Out of the sandbox, A5 jailbreak now one step closer

With the last update regarding the yet to be released iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak coming to us from pod2g, we learned that a “dream team” had been assembled to help tackle a sandboxing issue in the Apple A5, now the latest information is brought to everyone via Planetbeing where he took to Twitter to note:

And we're out of the sandbox with @saurik's invaluable help! (well, at least there's a PoC) :D Turning out more complex than X-Gold 618.

That of course doesn't put an iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak in our hands right away but it does bring us one step closer to it finally becoming a reality.

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Chris Parsons

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Reader comments

Out of the sandbox, A5 jailbreak now one step closer


Agreed. (with the asshole part) I have a tremendous amount of respect for the guys working selflessly on something that we all will benefit from.
Many thanks to te dev team and the others.

Enough of the whining about the jailbreak! These guys are working as hard as they can u want a jailbreak faster how bout u work on one yourself? Seriously some people have lost the meaning of the word patience

I hope that when all the developer's hard work finally comes to fruition and a jailbreak is made publicly available for everyone for free... your iOS device falls out a window and smashes to bits right in front of your impatient little eyes.

For all you idiots who keep saying hurry up, and I don't want to wait: WRITE YOUR OWN JAILBREAK!!
If I were these guys making the jailbreak possible, I would make it impossible for you whiners to get
access. What gives you the right to whine and complain? No one promised you one. I'm waiting for it too
but I'm sick and tired of people acting like this. If all the devs get is complaining, they will quit

@iLambboy Maybe if you did, the jailbreak wouldn't be taking so long for your impatient self. Where did respect and gratitude go nowadays?

Wow what are u like 12 @iLambboy? I find it pretty sad that even with auto correct u STILL managed to spell the word bastard wrong. Hope ur phone blows up in your face

The devs do not have to provide us with a jailbreak. They do it because they feel like our devices should not be limited but used as we please. If people keep complaining, acting as if it is their right to get a jailbreak, then eventually the brilliant minds will not be motivated to work hard for all of the ungrateful people. Patience people. It comes when it comes.

I hope the devs don't listen to these people whining!! They ruin it for the rest of us. Like the saying goes. U can't please everyone! So on that note, I will wait patiently for the jb. Until then keep your fingers crossed and hope it comes sooner than later!

Be patient and appreciate the devs hard work! They could've all charged us for it, and try to make some good cash. But no, they work hard on it, and make it easy and free for us. Honestly, these guys are great people, and appreciate what they do. Absolutely no right to complain! So please stop acting like immature idiots.

I agree. The devs work hard on this stuff, and provide it for free. Hopefully people support them like they support us.

Hope all you cheap fukcs donate at least a buck once the jailbreak is out.
A dollar is really nothing to any individual..pocket change, right? But if half the readers here donated just a dollar each, pod2g could really treat himself to something nice for all his hard work.

I feel like we all could do our own jailbreaking. In fact I'm going to start with my iPad 2nd gen and show all these devs who is the real king of the jailbreaks! lol

This is some AWESOME NEWS! I'm really excited and can't wait till the JB is released! Congrats to the "dream team" on overcoming this feat :)

I know I will for sure be donating once this comes out. these people work their asses off to get us something for free, usually after working a full time job during the day. The least we could do it not be an asshole and complain about it and maybe donate a few dollars.

I'm not even an iphone user, but I have great respect for the JB devs...I will definitely donate to these guys when this is done so that I can finally move away from my beloved Palm Pre 2 to a JB 4S....

Awesome news from the devs. Thanks go to them for their time and work. I know the majority of us sincerely appreciate what they are doing.

I just want to say to all the people responsible for maling jailbreaks possible THANK YOU.....