TomTom GPS for iPhone?

Engadget has a story that shows the iPhone with a TomTom GPS module connected at the bottom, on the route to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Is it real or fake? No one can know for sure, but there's at least a possibility that it's real. The picture quality of the "proof" is horrid beyond measure; the JPEG compression artifacts are pretty much out of this world.

If the iPhone does work with TomTom and a GPS dongle, I'll be a happy, happy camper. TomTom's map setup is actually pretty excellent; I've used it for driving and stuff on the Treo. Their device activation was horrible with all the software keys you have to input, but once you got it working, it was excellent.

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TomTom GPS for iPhone?


This is huge. The ability to do GPS Nav on my Treo is one of the features that is holding me back from switching to the iPhone. As long as they don't make it ridiculously expensive there will only be one more thing holding me to my Treo, that's Kinoma's ability to stream my fav radio stations.

Bring it on. TomTom is the only reason I still have my Treo 650. It just sits there in the car.
My two major software complaints about the iPhone were that there was no password storing app and no TomTom. PasswordWallet solved the first issue and this would solve the second.
That said, due to the jpeg compression im fairly certain this is a fake. Compression and blur are usually pretty tell tale signs. I'd also much rather see a charging cradle with the GPS built in so that it could charge at the same time. I imagine that just about any BT GPS unit could be used if the user didnt want to be tethered to a car when using GPS. Though not being in a car makes TomTom slightly less useful.

Fake. Even with this heavily compressed JPEG, you can see that it is not plugged into the port at the bottom of the iPhone but rather simply laying underneath of it.