iPhone 2.0: Parental Controls


Apple pre-announces new iPhone firmware. Apple releases new fimware beta. New firmware beta leaks to pirates (JAR!). It's a familiar story (except for the Apple pre-announcing twist -- that almost never happens), and this time brings us details on the upcoming "Parental Controls" feature. (Apple Insider via iPhoneDevTeam)

A General Preference pane, iPhone's Parental Controls can be enabled or disabled, with individual options for allowing/disallowing "explicit" iPod content, and/or use of Safari, YouTube, iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, and App Store.

Of course, since iPhoneDevTeam probably has several l33t hax0r members around the age of 10, figure the next-gen jailbreak/unlock will also remove any such parental oversight (FTW!).

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Reader comments

iPhone 2.0: Parental Controls


So with apple going all business with firmware 1.2 I would have thought that they would have put an option in here to shut down the camera as well. Not really sure how that would work but it would seem like something some companies would like.

Any place that doesn't allow cameras isn't going to settle for a software disabled camera. It's going to have to be removed from the phone.