Man who broke into Steve Jobs' home gets seven year prison sentence

Man who broke into Steve Jobs' home gets seven year prison sentence

Kariem McFarlin, the man who burglarized the home of the late Steve Jobs back in July has been sentenced to 7 years in a California state prison for stealing over $60,000 in items from the Jobs' home as well as technology and jewelry from homes in other surrounding areas.

35 year old McFarlin was arrested back in August after Apple and REACT (Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team) were able to track iTunes purchases to serial numbers of devices that were owned the Jobs family. He admitted to the crimes as well as additional robberies.

McFarlin admitted to the burglary under questioning by Palo Alto police and said he had stolen from other homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, including two homes in Marin County, four homes in San Francisco County and one home in Alameda County.

He admitted keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of property from those burglaries at his home and at a storage locker. The property included computers, jewelry, furniture and a solid silver bar, according to the Santa Clara District Attorney's office.

At the time of his arrest, McFarlin stated that he had done it due to money issues. Aside from his prison sentence of 7 years, he's also been ordered to pay restitution to the families that were stolen from.

Source: MacWorld UK

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Man who broke into Steve Jobs' home gets seven year prison sentence


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