Apple announces Black Friday one day shopping event

Apple announces Black Friday one day shopping eventApple is sending out emails confirming that it will have some items on sale on Black Friday. For those that don't know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and traditionally signifies the first shopping day of the holiday season. Apple hasn't revealed any details on what savings can be made by shopping on Black Friday as of yet but it may be worth holding off purchasing any Apple products until you see what it has in store.

If you want to grab a bargain, thankfully you don't have to physically visit an Apple Store on Black Friday unless you really want to of course. The same savings will be available online or through the Apple Store app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. I am planning on picking up an iPad mini, not sure if it will have any special price reductions available on Friday but it's worth waiting to see, just in case.

Do you plan on picking up any Apple products in the Black Friday one day sale?

Source: Apple

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Apple announces Black Friday one day shopping event


I have a rMBP, a 11" MBA, an iPhone4, a 2TB Time machine and some accesories to buy for xmas. I'm so glad I've managed to save enough to buy them friday :)

I think that is being optimistic. Apple is to stingy, they will likely give $25 to the app store instead of losing money on hardware sales.

Im waiting to get an iPad Mini also so im holding off to see what the deal is. However i was just told ( i am in the store now) that if you purchase you can come back in to the store that day and get a price adjustment. i think i might do that...