Apple alters apology to Samsung on their UK site to comply with court order

Apple alters apology to Samsung on their UK site to comply with court order

Apple's recent apology to Samsung on their website was found to be unsatisfactory by the UK courts. They had since removed the statement from their website and have posted a reworded version that's also appearing in newspapers in the UK.

After ruling that the statement on Apple's site was non-compliant with the order, Apple was ordered to re-write the statement and present it on their website in at least 11-point font. It's now appearing on the bottom of their UK website.

On 25 October 2012, Apple Inc. published a statement on its UK website in relation to Samsung's Galaxy tablet computers. That statement was inaccurate and did not comply with the order of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. The correct statement is at Samsung/Apple UK judgement.

The statement can be found at the very bottom of the UK Apple site and also includes a link to more information on the judgement.

Source: Apple UK

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Reader comments

Apple alters apology to Samsung on their UK site to comply with court order


I understand not wanting to apologize in this fashion, but having to be told to redo it is even worse.

Should've just did it right the first time. I know I'm not the only one to think that Apples first approach would backfire.

Should've done what "right' the first time? The judges did not specify word for word what Apple should say. Everything they wrote on their site was "factually" correct. Sure they did it in a smart ass way, but what do you expect Apple to do? Willingly promote a competitor on their site because some moronic judges wanting to make a name for themselves with silly judgments told them to?

Not only were the judges slightly biased in all assessments, but I did not know that in the UK, a judge could force you to "say" something. What's next forcing criminals to write apology letters against their will? This case would have been appealed so fast were this Canada, Australia etc. and the judges would have been replaced.

It's the UK though, and their judicial activism is well becoming legend in the law community.

The judge didn't specify word for word, that is correct. The order was for Apple to post a note that Samsung was found to not be infringing in this case. And they did that... Kind of.

The legal issue with the original statement is that they also went out of their way to actively suggest that Samsung did infringe, by saying that it was found to in Germany (although the injunction no longer stands), and implying that it was in the US (although the judgement didn't find the Galaxy Tab as infringing). This is the part that violated the initial order.

Like it or not, the UK courts (and the Australian and Canadian courts, which are built on the same system) have the right to order Apple to publish the facts on the case, and it isn't unheard of (see ACCC v Apple, Australia). Don't like it? Too bad. Further, to accuse a judge of bias because you disagree the outcome is ridiculous. Regardless of your opinion, every jurisdiction in the world that this has been argued in has now found the Galaxy Tab to be non-infringing.

I can't remember where in the court hierarchy this judgement was made, but rest assured, if Apple still had right to appeal, they would have. Just like they did when they were ordered to post a similar type of statement with regard to "4G" connectivity in Australia at all points of sale of the iPad, and the website.

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Apple was NOT ordered to "apologize." Websites, specifically tech websites, keep reporting that. That is inaccurate. Apple was ordered to make a "statement" of the courts factual conclusions.

The result of continually saying "apology" is you get riled up internet commenters and Apple haters saying "where is the apology?" There is no apology because they were not ordered to "apologize." They were ordered to make a public "statement" of the decision of the court. This is essentially an "admission" of the facts of the court. But stating that you admit to the facts of a court does not equate to apologizing for perceived wrong doing. And the inaccuracy only incites this sort of cellphone fanboy culture to freak out at the lack of an apology.

To quote The UK Guardian "The acknowledgement – which was depicted as an apology, though neither the court of appeal nor the original high court judgment described it as such – was intended to be a factual statement."

The problem with the original statement it wasn't a real statement of the facts as determined by the court it was a snarky restatement of Apple's version of the facts that was not just snarky but inaccurate.

But the notion that the court ordered Apple to apologize is inaccurate.

They could be found in contempt for this as well. The statement was supposed to be on their homepage, not a link to the statement.