Is your Verizon or Sprint iPhone 5 displaying the wrong date and time?

We are receiving reports from Verizon iPhone 5 users that their iPhones are randomly displaying the incorrect date and time causing iMessage to fail, and even worse, alarms not going off in time to wake up for work. There is a thread in the Apple Support Community with many users, including a few Sprint users, reporting the same issue.

Woke up yesterday and was very confused because my phone thought it was 8/26/12 and 30 minutes later than the actual time. I reset network settings and it self resolved...until this morning. I woke up and looked at my phone and had a melt down because my alarm never went off. I hurriedly got ready and looked at the microwave as I ran out, and it was 30 minutes earlier than my iPhone said.

The temporary fix seems to disable automatic date and time by going to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically > OFF.

Are any other Verizon or Sprint users experiencing this issue? If so, please head to our forums and tell us all about it!

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Tom Munch says:

I had this happen with my iPad 3 on Verizon one day. It kept switching to a different time zone. It hasn't done it in a couple weeks now.

19mitch79 says:

This was happening from the first day I got my iPhone 5 which was on launch day. I called Verizon right away, the guy told me to wait till the following Tuesday because they were aware of the problem and were pushing out an update for it. So I waited, never got an update, called back and was told that the first guy was full of b.s. and they had never heard of the problem. Ended up getting a new replacement from my local apple store. I continue to have problems with this one on occasion as well. The fix for me seems to be turning the LTE switch on and off. Sometimes I have to switch it off and restart the phone. It does seem to be related to the LTE in my opinion. If I leave it on 3G only, it never gives me problems. Hope they figure it out. Not a huge problem for me but definitely a nuisance!

ontheroad55 says:

Got my phone on first day from a Verizon store, all was well for a couple of weeks and then the date issue came up. Took the phone to the Apple Store and they issued a replacement; so far, all is well...

chicagokilla says:

I have a Verizon iPhone 5 in the US and have not had any issues with my date or time.

williamsbh76 says:

My iPhone 5 was showing the time wrong earlier this evening. I did a reboot and no problem since.

KaiFeng says:

My Verizon iPhone 5 loses about 3 minutes even when auto update of time is turned off. Loses weeks and has crazy times if turned on.
It loses the 3 minutes in the mornings and evenings before I leave home or after arriving. Or when out and about. Very annoying problem. I refuse to disable LTE to see if that fixes it because that's why I upgraded from my 4S.

F34R says:

Yep, this has happened to me a few times since launch.

ollyb1 says:

just turn off the auto time update cuz it's da networks problem not the iphone

pappy53 says:

May be the phone, since it is happening on 2 networks.

ollyb1 says:

could be but auto time update is off on my phone and I don't have that problem

usmc says:

I got a carrier update last night, hope it addressed the issue. It has happened to me several times.

Mrus24 says:

Wrong time 1time and alerts are always late. Mostly it's alright except for alerts. Mrus24

arin.failing says:

YES!! It's absolutely annoying! It has happened DAILY (generally between 1030 and 1200) since Saturday. I am getting rather frustrated. I like having "Set Automatically" on, because all clocks eventually get a little ahead or behind. It's nice to have it check itself constantly, but not when it shows me that it's 0530 when I check my phone at 1112! UGH! Hope there's a fix SOON!

arin.failing says:

oh, by the way, I'm using the iPhone 5 on Verizon's AMAZING LTE connection! I'm loving the service, just not this date/time issue. Glad I switched from AT&T.... GOOD RIDDANCE!

rmburns says:

I still have the clock problem on my iphone 5 with automatic time switched off. The only thing that keeps it from happening for me is turning off LTE.

douglaswilson says:

It is not. I have the iPhone 5 from Verizon and its fine!

nikkisharif says:

iPhone 5 on Verizon with no issues and my auto date & time has been on since day 1

h.dambrosio1 says:

I am on Verizon, and this issue has been happening with my iPhone 5 at least 2-3 times per day. Seems like the only way for it to reset back to its original date and time is when I do a hard reboot. Getting just a LITTLE tired of it..

Douglas Boncha says:

Samsung Stellar phone with Verizon just had the Auto-time go 5 minutes fast yesterday. I chatted with Verizon and they did not know this was happening. Their solution was turn auto-time to manual. I did that and for calendar and location services it needs to be auto-time. I think this is a hardware issue and Verizon does not know about this issue. Does anybody know what is the proper resolution to fix auto-time and still use auto-time?