Case-Mate at CES 2013 gallery

Case-Mate really is undergoing a renaissance at at CES 2013. We already showed you the video of their new crafted collection, so here it is now, captured by Derek Kessler, in fine photographic form. The manufacturing is incredible, the materials beyond premium, the accents perfectly matched, and the overall look takes the product from something meant to protect your iPhone to something with an intrinsic value all it's own.

Take a look and let us know your favorites.

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Case-Mate at CES 2013 gallery


I like that blackened ash one alot, but what makes this different from the Artistry series that came out in 2012? Besides the $30 difference of course.

probably the only difference besides the price difference is that the added the button's to the volume buttons that all that i can tell.

They certainly don't feel cheap, and the amount of work it takes to put real wood, mother of pearl, and gemstones in a case probably isn't cheap :)

you can find the blackened ashwood at best buy for $50 compared to going on case-mates website and buying it for $80.00! that's where i bought mine! :)