Boost Mobile rumored to offer pre-paid iPhone starting September

Boost Mobile rumored to offer pre-paid iPhone starting September

Boost Mobile has been rumored to start selling the iPhone as a pre-paid phone starting this September. This follows yesterday’s news that Cricket Communications were rolling out pre-paid iPhones starting later this month. 

Boost are rumored to be able to offer both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in early September; on its pre-paid tariffs. At the moment Boost’s handset range is heavily dominated by Android devices so the addition of the iPhone would be a welcome change.

Boost is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that runs on Sprint’s network so the iPhones will all be CDMA versions. Boost currently offers a popular $50 a Month Unlimited plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data. That cost can be reduced further if a customer has a good payment record.

This is a just a rumor for now but it is interesting to see more options for customers who are looking for an iPhone and do not wish to take out a long term contract.

It is common practice in Europe and is the way that I have chosen to go. I bought an unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple and I have a 30 day rolling SIM only plan. The plan gives me 2000 talk minutes, 5000 SMS messages and real unlimited data. The monthly cost is just £25.00 ($38).

Of course, September is getting quite close to the rumored launch date of the next generation iPhone 5. Apple has traditionally lowered the cost of older iPhones when newer ones come on the market. The iPhone 5 might carry a good-sized price-tag if bought off-contract and up-front, but the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 should be cheaper by then as well.

Whether or not Apple chooses to keep the 2009 iPhone 3GS on the market any longer, and at what price, is the question. While a very inexpensive way to get customers onto the iPhone platform and still one of the best selling smartphones in North America, it's also the last device on the market without a Retina display, FaceTime camera, and other current iPhone staples.

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Boost Mobile rumored to offer pre-paid iPhone starting September


Hi Chris
I am interested in finding out which sim only plan you have ? I am visiting the uk later in the year and need a similar plan
Many thanks

Interesting. Both my wife and son are on Boost. My son has the Galaxy Prevail and would never give up Android, but my wife just has the Samsung Seek (touchscreen slider feature phone). She takes her iPod Touch everywhere, so if this comes out to be true, I can see moving her up to the iPhone to simplify her life a little.

seems very strange to me that both Cricket and Boost will be getting the iphone, be it pre-paid or not and some regional carriers now have the iphone, but yet there is still no iphone for T-mobile. Can anyone tell me why this is?

because tmobile will not pay the crazy fees that iphone demands when they can offer there network soon to be completely compatible with att frequencies and you just bring your own device to them. They have over 1 mil on there now that are just like that. Soon you wont even have to jail break it to do it either.

I wonder if the iPhone on Boost will help satisfy Sprint's purchase quota of iPhones from Apple, or whether it is a completely separate deal.
And if the iPhone is coming to Boost soon, will it also come to Virgin Mobile?

Yes virgin mobile will be getting iPhone 4 & 4s on June 29th , 2012 , also Cricket is getting iPhone 4 & 4s on June 22nd , 2012

I'm using my old 3GS with simple so my fiancé can have a phone. Works great, but internet runs on edge (t-mobile network mvno). Got all my old iPhones I had laying around unlocked for free without jailbreaking by AT&T over the phone. Just call customer support.

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