Amazing Alex from Rovio coming to the iOS App Store July 12

Amazing Alex is the new game from Rovio -- they make Angry Birds, maybe you've heard of it? -- and it's coming to the App Store tomorrow, July 12. It's a physics puzzler, which is right in Rovio's wheelhouse, and if it's anywhere nearly as compelling as Angry Birds, it will no doubt cost lots of us lots of sleepless nights.

There will be 100 levels and the ability to make and share your own levels, as well as the type of free updates Rovio made famous with the various Angry Birds apps.

The trailer is up top, and the game is only 24hrs away. (Tiny Wings 2 and Tiny Wings HD arrive the same day -- plan your weekend accordingly!)

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Rene Ritchie

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Amazing Alex from Rovio coming to the iOS App Store July 12


It is - - Rovio bought the rights to rebrand it as something else. It's literally the same game, but with "back story". There was a video interview with Rovio somewhere with them talking about the game. Can't remember where I saw it though.