Google+ for iOS updated with communities, profile editing, better event handling, and more

Google+ for iOS updated with communities, profile editing, better event handling, and more

Google has just updated their Google+ social networking app for iOS to version 4.0, and among the new and improved features is support for Google+ Communities, the ability to set timezones and indicate guest numbers in events, profile editing, a new compose interface, and a new design for visual stream. According to Google:

On iOS, our new version lets you swipe through photo albums inline; you can tap once to view photos in all their glory; and the iPhone app now applies a subtle pan-zoom-scale effect to pictures in the stream.

Google also, not surprisingly, rolled out a major Google+ update for Android at the same time.

However, the quality and quantity of their recent iOS updates makes the iPhone one of the best Google phones on the market. That might seem counter-intuitive, but Google isn't in the hardware or even OS business. It's in the data aggregation and advertising business. They're skating to where the high-value eyeballs are. (More on that in a future post.)

Google+ 4.0 is a free update, like the app itself, and you can grab it now from the App Store.

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Reader comments

Google+ for iOS updated with communities, profile editing, better event handling, and more


I haven't touched G+ in over a year I think? I used it for a month and got bored. I'll stick with Facebook & twitter.

For as many complaints that I see in the app store about the facebook app and facebook's constant policy and feature changes, the fact that Google + is way more feature rich than facebook and twitter(elements of both in one social network), and also the fact that it is made by google, I am surprised there hasn't been a mass exodus or at least more people on Google +. I get on it every once in a while. It's still great, it just needs more people...

Because we already have much more time investing in facebook. News, pics, history, stories. None of which is on Google+

I am not surprised G+ hasn't caught on to the level everyone hoped. Delayed app support, a strangely minimalistic interface and far fewer options in comparison to Facebook did it no favors. I've tried to like it, but it seems completely empty and void of any personality.

Now MySpace was a cluster duck, and while Facebook is a bit more flashy than it was initially, there's at least a relatively simple and clean way to browse it, which is one of the main reasons it sucker punched Myspace into Geocities/Angelfire territory. Off topic, I was searching for some obscure info a few weeks ago and found it on a still live Angelfire page. Lord how the web was fugly circa 1997.

Anyway, it seems like the majority of people on G+ are bloggers and people of the tech persuasion. It's far more businesslike there from my experience, and simply put, people are used to Facebook. With ALL its warts, it still reaches the much larger populace and as long as it at least mostly functions, people aren't going to migrate over. Having Twitter + Facebook is more than enough for most people. So to add G+, with such a similar featureset to Facebook, is unfortunately redundant.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying G+ is worthless or Okturt, whatever that was called, but it didn't get the pull everyone thought, and unless Facebook REALLY screws up, or G+ makes some sort of revolutionary jump in social networking, it will remain the NBC of social networking.

Yes. It's bloated, fancy for the sake of being fancy and a completely inefficient way of streaming data from people I wish to stream data from. I like how it ties into secondary sources, blogs,etc but that's it. I don't like how horrifically inefficient it is, and how much space is wasted. There are no control options with what info you want, it's all big, annoying blocks of data added in a fancy way.