Must watch: what Apple Store employees do before the new iPad goes on sale!

Apple store employees

After chatting with the first person in line for the new iPad in Miami, Florida, we had to stick around for the grand opening. We actually found the store reps  around the corner just before things kicked off. As you can see from the video, the Apple employees at Miami's Lincoln Road store started getting psyched up right around the corner, and when it was time to open, they came barrelling down the sidewalk, hooting and hollering. They cheered for a bit at the front door, took some pictures, then jogged back around the block to their posts.

It's obvious Apple employees are just as excited as we are to get the new iPad out the door, and it's great to see that they're willing to put on a show for the fans who have stuck around all night waiting for it. If you've never camped out front of an Apple store for an iOS product, check out this video to see what you're missing.

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Reader comments

Must watch: what Apple Store employees do before the new iPad goes on sale!


Lol I would have lived for that but when they left I would have been thinking, where the hell are they going? Ups and FedEx keep driving past my house. Waiting for packages from both.

Wait. Is that Kevin Michaluk's(@crackberrykevin) voice that I hear. Filming this video? Our Fearless Crackberry Leader?

Wait. Is that Kevin Michaluk’s(@crackberrykevin) voice that I hear. Filming this video? Our Fearless Crackberry Leader?

Well, to be fair OSS zealots are the cult to end all cults (except Scientology - scary thought -- what if Richard Stallman were a Scientologist, too?!). You can tell by the way they head out to blogs on release days for non-OSS products with their noses up in the air calling other things cults.

That's almost by my house. My friend works at that apple store. He probably came out in the video or the photo. I don't know because stupid AT&T's throttling my Internet so the video's taking forever.

They did the same thing at the Washington Square store in Beaverton, Oregon. There were about 200 people in line, which started last night about 5:00pm. I was the first one inline for the in-store pick-up and only had to wait 15 minutes for the store to open. I got the second one sold. Must say the most impressive thing so far is the display.....

lol, Kevin's just ticked because when he filmed his PlayBook pickup when that was released no one at Staples cared enough to run around like crazy children. HAHA! In fact, there wasn't even a line when the PlayBook released. Blow! lol
BTW, love the result of him saying "But we got one at Walmart last night." lol The Apple guys are like... just turn around... bet that one employee wanted to shoot him the bird instead of the thumbs up he did instead. lol