Weather Neue for iPhone review

Weather Neue for iPhone review

Weather Neue is an iPhone weather app designed for minimalists. Instead of a plethora of features and options, Weather Neue simply consists of one screen that gives you the current weather conditions, a 3 day forecast, and other basic weather information.

When you launch Weather Neue it will cycle through a bunch of random temperatures while it loads, making it more interesting that just a static load screen with a loading indicator. Weather Neue goes through the same thing if you shake to refresh.

Once loaded, Weather Neue displays a very clean screen. At the top of the screen, you see the name of the city you're currently located at and beneath that, a word and symbol that describes the current conditions. For example, "Clear" and the graphic of the sun. In big, bold text in the center of the screen is the current temperature and below that in small letters is the current humidity, wind speed, and the wind direction. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the forecast of highs and lows for the current day and the next 3 days.

If you tap the name of the city at the top of the screen, a settings screen will slide up from the bottom that lets you toggle metric units on and off and select between one of the four available themes (see screenshots to see all the themes).

The good

  • Looks nice
  • Minimalist design
  • Provides the necessary information

The bad

  • Cannot look up the weather at any location other than your current location
  • Fahrenheit users must turn off Metric units every time

The bottom line

Weather Neue is a very basic weather app, but that's precisely its appeal.

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Reader comments

Weather Neue for iPhone review


I love that you've become the designated Weather App reviewer. I'm a weather junkie myself and look forward to these write ups, so thanks. 

Don't like the fact that it always starts up with metric(Celsius).  
They should update this so it saves your preferences for next time.
Other than that , a great app. :)

Oh wow! You're right! It wasn't doing that for me the other day. Weird. I'm going to add that to "the bad" list. Thanks!

Nope! The problem's fixed in v1.01 update released hours ago. The app now remembers fahrenheit settings, installs on iPads/iPod Touches which earlier for some reason refused to do it. The developer seems to be very quick and acknowledged users on twitter.

I'd actually love this one if I could click the daily forecast at the bottom to get an hourly forecast instead.  Otherwise, I really enjoy the minimalism here.
Great review, as usual!