Best free iPhone apps

Best free apps for iPhone

iMore's authoritative guide to the very best, absolutely free apps for iPhone and iPod touch

Looking for great free apps for your iPhone or iPod touch? The App Store is home to over half a million apps and games, and a surprising number of them are available for free. That's free as in free of charge to buy, free of subscriptions to use, and free of any crippling or time-bombing to make you pay later. They're just free. But which free apps are the best? Which are the top free apps you just absolutely have to download right now?

That's where iMore comes in! Here's your ultimate, authoritative guide to the top, 100% free iPhone and iPod touch apps for social networking, IM and communications, education, entertainment, finance, fun and games, health and fitness, kids, music, navigation and location, news, photography, productivity, reading, shopping, sports, travel, and general utility.

Whether you're new to iPhone or iPod touch and looking for a fast, free way to get started with apps, or you're just bored and looking for a little free fun, check out the apps below. And hey, since they're free, you can download them all!

(Also, be sure to check out our best free games for iPhone rundown for even more great free iPhone apps!)

iMore app

Free iMore app

What better way than to keep up-to-date with all the latest free iPhone app and game news than with iMore's own, absolutely free iPhone app! Not only that, you'll also get breaking news, helpful how-tos, app and accessory reviews, instant access to our podcasts, and more! This is the very best way to enjoy the best of iMore right on your iPhone!

Best free social networking apps for iPhone


Free Facebook for iPhone

Facebook is the most popular social network on the planet, and it's always been one of the most popular free apps on the iPhone. Inside the free Facebook app, you can update your status, view photos, and check into your location. You can also keep up with your news feed, messages, events, pages, chat, as well as upload your photos and videos, and much, much more. (And if you're looking for more friends, check out our Facebook name swap thread!)


Free Twitter app for iPhone

Twitter and the iPhone go together like chocolate and peanut butter, and the free, official Twitter app for iPhone is the best way to get started finding cool celebrities and interesting internet personalities to follow, and trending topics to get involved with. (And be sure to check out our Twitter name swap thread to find other iMore members to tweet with!)


Free Pinterest app for iPhone

Pinterest is the new, rapidly growing, free social network that let's you pin photos, articles, recipes, or anything you think is cool, to your virtual pinboard. With the free Pinterest for iPhone app, you can view the pins of your friends, repin, like, and comment on your favorite pins, and pin directly from your camera.

More free social networking apps

Best free IM and communications apps for iPhone


Free Skype app for iPhone

The free Skype app for iPhone lets you make free audio and video calls and exchange text chats from your iPhone to other iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users, as well as Android, Mac, Windows, and millions more Skype users around the world. You can also buy Skype credits to call conventional phone numbers at really low prices.

imo instant messenger

Free imo instant message app for iPhone

imo is a great, free iPhone app for those who love traditional instant messaging (IM). imo supports Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Hyves, VKontakte, Myspace, and Steam. You can send text, images, and voice as well.


Free GroupMe app for iPhone

GroupMe is an excellent free group messaging app for iPhone that communicates over both data and SMS. GroupMe perfect for coordinating big events with friends that aren't all using smartphones. GroupMe generates a phone number which collects and forwards free messages to those authorized to be a part of the group. Those that do will be able to take advantage of a few extra features, like location and picture sharing.

Best free educational apps for iPhone

iTunes U

Free iTunes U app for iPhone

The free iTunes U app for iPhone gives you access to courses from universities and schools. These courses are completely free and even include assignments. iTunes U and the instructors provide course materials, including audio, video, books, documents & presentations, apps, and books. iTunes U includes over 500,000 free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of subjects from Algebra to Zoology.


Free SparkNotes app for iPhone

SparkNotes is one of the most popular study guides for literature, Shakespeare, poetry, philosophy, drama and short stories. With the free SparkNotes for iPhone app you can access 50 pre-installed study guides in your library and hundreds of study guides online. You can also check-in at the place you're studying and indicate what subject your studying which could then result in impromptu study sessions with other SparkNotes users studying the same subject at the same place at the same time.


Free Flashcards+ app for iPhone

With school comes lots of studying. One of the most common studying techniques is to use flashcards. With the free Flashcards+ app for iPhone, you can say goodbye to the stacks and stacks of flashcards that accumulate over the course of a semester and use electronic flashcards on your iPhone instead. The beauty of Flashcards+ is that you have your flash cards with you wherever you go, which means you'll likely squeeze in more mini study lessons throughout your day and end up with better grades as a result!

Best free entertainment apps for iPhone


Free Crackle app for iPhone

While apps like Netflix are free, you still have to pay for a subscription to actually use them. Not so with Crackle! The free Crackle app for iPhone lets you watch hours and hours of Hollywood movies, from Resident Evil to A Few Good Men, and TV Shows from I Dream of Jennie to the Tick, absolutely free. And it supports AirPlay so you can watch on your big screen TV.


Free IMDB app for iPhone

IMDB's free iPhone app means you're always only a few taps away from the latest show times, trailers, movie and TV rations, and cast and episode lists. It's the perfect couch-side companion for any serious entertainment buff, and the perfect mobile app for cinema buffs!


Free TED app for iPhone

The free TED app for iPhone blurs the lines between education and entertainment, showcasing riveting talks from experts in the fields of technology, entertainment, and design. With the TED app, you can browse their complete catalog of talks, bookmark and download your favorites, and share individual talks and playlists with your friends. It's like holding genius in the palm of your hand. For free.

Best free financial apps for iPhone


Free Paypal app for iPhone

Love it or hate it, Paypal is the internet's default currency and the free Paypal for iPhone app is the best way to manage your Paypal account on the go. Whether you're sending or requesting money, checking your balance or reviewing your past transactions, or looking for a local retailer who takes PayPal, it's right here, right when you want.


Free Bloomberg app for iPhone

Bloomberg for iPhone is a great way for casual traders and investors to interact with their stocks and stay up to date with world news. Whether you need to casually monitor stocks on your iPhone or just find the urge to check out financial news, the free Bloomberg app has you covered -- for free!

Free app for iPhone

The free for iPhone app gives everything you love about the web site on the go and in the palm of your hand. You can track, manage, and budget your money, connect your bank, credit, and other financial accounts, and safely, securely keep it with you wherever you are. It also syncs with the website so you're always up-to-date.

Best free games for iPhone

For dozens of additional free iPhone games, check out our best free iPhone games special feature!

Angry Birds Free

Free Angry Birds game for iPhone

The free Angry Birds app lets you play one of the most popular games in the world right on your iPhone -- for free. Yes, it is supported by adds, but you'll be too busy catapulting birds and destroying pigs to even notice them!

Draw Something Free

Free Draw Something game for iPhone

Draw Something is a sensation and you can play it on your iPhone for free with Draw Something Free. In Draw Something, you have a partner and you take turns drawing pictures with the goal of getting each other to guess the correct word. Just like Angry Birds Free, Draw something Free is supported by ads.

Hero Academy

Free Hero Academy game for iPhone

Hero Academy is a great turn-based free iPhone game where you and a friend (or random partner) take turns moving and attacking each other with various army pieces on a checked board. You have a set number of action points with which to move your pieces, bring in fresh ones from your stash, upgrade your pieces, and, of course, attack. The main goal is to either whittle down a few crystals on your opponent's side of the board, or run them out of troops.

More free games

Best free health and fitness apps for iPhone


Free RunKeeper app for iPhone

The free RunKeeper for iPhone app uses your iPhone's built in GPS technology to track your running, walking, cycling and other exercise activities. RunKeeper also syncs up to its own web portal where you can view your history and stats in more detail. Integration with Facebook and Twitter means you can even show off your fitness prowess to your friends!


Free WebMD app for iPhone

WebMD is a reputable and accurate online source for medical facts and advice, and with the free WebMD iPhone app you'll have complete access to mobile-optimized health information and decision-support tools including WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings.


Free Fooducate app for iPhone

The free Fooducate for iPhone app contains a wealth of information and user reviews about many of the foods we consume on a daily basis. Fooducate stresses the importance of eating foods that are good for your body as a whole. Sure, a calorie is a calorie, but if you give your body calories from better quality foods, you get the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that artificially processed foods with lots of additives, high fructose corn syrup, and other “empty” calories just can’t match.

Best free kids apps for iPhone


Free PBS KIDS Video app for iPhone

The free PBS KIDS Video app brings all your child's favorite shows right to the iPhone or iPod touch. Curious George, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Dinosaur Train, SUPER WHY!, Sesame Street and Wild Kratts and are all here and ready to entertain and educate.

Curious George at the Zoo

Free Curious George at the Zoo app for iPhone

If your child is interested in animals, then Curious George at the Zoo is a great free iPhone app to educate and entertain them. Explore an interactive 3D zoo, learn about and interact with the animals, watch videos and play games, all on the iPhone or iPod touch.

ABC Letter Tracing

Free ABC Letter Tracing app for iPhone

The free ABC Letter Tracing app for iPhone is perfect for pre-schoolers just learning to write. It has both upper and lowercase letters, along with helpful voice-overs and illustrations of items that begin with each letter.

Best free music apps for iPhone


Free Shazam app for iPhone

How many times have you been listening to the radio, or attending a party, or watching TV when you hear a song that you like but have no idea what the name of the song is or even who the artist is? With the free Shazam app for iPhone, all have to do is let your mic listen to the song for about 30 seconds, and Shazam will tell you exactly which song it is!

Slacker Radio

Free Slacker Radio app for iPhone

Don't have much music stored on your iPhone? Don't fret! With the free Slacker Radio iPhone app you can stream radio to your iPhone for free. The Slacker music library features millions of songs from thousands of artists and you can customize your own radio stations with your favorite artists and songs. In addition to music, you can also listen to ESPN Radio, ABC News, comedy and more.

TuneIn Radio

Free TuneIn radio app for iPhone

The free TuneIn Radio app for iPhone gives you on-the-go access to over 50,000 radio stations worldwide. From the local station where you may live now to the far away station where you may have grown up or simply visited and always remembered, TuneIn radio has over 120,000 free shows for you to choose from, right on your iPhone.

Best free navigation and location apps for iPhone

Waze social GPS & traffic

Free Waze app for iPhone

The free Waze app for iPhone uses Open Street Map data, which means you're contributing to building a map as you drive, and you also get to view the things added by others. The crowdsourced nature of Waze lets users share information about traffic jams, accidents, speed traps, and other pertinent data. It includes standard turn-by-turn navigation, but the accuracy can vary depending on the quality of the maps in your area.


Free Foursquare app for iPhone

Foursquare is free app for iPhone that lets you check into the places you go, and see which friends are there now, or may have been there in the past. It's a great way to keep track of trips and photos of the places you've visited, and a fun way to earn badges and share and receive recommendations for where to go next.


Free Poynt app for iPhone

Poynt is a free location-based search app for iPhone with dedicated channels to a variety of different kinds of content. What makes it better than just a Google Maps search is that each experience is very closely tailored, so searching for a movie will immediately bring up options to buy tickets from your phone or view a trailer, while restaurant listings will include reviews and the option to reserve a table.

Best free news apps for iPhone


Free Flipboard app for iPhone

The free Flipboard for iPhone app shows you the news that matters to you, along with recommendations from your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends. That makes it a dynamic, up-to-date, but highly personalized magazine, right in the palm of your hand! It's also makes it easy to share the stuff you like most back with your friends and social circles.

Pulse News

Free Pulse news app for iPhone

Pulse News, from Alphonso Labs is an awesome free newsreader for iPhone that brings all your news together into one place. With Pulse News, you choose the categories you want to display and the specific content for each section. For example, you might want to add a Gaming, Sports, News, Tech, Science, Art and Design any number of additional categories.

AP Mobile

Free AP Mobile app for iPhone

The free AP Mobile app brings the Associated Press right to your iPhone. With comprehensive, timely coverage of local and global news it's not like having a newspaper or TV station in the palm of your hands -- it's like having their news sources. Plus, if you find yourself in the middle of the news, you can even send the AP your tip!

Best free photo apps for iPhone


Free Instagram app for iPhone

Instagram isn't just a free iPhone app, it's one of the most popular social photo sharing networks on the planet. It features a large selection of vintage, hip, and fun filters as well as the ability to add the tilt-shift effect to your photos. You can also follow friends and photographers, "like" photos, and leave comments on them. (If you're looking for more great iPhoneographers to share with, check out our Instragram name swap thread!)

Pic Stitch

Free Pic Stitch app for iPhone

There are a lot of collage apps in the App Store, but what's great about Pic Stitch is that it's free! With Pic Stitch for iPhone, you can create beautiful collages that tell a story in just a few taps. It features 32 different layouts and after you've finished your masterpiece, you can share it to your favorite social network or another photography app.

Camera Awesome

Free Camera Awesome app for iPhone

If you're looking for a free app that offers more than the built-in iOS Camera app, look no further than Camera Awesome. This fantastic free iPhone app not only gives you a lot of powerful editing tools and filters, but it also gives more control while taking photos as well by allowing you to select separate points for focus and exposure.

Best free productivity apps for iPhone

Adobe Reader

Free Adobe Reader app for iPhone

With the free Adobe Reader app for iPhone, you can have all your PDFs in your pocket. What's more, you aren't limited to just viewing PDFs, but you can annotated them with text, handwriting, strikethroughs, highlights, and more. You can also fill out forms and add your signature.


Free Evernote app for iPhone

Evernote isn't just a great free note-taking app for iPhone. It's a great free note-taking app on almost every platform. That means no matter where you are, or what device you have access to, your notes are always there for you. You can also add pictures and search for text in the images, add voice notes, and easily share what you've collected.


Free Dropbox For iPhone app

The free Dropbox for iPhone app gives you access to all your files stored in your Dropbox account (free up to 2GB). You can mark items as favorites to store them locally on your iPhone for offline viewing, save photos and videos to your Dropbox account, and easily share them with family, friends and colleagues.

Best free reading apps for iPhone


Free iBooks app for iPhone

iBooks is Apple's free ebook and PDF reading app for iPhone. It's a stylish way to read not only books purchased from the iBookstore, but all the free books from the massive Project Gutenberg library as well as any of your own ePub or PDF files.


Free Readability app for iPhone

Readability offers a gorgeous way to read articles from your favorite website without the distraction of ads and other fluff -- for free! You simply set up your free account and add articles with a bookmarklet . A lot of other apps, like Twitter, off Readability support so that you can add articles directly from those apps.


Free Kindle app for iPhone

The free Kindle App for iPhone is Amazon's ebook reader. Unlike Apple's iBooks, Kindle is cross-platform. If you already have a large Kindle book collection, free or otherwise, or you just want to keep your options open for the future, Kindle is a great choice.

Best free shopping apps for iPhone

Apple Store

Free Apple Store app for iPhone

The free Apple Store app not only lets you shop Apple's online store from the comfort of your iPhone, but it actually lets you purchase accessories via your iPhone, iTunes account, and EasyPay at the Apple retail store. You can also make an appointment at the Genius Bar an automatically check in when you arrive.


Free Etsy app for iPhone

Etsy for iPhone is a free app that gives you access to 11 million items from some of the internets most eclectic, most astonishing artisans and craftspeople. You can browse, you can buy, and if you're a seller, you can manage your Etsy account right from your iPhone.


Free RedLaser app for iPhone

With the free RedLaser app your iPhone transforms into a powerful barcode and QR code scanner. If you see an item at the store, simply scan it and get instant results from Google, TheFind, eBay, Milo, American Express, and many more. It's one of the easiest ways to compare real-world prices online -- and it's free!

Best free sports apps for iPhone

ESPN ScoreCenter

Free ESPN ScoreCenter app for iPhone

ESPN ScoreCenter is a free iPhone app that brings you the latest scores, standings, and news for dozens of sports and hundreds of teams around the world. If you have a free myESPN account, you get automatic access to all your favorites. If you don't, you can choose baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, rugby and soccer teams to follow right on your iPhone. At Bat

Free MLB at Bat app for iPhone

Although it has premium options, the free or “lite” version of MLB at Bat for iPhone still gives you access to lots of great content. You can watch the scoreboard during every game, see news and highlights from recent games, buy tickets to upcoming games and check in around the league for other scores and highlights. While diehard baseball fans will want to buy the full app, the Lite version is great for casual fans on the go.

NBA Game Time

Free app for iPhone

NBA Game Time is sort of like At Bat – but for basketball. During games, you can follow along practically play by play, seeing who is on the court at every moment and who is scoring plays. You can also check the scores around the league, watch video highlights, check the standings, look at the schedule for every team and get information on each arena, right from the free iPhone app!

Best free travel apps for iPhone


Free Yelp app for iPhone

If you're searching for a place to eat, shop, drink, relax and play, the free Yelp for iPhone app will provide you with a map or list of exactly what you're looking for. Each location is also filled with reviews by users who have been to that place before. When you decide on a place and have finished your visit, you can leave a review of your own for other users to read when in the same predicament that you were in.


Free TripIt app for iPhone

The free TripIt app for iPhone, when paired with a free TripIt account, becomes your virtual travel assistant. Simply email any flight or hotel confirmations to TripIt and they'll automagically get logged and displayed on your iPhone, along with helpful maps and additional information to make your travel safer and easier.

Google Translate

Free Google Translate app for iPhone

While there are a lot of language courses and travel references available for the iPhone, the free Google Translate app lets you find the right phrase, in the right language, right when you need it. Text translation is available in 64 languages and voice translation in 17. Yup, you can talk instead of type! Fantastique! Hen hao!

Best free utilities for iPhone

Find my iPhone

Free Find my iPhone app for iPhone

The free Find my iPhone app by Apple will help you locate your iPhone in the unfortunate event that you misplace it or it gets stolen. You can track your iPhone from another iOS device or from the iCloud website. You can also send a message and alert to your iPhone to help you find it or to provide contact information in the even that someone found your iPhone. If you're concerned about the security of your data, you can remotely lock your iPhone or even wipe it with the free Find my iPhone app.


Free Apple Remote app for iPhone

Apple's free Remote app lets you control your iTunes or Apple TV right from your iPhone over your local Wi-Fi network. Browse or search your iTunes library or Apple TV content, choose songs, TV shows, or movies to listen to or watch, and control playback, skipping, and more.

The Weather Channel

Free The Weather Channel app for iPhone

Apple's built-in weather app is great and all, but sometimes you're looking for more information about the weather than this app can provide. The Weather Channel app is a great alternative. It features interactive maps and radar, severe weather alerts, and hourly and 10 day forecasts. You can also watch videos of breaking news and weather coverage and upload and view photos of the weather taken by other users. And you get all of this for free!

Your favorite free iPhone apps?

Did we miss any of your favorite free iPhone and iPod touch apps? If so, head on over to our iPhone apps and games forum and add yours to the favorite free iPhone apps list! We'll be updating this post often, so your pick could be next!

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Best free iPhone apps


timeout london - has the best pubs and restaurants.
feedly - is my goto news readers.
alien blue - for the obvious.
ebay app - also gets lots of use.
app shopper - for the cheap app deals
fleetly - for exercise with social networking motivations.
f1live24 - all the f1 goodness.

Solid list -- I might add:

  • Pandora for music
  • Grocery IQ for shopping (lots of different grocery shopping apps, but I like this one)
  • Flight Control for a casual game

(Also, one small feature request on the iMore app -- please support comment threading. If you come primarily to read articles and the back-and-forth between commenters, the lack of threading makes the app much worse than the website.)

We have big plans for the commenting system for iMore in general. Once that happens, comments will be better on the app :)

Very anoying that germany is so neglected... I very want but no chance here...

But then again, I also think Weather Underground beats out The Weather Channel by several thousand miles.

How do you not have Scoremobile on this list for sports apps? It is an all-sports-in one app, and probably works better than each of the individual sports apps mentioned here!

Another vouch for score mobile, amazing app that provides everything you want and need plus more! Never been more connected with my fav teams, I can get customized notifications that keep me informed live!

these pictures make me want to eat the damn iphone. It looks so beautiful, but damn do you guys have a thing for white iphones. lol

LOL It's kinda like white chocolate - none of the color, but all of the flavor... I might get a white one too, next time I upgrade.

For sports apps neither of those touch the Score - if there is a sport and you want an update of a score there is no better app.

i'd add:
sugarsync, skydrive for storage
Home upgrade and design ideas: Houzz
Video Chat: Tango
Cheap Gas: GasBuddy
Package Tracking: My Package
Camera: Camera Sharp
Major League Soccer: MLS Matchday
Soccer: Soccernet

For music, you cannot beat Songza. It is by far the best music streaming app. It has a ton of curated playlists. based on moods and activites.
I'd like to see an iPad list too.
HeyTell, TweetBot and Reeder are also on my home screen. Home Screen = best of the best apps

As I do agree with you (iMore app is great!), I just wanted to let you know that it looks like you replied to the wrong person.

FYI: I don't us the new iMore app because it doesn't keep current with your latest posts. Safari does, so I still use it instead of the app.

The iMore app absolutely keeps current with our latest posts. If you want to see everything, make sure you use the "All Articles" tab (News only shows news, not apps or accessory posts).

Yah, I agree that Songza is a great app which can offer us playlists based on our mood.
Btw, have you ever tried Mvdio? :-D

Stock FB and Twitter apps are junk! How could anyone recommend them? I stopped reading after that. Any list that has those as "best" anything isn't worth reading.

Free means littered with ads most of the time, and battery drain, rather pay $0.99 for a clean version

These kinds of lists always leave me scratching my head, while some of the apps listed are tops in their category, apps like Instagram that keep getting pushed by every tech blog as one of the or "the best" photography app are bewildering. I've used just about every photography app in the app store, always looking for something better, I'd rate Instagram one of the most basic, worthless photography apps out there, popularity doesn't = quality. There are many free apps that are world's better, with professional quality editing effects and much much better sharing and social qualities. The best free photography app hands down is Tadaa, I'd even argue it's better than any of the paid apps as I don't see any advantage to any of them at all.

Hostel Hero is awesome for budget travel accommodation on the go. UI is simple but it is fast and most of it works offline so you can do your research on the plane/bus/subway etc, or just in remote places that don't have 3G connectivity. No ads either!

Add the Public Radio free app for the best access to Classical and Jazz music. Lets face it, most free music apps virtually ignore those genres
Also is a great source for NPR shows.

For sports enthusiasts looking for video analysis/video coaching, or if you are looking for an easy way to capture images from these rapidly improving video cameras on the iOS devices:'s Mobile App (free) is what I used all last weekend for my Tennis serve. I love it!
the iTunes app store.

Dropbox, Evernote, HootSuite, Instagram, Path, MetrO, Kindle, Onavo, SugarSync, Tube Status, Bloomberg, Kayak, Tripadvisor, British Airways.
I can't believe the official Twitter and FB apps were included in "best apps".

My iPhone 4s is paired with my Sync system but I can not hear over the speakers. There was an area I could choose to have iPhone play thru speakers but that has disappeared. My phone calls always show in privacy and I can not choose anything different.

Songkick, Atomic Lite, Wunderlist, LucyPhone, IMDb, AcePlayer, GateGuru, TuneIn Radio, Ringtone Maker and for those of us with no Siri-Vlingo and Dragon Go!

Paper Karma, which says it's on sale for free, presently, lets you take a photo of any catalogs, magazines, coupon books, phone books, etc., and will try to stop any unwanted paper mail. It seems to be the panacea to the annoying catalogs problem, but I've only just loaded it, have sent several photos of covers and am waiting to see if they actually stop.

I've always heard that Bishop Will Willamon was special. We are going to be reading one of his books "Who will Save us" I believe in Dawn's class starting in Jan. 9th...should be interesting.. a little younger brother, Tim Beeton was a fraternity brother of Bishop Willamon at Wofford...small world. Boo

That Curious George app is not free, it's 99 cents. Pretty disappointing to see that.... my son loves his Curious George book, so I was very excited to see that they had a free app to correspond to it.

  1. Sometimes paid apps go free and sometimes free apps go paid, and sometimes they go back and forth. We check each one very carefully when we posted.
  2. $0.99 is less than a cup of coffee, so it's hard to imagine anyone who can afford an iOS device would really notice the difference between free and $0.99, right?

Sorry, I didn't see number one. Can't say I agree with the second one, though. While I agree that 99 cents is a nominal amount, I certainly don't agree with the logic that "99 cent apps are so cheap that they might as well be free, so they should just be included in a free app roundup." I will download literally almost anything if it's free, but although 99 cents is a very small amount, constantly downloading 99 cent apps can begin to get expensive over time. It's not necessarily a deal maker/breaker for an app, but it's still a notable difference in my mind.

A really good starting list... I'd also like to see market research have a point all of its own (rather than included only as part of the business plan). So many start-ups put their time and effort into doing any or all of the above items without ever having done some serious market research. When anyone asks me whether they should start, I always say, "Are you sure that people want to buy what you have to sell... for a price that will give you a comfortable profit? And I don't just mean asking your mum and your friends..."

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It is the best time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have learn this put up and if I could I want to recommend you few fascinating issues or suggestions. Perhaps you can write next articles relating to this article. I wish to read more things approximately it!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am a brand new iPhone 4S owner formerly a Blackberry girl and there are so many apps available compared to BB, I didn't know where to start. This is a HUGE help! I know when I had my first BB Curve and bricked it within an hour Crackberry members saved me! I then was a very active member there helping others for a long time.
I'm LOVING the iPhone, however I have been avoiding apps or anything because it is so overwhelming! I just bought Bejeweled and have been playing that like a maniac!

Thanks so much for a place to start!



Very good list. Not sure whether anybody mentioned Vodio. One of the best ways to watch internet Videos.

I wanna win the new iPhone 5 because I have a friend who doesn't have a phone and she always wanted to have one for her birthday. Her boyfriend promised her he'll give her one as a gift, but never had. That happened last year on a September. Upsetting isnt it? Not only that, She is sick now, last week. She still feels ill. I Also want to give her the phone as a gift to make her feel better.
I wanted to do something nice for her cuz like Radio from the movie "Radio", I am a kind generous and loving person and would love to do anything nice for others. That's just how I am. I want to give my friend a iPhone 5, and I hope I'll win it for her.

I'm happy to announce the launch of ShopAndDish, a free iPhone app to manage your Shopping Lists and your Recipes easily.
Manage your shopping lists in a simple way. Check the items you are putting in your shopping cart and easily erase your items shaking your phone. Send by e-mail to whoever you want.
Store your recipes with its ingredients and the “how to”. Then you can add one or all the ingredients to your shopping list just pressing a button.
Do you buy the same things every week? Are there things you need to remember? These are your VIP lists
Your Shopping List and your recipes always connected. Save time and don't forget anything.

Thanks so much for everything

I need help! I used to send photos via whatsapp with my iphone 4; now when I click on 1 photo from my film (as I always did), nothing happens and it's blocked!!
I updated the application; I disintalled and reinstalled the application whatsapp : it didn't change anything!!! I can still send written messages and videos; I can receive photos and videos.
Who can help me?

Thanksssss a lot for introducing all these to me. I have to say I downloaded most of the apps recommended and they're looking fab! Amazing site indeed

Might be time to update this post, even though its by the amazing Leanna. I haven't seen the remote app look like that in quite sometime.
I assume its all in the works anyway since iOS 7 is still relatively new, and iMore has done a fantastic job on keeping everyone up-to-date on the pressing matters of rumors and Appley stuff.