my phone and im scared to pull my new iphone out cuz i know i'm gonna drop it and destroy it! So please let me have the case!!

Ouro says:

I would like to have it for work. Because as a biologist preparing for a future field work for months in bad weather this case would be just perfect.

Steven Motie says:

i dropped my iphone on pavement a couple times having cases that wouldn't even slightly protect it, and i have gotten a shiny new 4s now i dont want the same to happen.

Justin Meltzer says:

I'm a firefighter. I sometimes forget to leave my phone at the firehouse and I have it on me when going into rough situations. This is something I could really use!

Joeyg555 says:

3rd iPhone 4s since release date, had all generation iPhones and went thru numerous amounts of them. I work as a machine operator for a rail road company, so basically I've experienced dropping it on the actual rail, getting ran over by my machine/train/work truck/other machines and being stepped on by coworkers with steel toe boots lol. So please send me a tough case, by the way I had it in an otter box case for some of the incidents. Thanks

Hongrime says:

i have a toddler. need i say more?

Cmbayne2003 says:

I have an iPhone 3GS that has been chewed on by my son, thrown from a buggy, and has even been given to our dog as a toy. This would be perfect for the iPhone 4S I'm currently waiting to receive.

Stevenbaldwin2 says:

Working on a building site, drinking in my local pub, then returning home to the wife drunk, normally ensures my phone experiences -- dust, water, sand, paint , cement then a good knock about in pub, followed by wife throwing my phone at me when I stumble in drunk - only concern is: is the case tough enough? Let me try and feedback ..

Colin W. says:

I'm in high school. 'Nuff said.

Chelle says:

I have 9 kids and six of those are under 10 years old! They throw, they suck, they grab, toss, smash, poke, and verbally abuse my iPhone! I have it insured, but this case would be great if I had the cash. I like paying for quality, but probably can't afford it right now. Thanks for the review!

Jseely says:

the wife on a bad week

bctrott says:

i enjoy playing football w/ my iphone. it could use a little protection.

Roustermiller says:

Wow this looks realling good hope I win this for my IPhone

chris canty says:

I am a industrial supplies sales rep and I am constantly in, well lets just say, "interesting situations". From sewers, landfills, to active construction site, to just plain everyday life - my phone and my cases take a beating. I am always looking for something new and fun!
Thanks for the opportunity TiPB- Good luck everyone!

USNRRN says:

Actually it's not me it is my husband. I cannot tell you how many times he had dropped shown is 3GS. To the point where he had shattered cases and cannot take or receive calls without using the speaker phone now. We upgraded to the new 4s and I fear the same fate with it. He needs this more than anyone I know.

Samphotog16 says:

Man I've wanted one of these cases since they came out I just can't make myself pay that much but I drop my phone at an unfortunately regular interval. It's not so much me I worry about it's when I leet friends use it to play games all the time so I got the EXTREMELY bulky Griffin Survivor case and so far it does it's job but it's torn 2 times now and like I said it's huge! Having a waterproof case on top of the shock protection would be awesome I always worry something's gonna spill on it or it'll get dropped in the lake.

Adi Jaya says:

Life abuse, of course, like spilled coffee, or mega-cola. Hopefully not including dunking(s) in toilets :-!

Chris Ha says:

I am a bartender and while taking pictures of customers or checking text messages, liquids and other random things manage to find its way to my phone. Would be awesome to get this case!

Jonathan Bowers says:

Would love me one of these things. I SUP, swim, bike, surf, snowboard, snowshoe, ski, and obviously need to stay connected while doing these activities.

Roy Benjamin says:

I'd love to get the unit! Using cling foil at the moment (heavy rain when cycling to school etc) with my 3GS to keep it safe from water.... Holland here though...

Boy2roudy says:

I actually have a case and love it, I don't worry about being at pool parties anymore. I tweeted@GeorgiaTipb about the case a while back. I'm surprised it took you guys this long to review this awesome case, my brother needs one but the way ;-)

Boy2roudy says:

Yeah no need for insurance now

JustAKaveMan says:

I love my iPhone so much, i usually don't participate in most of the stupid things my friends do because im afraid something would happen to my iphone 4, I have no protection on it which makes things worse so you can tell how afraid I am of even going outside for a walk.

Missyp3 says:

This would be a great case! I have a 4 year old niece who puts my phone through the ringer.

vayda says:

Canoeing with boy scouts!

Jeff van Luijk says:

I like going swimming and surfin and this might be THE case for my iPhone 4... really cool to shock someone taking a factime call underwater;)

csidd says:

Already on my second 4S. First one took a swim three days after i got it. Sure could have used this case.

Monkikix says:

Haha. One of these would be great for my daughter. She had been using the original 2G iPhone and accidentally (she's 13) dropped it in the toilet about a month ago. It still mostly works but I've upgraded to the 4S and gave her my old 4. I'd imagine one of these should stand up to a teenager... cue dramatic music :)

Nyczwunr says:

Hello Tipb! After reading the article and watching the demo, I feel like this case is meant for me. I work as an auto mechanic and I always manage to leave my iPhone 4 on a wheel alignment lift, at times I also leave it in my toolbox. Another thing is that my kids are always playing games and watching videos on my iPhone, so you already can picture the type of punishment my iPhone withstands with my kids. I would love to take pictures under water of my kids :). If you guys don't mind letting me get that case off your hands feel free to give me an email. Thanks for your time Tipb!

Wiltron says:

Bar security - my phone gets splashed with liquor/liquids, gets impacted whenever I may or may not be getting into fights, or detaining/kicking someone out of the bar, general bumps and what not trying to manouver through crowds of people.. the list goes on.. Using Otterbox Defender series is too bulky, running with a commuter case right now which while slim, offers minimal protection in my line of work..

Cassandra Berkenbile says:

I am definitely looking for a case that can protect my phone without adding bulk. I purchased an Otterbox when i bought the iPhone 4, but ended up notnusing it after a few weeks because of the bulk. Then, at my niece's birthday party, a baby fell in the pool and i quickly jumped in to pull her out. The baby was fine once she was out, if a little freaked out, and the party continued inside. As a looked down at my soaked jeans, I noticed the rectangle bulge in my pocket - my iPhone was ruined.
I need a case that can stand up to life - the unplanned emergencies and last minute pool jumps.

El Reye Suavé says:

I'm keeping my stories short so here we go. I had left my phone on the lap and got out of the car boom onto the concrete it went luckily did not shatter the screen just some minor cracks (typical story). 3 years ago in the summer time i was cleaning my pool with that stick with the netting catcher at the end, and i accidentally hit my phone off my holster and off my waist and into the pool it went (unlucky story). I could really use a case like this especially with my bad luck -_-.

Carroll2001 says:

I'm on my third iPhone 4 -- no I'm not clumsy, I work outside in the nE US and constantly get rained on. My biggest problem is humidity, which normally creeps in through the headphone jack (my current case has no protection here so I'm forced to keep my iP4 in a waterproof, clear plastic, professional "zip-loc" style case. I'd love to take the "LifeProof" through it's paces, with it's "screwed on" headphone jack cover!

Mac says:

Wow......this case is perfect for outdoor use when bicycling and hiking....

Matt says:

Yeah, I'm just clumsy. I've been through three iPhones a year since the first release due to drops, drownings, and other bizarre mishaps. Pick me!

Crossman04 says:

This would be great for me to protect my phone when I take it with me rock climbing! Now I wouldnt have to worry about that random rain storm and my electronics that are on me...I will only have to protect myself!

Dan Parks says:

VERY IMPRESSED!!! When and where can I order one?

Gddoering says:

As an avid bicyclist I always put my phone in a zip lock but this case would protect from so much more. Just last week I went over the handlebars on my bike and it could have really destroyed my phone. Wish I had a case like this.

Jeff says:

Im a firefighter. Water, dust, etc! This case looks perfect

Thorasgar says:

I am a swim instructor at the Y. Gets stopes on deck frequently and a few times almost took a swim.

Nficek says:

I have seven kids. Need I say more about the abuse of my iPhone. Seriously I have seven kids.

Jvw997 says:

i do lots of mountain biking. i already smashed the screen of one iphone when i crashed.

Amit Margalit says:

a good replacement to my defender...hate the way it sticks to my jeans pocket and of course its bulk
Please pick meeeee!

Amit Margalit says:

a good replacement to my defender...hate the way it sticks to my jeans pocket and of course its bulk
Please pick meeeee!

FiddyCent says:

Sometimes when I take a dump, I'm clumsy and drop my phone in water.

FiddyCent says:

Sometimes when I take a dump, I'm clumsy and drop my phone in water.

Mike says:

To help protect my new iphone? Awesome!!

JJcas15 says:

My 2 kids are always on my phone, definitely could use this from the wear and tear these two create....

Alakija Og says:

My girlfriend likes throwing stuff around when we fight.... lol. I need this bad

Jbbarrette says:

Mountain biking, dirt biking and running have all taken their toll on my old phones. This would be great to have!

EdwardS says:

Seeing as how this will be my first IPHONE coming over from a blackberry, I'm deathly afraid I'm going to crack it's screen. I dropped my blackberry more times that I can count and he made it through that storm ! I don't know if Siri Will be able to make it thru the hurricane that awaits her ! :-(

Clint Rogers says:

This will be awesome for those motorcycle trips with unpredictable weather!

Eli Shalom says:

I love going on Hiking and outdoor fun and remember the moments I spent, but instead I take out the old Nokia because I'm too scared for my iPhone and this limits me from taking pictures using the hiking map etc... It sucks because I bought the iPhone 4s for many reasons especially for help in the out doors and its too scary to take it out. This would be an amazing case to have! Would help out A LOT!!!

Chris Spriggs says:

My iphone 4s doesnt fit in my old otterbox:/ this would be awesome!

IamHahn says:

would love to have the lifeproof case for kayaking/swimming with my wife and daugters. I've always wanted to capture these memories and this case would be perfect!

Mkeyz says:

I have two kids 6, 9 y/o and both like to use to use my iPhone 4 to play with apps , I had purchase bumpers and cases but this one i think exceed all of them I need it. ;)

Joey N Christy says:

I second slawcop95. But this case looks like it will take some abuse with out turning the phone. To a brick

EpicInUtah says:

So I am a Deputy Sheriff in Utah. My phones are put to extreme abuse day in and day out. I need to be able to use my phone in all environments including while it is raining or snowing and in sub zero temperatures without worrying about it failing or breaking. I also need something that will withstand a drop out of my patrol truck, knocked out of my hands, or a crash to the ground while in my pocket while wresting w/ a suspect. I have counted on the Otterbox Defender in the past which has done a decent job, but I am really looking for something with a slimmer profile. This sounds like the ideal case for me!!

Ronald Mendoza says:

The LifeProof case looks perfect for fun in the sun in Hawaii!

Savea Dollardad says:

this case is crap, i suggest the otterbox. Just my opinion after being a user of both

88velez says:

Perfect hiking case can still take pics and protect at the same time!

Zachary Abresch says:

I saw an initial demo of these cases when they first came out. I'm currently using an Otterbox Commuter but the water proofing is something I'm really interested. I walk or ride a bike everywhere so shock and weather proofing is becoming increasingly important when it comes to protecting my iPhone 4.

Mike says:

I was walking my dog at the beach and tripped and a wave washed over me. My phone instantly started overheating and it self destructed. Unfortunately there is no way to turn off the phone or quickly remove the battery. A waterproof case would have saved the day.

Adam says:

Bacon grease. So much bacon; so much bacon grease.

hewsdaddy says:

i could really use this to keep it from being the clutz i was born to be

Chris says:

My iPhone 4S desperately needs this case to protect itself from the klutz of an owner it has!

Brutus says:

What can I say I live in the UK, so if I'm not flying my umbrella to work I have little protection when being hit with random barrages of rain and any number of sporadic inclemencies that not only ruin my bowler hat but are also potentially hazardous to my iphone, some things a spoon full of sugar just wont fix.

gibhyder says:

I drop my phone a lot, and it gets all sorts of stuff on it. whether it be in the kitchen, or my cousins playing with it.

cmjanus says:

I would love this case for my phone. My work requires me to work out side in all kinds of conditions. Plus I read TIPB all the time and would love to actually win something!!! You guys rock!!!

Wakepro900 says:

My iPhone has been dropped in the lake twice. The first time I didn't even know it was in there until I stepped on it.
And a few weeks ago I fell into a fountain with it in my pocket. Thank god for the rice cure though, it's still working. And that's ontop of the numerous drops it takes everyday. This is the longest I have gone without breaking a phone though.

h0ts4uce says:

The life proof would help me when I play baseball and have to put it in my bag with my extra cleats in there

h0ts4uce says:

The life proof would help me when I play baseball and have to put it in my bag with my extra cleats in there

breezybmw says:

I go to the beach alot as well as ride motorcycles so this case would be great for my iPhone 4. Thanks, hope I win.

breezybmw says:

I go to the beach alot as well as ride motorcycles so this case would be great for my iPhone 4. Thanks, hope I win.

lobobaseball says:

my iphones have the tendency to like to come swimming with me. but for some reason when i get out of the pool they dont want to work anymore. maybe if i had this case they would still work!

lobobaseball says:

my iphones have the tendency to like to come swimming with me. but for some reason when i get out of the pool they dont want to work anymore. maybe if i had this case they would still work!

furygoalbrtis39 says:

I drop mine almost daily, so i need the case

furygoalbrtis39 says:

I drop mine almost daily, so i need the case

Ozy says:

I live in rain country, and it'd be good to have a bit more confidence that the wet won't disable my portable brain.

okstateboi07 says:

Im a Facilities Intern for a College Football teams so my phone goes throw dust snow sleet and rain and I freak out everyday I'm at work…I need my phone to receive calls but half of the day i have to leave in in my locker for fear of damaging it. Please Help lol

KekoaLani says:

Wow! Pretty impressive case! I walk around three school campuses fixing tech stuff dodging kids all day. Plus I hike along the ocean. I need LifeProof to protect my iPhone that I covet! Thanks for the chance to win one.

TalkingDeer says:

definitely need something like this...

Thomas N. Taylor says:

As a Kitchen Manager for a major restaurant chain my iPhone 4 takes a beating please hook me up so I can protect this beautiful specimen...

jw154j says:

Blood and body fluids at the hospital

shyhermit says:

As a rescue diver, I would love to use the LifeProof case to bring my iPhone 4S with me during my dives. I am frequently asked to take photographs of the search scene, and I have always wonder if the iPhone 4S camera can replace my current bulky dive cam that weighs nearly 80lbs. I will post my feedback of it on the forum if I get to try it out. I think this qualifies as "extreme" testing.

savtwo says:

I live in the frozen tundra.

void2k says:

i once dropped my iphone in liquid nitrogen (-129oC).... would LifeProof have saved my iphone from this lab accident?!

Michael Esposito says:

ive dropped so many of my phones in the pool and had to get a new one i need this case

John says:

I like to throw my ATT iPhone against the wall after every dropped call. I need this case.

Uselessbass says:

I could use that for my hiking expiditions that dont go so well like falling in rivers getting stuck in rain storms I could definitely use this u wouldn't want me to ruin my phone and get lost right ;)

Eric says:

As a photographer I like bringing my iPhone with me to help navigate and keep reference info. I shoot in some rough places sometimes, including really cold winters, hard rain, and rocky hiking areas. This case would make me much less reluctant to take out my iPhone in a risky spot!

Chris Hawver says:

This would be awesome. Much better than my case now.

dlindman831 says:

I work with kids at a military day care center. I'm always exposing my phone to water, glue, temperature extremes. And a herd of touch dropping children. I need as much protection as possible.

Jim Nichols says:

I'm always dropping things, currently I'm using an OtterBox Defender case, but it is NOT waterproof! I could so use one of these cases!

Christian says:

I personally take care of my iPhone. My Girlfriend on the other hand has a pretty impressive record on torturing her iPhone 4....

  • droped on the Pavement
  • droped on the Street while on Bike
  • put it in the doorframe of the car and tried to close the door repeatedly

So, the Otterbox defender wich prevented a total destruction of the iPhone lies in its last breath and looks like *****.
To Bad i live in Germany and there is no way to get this Case here -.-

Meo1pr says:

Skydiving with my IPhone 4S taking videos, this case will protect it.

Nkawile says:

I need this phone case! It's perfect for my lifestyle. I have 4 nephews and 4 nieces all under the age of 7 and they love my iPhone. Unfortunately for me they always manage to get my iPhone and damage it somehow. I have been thru my 1st AppleCare+ replacement and this phone is only a week old. I would greatly appreciate it if I could have this beautiful case because I know it will provide me with ideal protection for my iPhone 4S!

BearGirl says:

Let me paint you a picture...
Imagine a deliciously sunny day at the beach. Children jumping around excited at the architecture of their sandcastles. The ice cream man overworked at the sudden influx of people demanding icy treats. The sun licking bare skin with the summery smell of coconut sun cream. Waves weaving their way gently up and down the shore, creeping closer to you then slipping away...
And then... you hear the sudden chaos in the distance, the panic in some poor woman's distressed voice!
"MOG!!!!! Come back!!!"
You mange to arrange yourself to sit up, and pull your sun glasses down to peer over them, and see the most intriguing sight. Two giant chocolate coloured dogs running riot on the beach. One's eating a sandwich recently stolen from some poor unsuspecting victims picnic. The other's running out of sight over the rock pools. The poor woman leaves the one with the sandwich, (it'll take her a minute to finish that...) and instead goes leaping over the rock pools after the other one. She trips and falls and get's up, soggy and a bit battered from the crash on the rocks...
When she wrangles them both together again they play ball, throwing it in the sea, over and over. Just as you're about to put down your glasses and let the sun turn your skin slightly darker you watch the last throw...
The dog doesn't want to play any more... ready to go home, stays planted on the sand. The ball lost forever. Then the woman stalks into the sea as if she's in her swimming costume ready for a dip to rescue the ball. She comes out soaked from the waist down, but ball in hand. The hounds go back on their leads and start trotting up the beach, a happy smile on their faces, shaking salty water every now and then. She walks past you and see's your look of amazement on your face at the devotion to a shiny red ball.
"I've lost too many of these" She says and smiles as she walks past. Chocolate giants in tow.
These are the sort of adventures I get up to with my dogs. It would be nice to know my shiny new phone will always be safe no matter what chaos they get me into in every season!

Richard Batten says:

Im an environmental planner... I've ALMOST dropped my iPhone in a stream while taking water samples. I frequently work on farms, where dust is rampant, terrain is unstable, and animals are unpredictable. I NEED one of these cases!